Police Gone Wild

as we enter deeper into a militarized police state, the police become more unaccountable and out of control. 

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 09/09/2005 And You Wonder Why The Police Were Shot At in New Orleans  (View Stats) 2 
2 Article 09/11/2005 Rob Kall: "IT" Is Happening Here!!  (View Stats) 1 
3 Article 04/04/2010 Terrifying Video: "I Don't Need a Warrant, Ma'am, Under Federal Law"  (View Stats) 63 
4 Article 06/08/2011 Feds Send Swat Team To Break Down Door, Grab, Arrest Man Over Alleged Student Loan Default  (View Stats) 32 
5 Article 11/19/2011 Police, Mayors... Use "Safety" to Excuse Worsening Violence, Like Pepper Spraying Peaceful UC Davis Students  (View Stats) 24 
6 Article 05/13/2013 Video a Cop Doing Wrong-- Keep It Short and Upload FAST!  (View Stats) 3 
7 Article 10/04/2013 Another Murder by Police  (View Stats) 47 
8 Article 11/17/2013 Out of Control, Hyper-Militarized Local Police-- Radley Balko Intvw Transcript-- Part 1  (View Stats) 1 
9 Article 11/19/2013 Obama is Behind the Militarization of America's Police Forces; Radley Balko Intvw Transcript Part 2  (View Stats) 20 
10 Article 03/26/2014 My Experience Living In A Police State-- Eroding Integrity of America's Police  (View Stats)
11 Article 09/25/2014 Finally, Worst Attorney General in US History Resigning  (View Stats) 34 
12 Article 09/26/2014 Changeling-- A Movie Which Portrays Evil Police  (View Stats) 1 
13 Article 11/26/2014 Driving While Black, Policing While Feeling Threatened-- Time to Raise the Bar  (View Stats) 18 
14 Article 12/14/2014 NYPD Union's "Don't Attend My Funeral" Letter for Mayor De Blasio-- Another Sign Of Police Culture Pathology  (View Stats) 7 
15 Article 12/23/2014 Those Who Protect Bad Cops; Have Blood On Their Hands, Perpetuate Criminal Cop Culture  (View Stats) 8