Election Integrity

Articles on the Election Integrity/Protection movement since 2007.

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# Type Date Content
1 Article 05/10/2015 How?  (View Stats)
2 Article 02/22/2015 The 21st Century: What's in Store for Maryland Voters and the U.S., IV? Will Voters' Privacy and Security Become History  (View Stats)
3 Article 02/21/2015 Jonathan Simon, "Code Red: Computerized Election Theft . . ."  (View Stats)
4 Diary 11/13/2014 Legalizing Racism  (View Stats)
5 Diary 11/05/2014 Disaster Diary: Election 2014  (View Stats) 1 
6 Article 10/25/2014 Fatally Flawed: "When big money is involved, do our votes really count?"  (View Stats)
7 Article 10/09/2014 New York Times and Voting/Elections: Why Is Some News Unfit to Print?  (View Stats)
8 Article 09/18/2014 "Pay 2 Play": A New Documentary by John Wellington Ennis on U.S. Society of, by, and for the One Percent  (View Stats)
9 Article 04/22/2014 'What Is in a Name?' Question Marks Orbit Those Seeking Voting News  (View Stats)
10 Article 11/10/2013 Review: Andrew Kreig, "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters"  (View Stats) 2 
11 Article 10/24/2013 Two Repining Justices but No Justice? But the People Spoke!  (View Stats) 2 
12 Article 04/30/2013 Judge Sandra "Summons Up Remembrance of Things Past"  (View Stats) 16 
13 Article 04/01/2013 Democratic Doomsday? The Slippery Slope of GOP Election Deceit  (View Stats)
14 Article 03/13/2013 "Is Texas Turning Blue?" Asks Center for American Progress, 3/13/13  (View Stats) 7 
15 Article 02/27/2013 Supreme Court Rally to Protect Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act  (View Stats) 1 
16 Article 02/12/2013 Paper, Plastic, or Both: Must "Integrity" Mean "Consistent"?  (View Stats)
17 Article 02/08/2013 IS EI Hot or What?  (View Stats)
18 Article 12/10/2012 EI: "We've Only Just Begun" (as sung by Roberts and His Three Backups, Thomas, Scalia, and Alito)  (View Stats) 2 
19 Article 11/06/2012 Fitrakis-Wasserman Announce Filing of Restraining Order at D.C. Press Conference  (View Stats) 1 
20 Article 11/04/2012 Wasserman and Fitrakis, "Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election?"  (View Stats) 1 
21 Article 10/23/2012 10/22: Palast at DC's BB&P on $$$ vs. VOTES  (View Stats)
22 Article 08/10/2012 Palasthenics: Greg Palast's Billionaires and Ballot Busters: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps  (View Stats) 2 
23 Article 06/30/2012 Illegal Immigrant Voter Lists Threaten Franchise of Democratic Voters  (View Stats) 1 
24 Article 06/21/2012 Taking Back Fair Elections in the United States: Countering the Assault on Voter Rights  (View Stats) 7 
25 Article 05/17/2012 I-Voting: A Breakthrough Is Needed  (View Stats)
26 Article 04/01/2012 The U.S. Electoral System and the American Dream: April Fool!  (View Stats)
27 Article 03/19/2012 Questioning the Vote  (View Stats) 2 
28 Article 10/28/2011 Ohio Heroes On Path To Deposing Rove  (View Stats) 11 
29 Article 11/13/2010 "In$ide Job" Inside Out  (View Stats) 4 
30 Article 11/02/2010 Democracy or Dumbocracy? Only the Vote Counters Know for Sure  (View Stats) 5 
31 Article 10/17/2010 Will the Upcoming Election Keep This Country Up?  (View Stats) 1 
32 Article 10/27/2008 Canvassing by Phone and Other Hang-ups  (View Stats)
33 Article 10/21/2008 Brennan Experts in DC for State of Election Science Update  (View Stats)
34 Article 09/21/2008 Ballade of the Ballot Brouhaha  (View Stats)
35 Article 09/12/2008 "Uncounted" Counts 400 Viewers at Silver Spring Theatre  (View Stats) 2 
36 Article 08/16/2008 Free for All, a feature documentary by John Wellington Ennis  (View Stats)
37 Article 08/06/2008 Reviewing a Review: Stealing America  (View Stats) 1 
38 Article 08/03/2008 "Swing Vote" Really Rocks, even with glitches  (View Stats)
39 Article 06/17/2008 Review of Uncounted, a Film by David Earnhardt et al.  (View Stats) 2 
40 Diary 05/16/2008 The State of the Vote  (View Stats)
41 Article 05/01/2008 Remote Voting--Who's Counting?  (View Stats)
42 Article 02/21/2008 Dry Ice and the DRE Dumpster  (View Stats) 2 
43 Article 02/20/2008 Sarasota Soda: A Brief Sip  (View Stats) 2 
44 Article 02/07/2008 "Double Bubble Trouble" on Voice of the Voters  (View Stats) 4 
45 Article 01/31/2008 VOV 1/30/08: Around the Country and the Counties  (View Stats)
46 Article 01/24/2008 History Made on a.m. 1360: Jennifer Brunner  (View Stats)
47 Article 01/17/2008 In a Rush Back toward Democracy  (View Stats)
48 Article 12/20/2007 Will Ohio Be the Next Ohio in 2008?  (View Stats) 1 
49 Article 12/04/2007 Flash: NJ S. 507 Out of Committee 12/3/07!!!  (View Stats)
50 Article 11/01/2007 The Metaphysics of Change  (View Stats) 4