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1 Article 07/18/2014 Overturning 'Citizens United': The People 3, Plutocrats 0
2 Article 06/30/2014 BRAD BLOG Exposes CA Law Restricting "Recounts" To the Wealthy
3 Article 04/02/2014 Constitutional Amendment Or Bust 5 
4 Article 01/19/2014 The People Lobby Nails Down The Senate Finance Committee On The Trans Pacific Partnership 6 
5 Article 01/05/2014 Use This Innovative Action Page Link and Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership 11 
6 Article 12/24/2013 Sen. Warren Shifts Debate on Social Security and Medicare 13 
7 Article 12/11/2013 The Worst Trade Deal Ever, And What You Can Do To Stop It 10 
8 Article 04/22/2013 Grassroots Efforts in MD Pay Off in Comprehensive New Gun Laws. Could This Work for Congress? 5 
9 Article 02/28/2013 The ABCs of Sequester with William Rivers Pitt 7