This is the ONE of the only news sites That I endorse as a valid source for News.
Maureen Hooper

Opednews gives us a sanctuary

 A family, where we can air our views and discontents. Here we don't need to feel the futility of bailing the ocean with a teaspoon.

Thanks Rob Kall, for all that you do. I owe you.

Paul Repstock
Paul Repstock

It took the Small Act
of getting up the courage to write a piece for opednews about three years ago that has lead me to being in an important and contentious race for Mayor of my small town.  I wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for my participation here.  Thanks Rob...more later

Kevin Tully

I think you guys do a great job.  One of the issues we didn't touch upon is a situation which is becoming worse, and that is Corporate control over the media: fewer and fewer large conglomerates controlling what we see here or read.  So if ordinary people are going to get a different point of view, a point of view which reflects the needs of the Middle Class and working families, to an increasing degree that we are going to have to go the Progressive media.  You guys do a great job, and I appreciate what you do.
Senator Bernie Sanders

My time on OEN has been well spent. Rob Kall has done a great job helping Americans become aware of what is really going in spite of what the corporate media tells us. The truth is here on OpEdNews.com. That's why I write here.
Timothy Gatto
Tim Gatto is the author of "Complicity to Contempt" and "Kimchee Days or Stoned Cold Warriors". He is a former Army Sergeant and former Chairman of The Liberal Party of America.

OpEdNews is an outstanding example of how free the press should be.  It's not alternative news.  OpEdNews is an oasis of reality based news and interpretation in the wasteland of corporate media and its Money Party storylines.Michael Collins
Michael Collins
DC area writer

Opednews is where you get the real thing. It's not just progressive opinion. It's the hard, cold truth, the real facts. If you don't listen to Bob Kall, if you don't read Opednews, then you don't know what the hell is happening in American you don't know what's happening to you. This is our weapon of mass instruction. Read it top to bottom or you just don't know what's going on.
Greg Palast
Author of the New York Times and international bestsellers, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse

I think you guys are fantastic and yeah, I read you all the time. And I appreciate the non-partisan nature of it. It's going to be more and more important to have real, critical alternative voices that aren't lined up behind a candidate.
Naomi Klein, author Shock Doctrine
Naomi Klein is the author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

I'm always, I'm always grateful, Rob, for the work that you do because it's so important to give people information about what's happening so that they can make decisions about their own world based on the best information."
Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich is a congressman from Ohio.

OpEdNews is the digital equivalent of a town square, where the voices we hear from soapboxes are thoughtful, well-informed, caring and passionate. This is the way our mass media should be and aren't. When we support OpEdNews, we're nurturing a vital commons for democracy.
Norman Solomon
RootsAction.org Senior Fellow

I go to OpEdNews for the news and issues I can't find in corporate mainstream media – the censored voices, the real experts, the missing history, the active citizens working for a more just world. It's all there at OpEdNews.
Jeff Cohen
RootsAction.org Board Member

OpEdNews is unique in providing new reporting, opinion, discussion, and community from an independent progressive perspective.  The internet would be greatly impoverished without it.  The world would be greatly enriched if everyone would make it part of their routine.
David Swanson
RootsAction.org Campaign Coordinator 

When you realize that the darkness is beginning to turned around and that even though the light is dim we are at the beginning of a new time, and when you realize that you yourself have played a key role in defending truth and beauty, and have tried to your utmost to turn things around, it is time to celebrate. 

Congrats to opednews.com for playing the role it has played, congrats first of all to Rob for his unselfish work, congrats to all the editors and writers and readers and commentors. 

It has only been a few years ago that I first got an article on opednews.com  It was for me so incredible I shook with the excitement of it. Today I need to take a break from it all. But for all that I am deeply grateful for the adventure that writing for opednews.com has been.

Theresa Paulfranz

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