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March 1, 2008

No Honor in being a Veteran: A Question to Senator McCain

By Michael Morris

Our Veterans from Iraq are left destroyed and homeless, losing everything to defend our country. What is McCains plan if we extend this war for 100 years?


Senator McCain, as a Republican and a journalist I have listened to your speeches about what you will be doing when and if you are elected to office. Being that I have a niece in Iraq, a nephew who will be deployed, a sister who may be deployed and my father was a lifer, I have the right to say what I am about to say to you. To put it quite bluntly, you scare the hell out of me and I want to tell you why. All I keep hearing from your mouth is that we will be in Iraq for 100 years. That the war on terror will last a hundred years. That Islamic Terrorism is the greatest threat this nation has ever faced. That sacrifices will have to be made. Well my question to you is this, will it be your children or grandchildren or for that matter any members of Congress's children or grandchildren leading the charge of the light brigade? Will it be their blood on the sand of some distant desert or any of your supporter's children's blood? Will you make the first sacrifice to support your 100 year war? What scares the hell out of me is that you have supporters that think that the answer to violence is violence. When they were beating the hell out of you in your cage in Vietnam, did you punch them back or did you try to make peace with them? Do you and millions of mindless Americans think that if we just kill them all God will sort it out mantra mentality that did not work in Vietnam and sure as hell will not work in Iraq or any other location you have on your agenda, will bring world peace? Might I remind you that the French were in Vietnam hundreds of years before we got there, so tell me how did that work out? But even with all of this said, some famer in the Midwest or families like mine will send their children off to fight a war and die for that "piece of paper". They will die for some monetary agenda that has nothing to do with protecting our nation or because they believe in the lies told as truths or because they love our nation and all the scary people who run it. But this is where the real horror show begins. After the American sheep are led to the slaughter, they get the privilege, the honor of losing all that they fought to protect and walk the streets eating maggots. They get the honor of sleeping on steam grates to keep warm. The get the honor of losing their families and friends. They get what they deserve from our nation, and why? We can't afford it! But wait, we are spending a billion dollars a day to fight the war, making Haliburton and Blackwater rich, but we have no money to treat our veterans? While I understand that there are many issues here, the one and only true issues is we owe these people, what ever the cost, what ever has to be done to return them back to who they were with what they had before they sacrificed for our country, BOTTOM LINE. Right now it is estimated that 100,000 veterans are on the street. Using the 5 years of war so far as a guide line, that makes for approximately 2 million veterans on the street by the end of the 100 years. This does not include the dead and the wounded which could number in the tens of millions. My next question is what are your plans for the veterans that are presently on the street and the 2 million that you will add over the next hundred years? Where are you going to get all of these bodies, selective breeding? Maybe that is where the not illegal corresponds to illegal aliens; you can become a citizen by fighting as a sub contractor for this country. (By the way, my mom said not to give you that idea.) I do not think you have a plan that the people would approve of, or even really care or I would have heard something about it in all of your speeches. Guess people on the street do not vote. To me, in some ways for our veterans they would be better off being POW's as at least they could still have their human dignity and self esteem intact. Bottom line to all of this is that to me while you tell me that the most evil and biggest threat to our nation is Radical Islamic Terrorism, I think just the opposite. I think that the greatest threat to our nation is people like you, your buddy in the Whitehouse and all of your supporters because it will be people like you who start World War III that will last for about an hour of blinding flashes.

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Michael C. Morris has been involved in racing since the age of twelve (12) when he took a summer job working at Terry’s Speed Shop located in Phoenixville PA. With the help of his brother John Morris, they teamed up and joined Razzberry Racing. In the 90’s, the team was building their own cars to complete in the Sports Car Club of America’s National Classes when in 1993 Michael joined Ed Arnold Racing with David Donahue, son of the legendary Mark Donahue, to run in the 1993 IMSA Supercar. Michael Morris is accredited and newly accepted journalist with the World Bank. Michael Morris as worked for ABC News Radio covering auto racing venues such as LeMans and SEMA. His special interests in journalism are politics with special interest in the nation’s court system, especially the Family Court System and the intentional use of children for profit by that system, and the special interest groups that control our nation’s courts.