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December 22, 2007

Impeachment Phobia of Pelosi and Reid

By Dom Jermano

This article examines the Impeachment process and compares how unsubstantiated flimsy weighted Impeachments came to session, while other Presidents lies and killing directives were never tabled. What is the Phobia of Impeachment in America Politics? Why is that Impeachment has never been successful? When does Congress and the Senate recognize REAL Impeachment when it happens? And what about the standard of Law? Is there Law?


The Unimpeachable USA

There are many reasons to why impeachment has not been tabled. Some fear a backdoor deal was made with Bush that Pelosi and Reid won't impeach if he will not attack Iran, now that Russia has sent its first nuclear fuel to Iran in getting their nuclear power plant up and running.

Some fear the inability to achieve success, since throughout American history no President has ever been successfully impeached. There have been three, Andrew Johnson, the 17th, Richard M. Nixon the 37th and William J. Clinton, the 42nd who have had articles of impeachment brought against them in the house.

Let's take a read of the examples that have gone before session, and compare the egregiousness of them to the present Bush Administration. Responsible Republicans must know that accountability to Law is the foremost prerequisite in maintaining legitimacy and favorable world opinion, along with keeping their jobs with the voting public.

The thought that President GW Bush would spend tax dollars beyond the scope of budgetary constraint as he is doing in making impeachment unaffordable is a clue in itself that he is doing this because he has broken the law, and he intends to make sure no one is able to fix it. He thinks by creating huge deficits for the allocating of money to it becomes a highly exhausted attempt.

We can see that all 3 executed and failed impeachments were after a time of war. Johnson the Vice President to Lincoln took over after the Civil War, stepping in after Lincoln was assassinated.

Richard Nixon was impeached when the door of the Vietnam War was closing and ending, having gained the reputation as being the President who ended the Vietnam War.

And then there is Bill Clinton who was impeached after the Gulf War, yet really from a surprise inquiry when allegations to his sexual misconduct appeared when he was Governor of Arkansas; by Paula Jones. Linda Tripp a friend to Monica revealed his relationship of Monica Lewinsky to Paula Jones prosecutors who questioned Clinton; and which he adamantly lied about. He was caught when her dress contained his DNA evidence. And so impeachment proceedings went forward because of his sex lie, a lie that is far personal in nature and less damaging than other lies told by other prior sitting Presidents.

Now lets take a look at the lies of other sitting Presidents. In fact it is quite astonishing. The pattern I see and I think you will agree is that Presidents who have been impeached are all based on flimsy grounds, actually minor grounds of deceit. And I mean this from the view that most other Presidents lies had to deal with the taking of human lives, yet the 3 failed impeachments had nothing to do with taking lives, other than Nixon's secret Cambodian bombings, which were linked to Vietnam. Yet Nixon did end the Vietnam War.

Harry Truman was a liar  




Eisenhower was a liar and a murderer


and http://www.iranchamber.com/history/coup53/coup53p1.php 

Kennedy was a liar too.


Here in JFK's speech he talks about reducing and eliminating nuclear weapons.


yet here he does the exact opposite.


Johnson's Lies: 

Nixon Lies: Do you really need a thread for this? See below.

And Jimmy Carters Lies; but his acts were really in support to Eisenhower who really caused the riff with US relations in the Middle East and Iran.  


It is clear that Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan followed the script of Harry Truman when Harry said:"Let's help the Russians when the Germans are winning and the Germans when the Russians are winning, so each may kill off as many as possible of the other." The only difference is Carter and Reagan were talking about Iraq and Iran.

Ronald Reagan Lies:



George Bush Sr. Lies: Read My Lips and his lying bull about being a Kinder and Gentler Nation immediately comes to mind.






The following are some historical facts to the 3 failed impeachments.


-AndrewJohnson, a Southern Democrat became president after Lincoln's assassination, supported a policy of Reconstruction after the Civil War. The Republicans in Congress were angry at his leniency toward ex-Confederates and lack of concern for ex-slaves. It was demonstrated by his veto of civil rights bills and opposition to the Fourteenth Amendment. Republicans passed an Act against Andrew Johnson's Administration to diminish the strength of the president. Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act in 1867, which prohibited the president from dismissing office holders without the Senate's approval. President Johnson tested the constitutionality of the Act by attempting to fire Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton. His breaking the law construed by the Act became the basis for his impeachment in 1868. The Senate was one vote short of the two-thirds majority needed to impeach, and President Johnson was acquitted in May 26, 1868.

-Nixon a Republican from Yorba Linda, California ordered a break-in on the night of June 17, 1972, when five burglars entered the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate office complex in Washington. A 24-year-old night watchman Frank Wills encountered them and they were arrested at the scene by police. A White House spokesman dismissed the incident as a commonplace burglary attempt." The arrest of the Watergate burglars marked the beginning of a series of events which President Nixon and his top aides became heavily involved in an extensive cover-up to the break-in and in other White House sanctioned illegal activities. Those activities included in 1970 when The New York Times revealed secret bombing campaigns against Cambodia in Southeast Asia. It was conducted as part of the American war effort in Vietnam.

Following these revelations, Nixon ordered wiretaps of reporters and government employees to discover the source of the news leaks. In 1971, the Pentagon Papers were published in The New York Times, detailing the U.S. Defense Department's secret history of the Vietnam War. More burglaries unfolded when a team of burglars then broke into a psychiatrist's office looking for damaging information on Daniel Ellsberg. He was a former defense analyst who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the Media. The wiretaps and secret tapes being used by Nixon's order were under scrutiny. 42 subpoenaed tapes were wanted by the House Judiciary Committee. Nixon handed over scant related edited transcripts and things began to unravel for the President. The Supreme Court ordered Nixon he had to submit all the tapes, and after he did, he became the first US President to ever resign from office, for his crimes. Gerald Ford then pardoned him. The impeachment did not go forward.

-Clinton a Democrat from Arkansas troubles began when he approved for the first time to the gay community he would eliminate the long-standing prohibition against homosexuals serving in the U.S. military. Then "Travel gate" happened something similar to Bush's firing of US attorneys. In May 1993, 7 long-term employees in the office were fired and replaced with Clinton friends. More trouble came when Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel, and life-long friend of Clinton, was found shot dead in a park just outside Washington from an apparent suicide. Investigators believed it happened because of the Whitewater Scandal that happened in 1978 when Bill and Hillary Clinton along with two Arkansas developers, James B. and Susan McDougal, borrowed $203,000 to purchase 220 acres of riverfront land in Arkansas' Ozark Mountains. They formed the Whitewater Development Corporation with the intention of building vacation homes.

In 1982, James McDougal bought a small savings and loan in Little Rock and named it the Madison Guaranty. By the mid-1980s, Madison Guaranty had aroused the attention of the Feds who questioned its lending and political campaign contribution practices. In 1985, a fund-raising event was held at Madison Guaranty to help eliminate $50,000 of Governor Bill Clinton's campaign debt. The Feds alleged that some of the funds had been improperly withdrawn from depositors' accounts.  

While this was unfolding Paula C. Jones appeared at a Washington gathering for conservatives and alleged in 1991, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton had committed sexual harassment by dropping his pants in a Little Rock hotel room and asking her for oral sex. A temporary shutdown of the U.S. government occurred simultaneously when the Republican-controlled Congress refused to appropriate federal funds due to political arguing over President Clinton's budget. Lewinsky, still an unpaid intern when the shutdown occurred, showed up for work in Mr. Panetta's West Wing office on November 15, 1995. President Clinton walked into the office for an informal birthday gathering in which Lewinsky flirted with him. Clinton invited Lewinsky back to his private study located near the Oral rather the Oval Office. They kissed, and later that evening, they met again and had their first sex. As court proceedings were going with Paula Jones, the Paula Jones team asked Clinton about Monica Lewinsky after Linda Tripp a friend to Monica volunteered the information. President Clinton denied the relationship.

But a stained dress with the Presidents DNA evidence proved his lie, and the proceedings turned toward impeachment. During his impeachment proceedings he began a bombing campaign on Iraq creating the tail wagging the dog political ploy in the hopes they would drop the impeachment hearings.  

But it didn't work because Republicans claimed impeachment proceedings went ahead for Nixon when the War was on going in Vietnam, which wasn't true I might add, because Nixon ended the Vietnam War and brought troops back to the USA.  Nixon was fighting a new war in Cambodia against the Khmer Rouge, but that was a secret operation, not a full fledge military campaign.

In the end several members of Congress resigned to include Republican Newt Gingrich for martial infidelity. They did not get the 2/3 required votes and President Clinton was acquitted. Another Impeachment in US history failed. Now let's take a look at some of the things under the George W Bush Administration, and ask your-self, if this is not grounds for impeachment?

Consider all the other lying Presidents, and ask your-self again who really has done the most damage in concern to the public trust, to accountability, and protecting and abiding by the rule of law not only domestically, but internationally? In my honest judgment no one comes close to the bad things this guy is connected to. Have a look. 

George W. Bush Lies :













http://www.nogw.com/ Bush giving the F@#U finger pic.(scroll to bottom)









This is an incredible list, not to mention thousands not listed, should I say more of a stream of evidence and professional opinions to the evidence against Bush and Cheney. And yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will not table impeachment? Let's consider that perhaps the Bush Camp has dirt on the Democratic Leadership, or that the Democratic Leadership is really part of the Bush Camp. I think the latter is the case.  

Consider the reason Nancy Pelosi does not table impeach because of her Phobia in being anthraxed like Tom Delay and others, or is she on the payoff? Bush is paying them to not impeach him. Again I think it is the latter. Nancy joined the Bush Camp in concern to the immigration issue. Why? it is because she uses illegal immigrants to run her million dollar wine vineyards in California. Also Nancy Pelosi's daughter works for GW Bush. Did anyone know this? It is quite astonishing in fact.





Now, the dirt on Harry Reid; did you know he is implicated with the Jack Abramoff scandal? Reid collected money from Jack's clients in the tune of nearly $75,000 dollars for helping setup Indian Reservation Casinos. Also the Associated Press is reporting that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid "collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years." And a prominent Las Vegas-based developer has admitted to illegally funneling a total of $37,000 in campaign contributions to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and indicted former congressional candidate Dario Herrera during the 2002 election cycle, the Federal Election Commission said Thursday. There is much more....



What bothers me is the Democratic process implies that if a President is able to wait it out until a new election and a new President takes the office; somehow magically the offending President is off the hook? This really implodes my mind in thinking I have confidence in such a system. Who made that rule? Where in the law does it state we will run out of time? When crimes are committed as far as I know there is no statue of limitations especially when it comes to taking away life.

These people do the crime, they are not off the hook, whether a new election or President is elected or not; as far as I am concerned.

And speaking about new Presidents, another major issue is the fact that we have many many candidates running for office, yet none except Dennis Kucinich are ringing the impeachment bell.

Well ring my dinner bell, why in the world would we want to elect any candidate who is not seeking impeachment as if they certainly are not interested in the rule or letter of the law? I might add; especially when the sitting President and Vice President have committed so many crimes, and bragged about doing them.

It doesn't take a tinker-tot sand toy wizard zippo match-box car scientist to figure out what we need to do and go about doing it, which certainly requires the duty to impeach. Election campaigns should revolve and focus on impeachment.

Even Mike Gravel a well known candidate who was instrumental in the Nixon impeachment has somehow clam baked and says nothing! Is it because of a sensed futile effort, because really Nixon got away with what he did? He resigned, and then the next President Mr. Ford pardoned him? Is that the reason Mike Gravel won't seek impeachment; on Cheney and Bush; really?

And so what sort of image to the world does that leave behind? Oh....that American leaders can break laws and get away with it no matter how serious their offense? History does not lie, it tells the real story my American friends. All the lying Presidents got away with crimes. America has never had a successful impeachment. Something is radically wrong and distrubing about this!

In fact it is quite psychotic, and displays a moral mental deficiency of the character of the United States and its Law officials or Representatives meaning Senators, and Congress people who naively think no US President in America is or has been bad enough of a leader deserving impeachment.

How insane, and outrageous, especially to the people who were victims to the crimes. No wonder other countries don't want Democracy, because it is so belligerent, pugnacious, combative, arrogant, warring, and without self reflection to human dignity and the necessity in honoring the code of law. Lawless Leaders Reflect Lawless Citizens. Now consider America's crime problem. Anyone want to go to the Malls to watch a shooting? Or go to a School to watch a massacre? You get my point!!

And so who and what Presidential candidate is out there saying they will seek impeachment and prosecution; promising they will not pardon political criminals? The silence is deafening.

Instead America has compiled a history dating further back than Harry Truman, where every sitting President has broken the law egregiously, and the only ones they impeach are frivilous unsubstantiated flimsy impeachment hearings and sessions that ultimately failed.

They tried to impeach 2 democrats Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, and failed. And then Republicans rallied to impeach Nixon because he was willing to end the Vietnam War, something the MIC and War fanatics wanted to keep going.

As far as the Congress and Senate being implicated with the Presidents Crimes, I think are without merit or basis, if they reconcile their mistake, especially if they realize they were the victims to lies, and false disclaims and declarations from the Executive Branch.

Once the truth is known they have an obligation to speak up and proceed with the business of the day, meaning the retraction of the lies that made them vote the way they voted. The fault lies squarely on the President who initiated the orders, wrote the Acts, and signed them into law.

Bush will be held accountable. There are too many people who believe he needs to be brought to justice. Since his poll ratings are lower than sewer gas, he certainly has no standing support or effective posturing that can stop impeachment. He has guns, and could have his henchmen orchestrate another terrorist attack, but I think we all would know why and who did it if it happened. Bush is boxed in, and we need to relieve him of his post.

If not we are adrift in senselessness to the law; we are aimlessly going toward what direction my fellow Americans? The choices are clear, to continue supporting lawlessness in both parties where law based on the Constitution becomes impotent and of no consequences, or do we operate and clean out the blocked arteries that has manifest itself in Americas Modern Day Political Establishment. We need to use Impeachment when we actually see it and need it, and reexamine the proceedings that were quite unsubstantiated and flimsy from prior impeachment proceedings.

If Bush is not worthy of impeachment in the comparison to this essay, then I know the idea of America as a country is a farce, a huge disparaging organization of crime and cronyism, with a radical definition of freedom. Accordingly freedom would mean the ability to do as you please which means freely breaking the law as if it never existed in the first place.

If we don't impeach we might as well give authority of law to the military as Bush has done, in satisfying his in vain stay in Iraq for fallen soldiers. Is that the law? Does the Military rule and establish our Laws? If so why do we need a Senate or Congress, or Supreme Court? If we don't impeach we are faced with the onward and deliberate consent of murder, lies, corruption, and the end to public integrity. Gaining the Impeachment of Bush will demonstrate America is indeed a real Democracy and a Government of Law that honors and Protects the Rights of all Individuals in the world, from President to Peasant.

It is not a question of implying if impeachment will result in success; in which case how could it miss; when discerning the obvious contempt American Lawyers in Congress and the Senate have shown through the years of American History in disregarding the law! It is quite damaging to America; and the world is wide awake applying the brakes to American ideals because of this hijacking. If anything in not impeaching we are committing an act of terror upon ourselves as a nation, by allowing the Executive Branch its lawless exercise of power. What is terror? It is permitting the Executive Branch to get away with murder. America has YET! I repeat has YET  been able to stop the  murder of people and lies by the Executive Branch. This impeachment would be more than simply applying an epitaph to the ethics of Law to Bush and Cheney; but establish the boundries, limits, and aspirations to the real jurisdiction, legal authority and abilities of the Executive Office.

In fact as it really looks to me, we should be implementing and impeaching the entire American Historical Presidential Archives of Presidents who served and really disgraced America by their lies in order to present a false honor to themselves and the Country they supposedly served. They committed crimes to America and humanity.The image they leave behind becomes a historical cutout standard that future Presidents and Administrations follow. This is very dangerous to allow to go on. Yet we idly make up excuses and sit on our PACS and forget it? Well excuse me Senator and the K. Roves or groves of poison oak and ivy , because you are part of the crime and coverups. Get real Senators, Congress-men/women, who have failed your duty and country.  I am asking you to stop failing us and Impeach Mr. G.W. Bush and Mr, Cheney, for the sake of The United States.

I sincerely believe if this is not the time to impeach, then there will never be a time, and there will never be an AMERICA!

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