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November 4, 2013

Big Brother Is Watching You

By Walt Gelles

The U.S. police state expands its powers and scope to crush dissent. Orwell's totalitarian nightmare is taking final shape under Obama/Bush.


From http://www.flickr.com/photos/59202267@N08/10561977266/: Owner: Electronic_Frontier_Foundation at flickr.com/people/59202267@N08/
Owner: Electronic_Frontier_Foundation at flickr.com/people/59202267@N08/ by Electronic_Frontier_Foundation

Come one and all, voice your opinion on the internet!

Big Brother is watching you.

Every e-mail you write, every Tweet you Twitter, every blog you
comment on, plus every SMS message you send, every phone

Big Brother is watching you.

You can write all about the 9/11 false-flag conspiracy, how it was an
inside job, a government-sponsored mass murder, a pretext to occupy
Iraq and Afghanistan, to jump-start a phony "war on terror" and install
a surveillance state at home.

Big Brother is watching you.

You can write all you want about the impostor/usurper pseudo-
progressive Obama, his ineligibility to be president, the three forged birth
certificates, his war-mongering and lies, how he governs to the right of

Big Brother is watching you.  In Utah... miles and miles of computers,
acres of them to spy on every breath you take.

You can write about the Permanent War Economy, how it swallows up
over half of the federal budget, how you pay for the wars, the invasions,
the occupations, the assassinations, the drone missile attacks, the torture
centers around the world.

Big Brother is watching you.  The American Police State is watching

Big Brother was watching Michael Hastings, the journalist who exposed
Afghanistan NATO honcho General Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone
and got him fired.  Hastings was exchanging secrets with Edward
Snowden about the NSA domestic-spying program and U.S. false-flag
operations.  Hastings was also investigating CIA Director John Brennan
for an upcoming exposé.  He told friends he feared for his life and "had
to go off the radar for awhile."  Michael Hastings' Mercedes Benz
supposedly crashed into a tree on an empty Los Angeles street at 4:20
am.  The back of the car was blown out by a bomb or a drone.
Witnesses reported loud explosions; at least one witness said the car
exploded before it hit the tree.  Hastings was murdered by the Obama

Big Brother was watching Christopher Bollyn, the journalist investigating
Israeli spy agency Mossad's deep involvement in the 9/11 "terrorist"
attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.   An armed
three-man squad of undercover police barged into Bollyn's home and
TASERed him while he was handcuffed and held down by two armed
men.  They broke his arm in front of his wife and eight-year-old
daughter.  Bollyn had to flee the U.S. with his family and move to
Germany to carry on his research.

Big Brother is watching you if you are on Obama's official Hit List.
He meets every Tuesday with top brass to decide who should be
murdered by drone missile or drone bomb attack.  Permissible targets
include American citizens at home or abroad who have not been
officially charged with any crimes.  Do not incur the wrath of the
dictator Obama, or you could be next.  The spineless Republicrats and
Demobicans have given the Impostor/Usurper/Forger-In-Chief
unprecedented near-absolute power.

Every e-mail you write, every Tweet you Twitter, every phone call...

Big Brother is watching you.  And listening.  Compiling data on you, a
dossier on every individual who raises a voice, who thinks for
themselves.  No matter who is president.

Don't worry, though, as long as you chatter amongst yourselves, as
long as you are no real threat to the powers that be, Big Brother will not
harm you.  But if you become a threat to the power structure,
Big Brother will take steps to eliminate you.

Fortunately, Big Brother does not control the internet.  Not yet.  If
enough people turn away from their video games, their online porn, their
TV sets and other distractions for just a few minutes, things could
change... People might wake up and see what's going on.

But be careful, be very careful about what you say or do.

Big Brother is watching you.


"Big Brother is watching you" is, of course, the catch-phrase from
George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Orwell's totalitarian police
state was supposedly a warning about the dangers of Stalin's Soviet
dictatorship, but today Big Brother is the all-encompassing U.S. Police


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Independent studies by both U.S. and British investigators have
confirmed numbers in that ballpark, with many of those being 'collateral
damage.'" (May 31, 2013, http://www.policymic.com/articles/45701/how-many-people-has-barack-obama-killed-with-drones)

The official estimate that military/war/aggression spending ("defense")
amounts to 19% of the federal budget is a lie.  Many military
expenditures--like nuclear weapons--are concealed in other categories
of the budget, e.g., Energy or Transportation.  Nor does the Pentagon
budget reflect war funding, foreign military spending, or national
security. And when you factor in the portion of federal debt payments
resulting from military spending, plus secret "black-box" projects and
CIA/NSA operations, the figure is well over 50%, and, in my
guesstimate, more like two-thirds.  U.S. military spending is equal to
the military spending of the next 15 countries combined.  The U.S.
maintains 800 military bases, overseas prisons, and torture centers in well
over 100 countries.  America is a bankrupt empire trying to rule the
world through force and propaganda.  (Rady Ananda, "More than 50%
of US Government Spending Goes to the Military,"
[url not found];  War Resisters League, "Where Your
Income Tax Money Really Goes,"

Originally published at http://www.NolanChart.com

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W. Gelles has published political verse and prose at NolanChart, Rense, Dean Henderson's Left Hook, and elsewhere. He is the author of Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book (Penguin/Avery).