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September 13, 2013

Tamera Center: The Remarriage of Humanity and Nature

By Burl Hall

Throughout the world there are community movements that attempt to move beyond the politics of the day. This movement doesn't focus so much on the politicians and corporations/bankers. Rather, they strive to become more independent of these powers by empowering themselves. Tamera Center does just this. Are you open to something new that moves beyond the tyranny of corporations and governments?


Tamera by Tamera

Tamera by Tamera

In an Oped 9/9/13 article titled Overcoming 'Overburden': The Climate Crisis and a Unified Left Agenda; Naomi Klein states

Here it is: our current economic model is not only waging war on workers, on communities , on public services and social safety nets. It's waging war on the life support systems of the planet itself. The conditions for life on earth.

Climate change. It's not an "issue" for you to add to the list of things to worry about it. It is a civilizational wake up call. A powerful message -- spoken in the language of fires, floods, storms and droughts -- telling us that we need an entirely new economic model, one based on justice and sustainability.

It's telling us that when you take you must also give, that there are limits past which we cannot push, that our future health lies not in digging ever deeper holes but in digging deeper inside ourselves -- to understand how ALL our fates are interconnected.

"Climate change. It's not an 'issue' for you to add to the list of things to worry about it. It is a civilizational wake up call." (link at end of article)

Is Naomi's desire for a civilized wake-up call manifesting anywhere in the world? Where in the world is this wake-up call being lived? Should we ask Naomi to either "suck it up and get over it cause 'things just aren't going to change?' How many of us know of a place where Naomi's cry is lived? "Where is Wisdom to be found?" is a question asked in the Bible's "Book of Proverbs. She appears to be non-existent in current Western civilization.

Is the image below, which was created by people within a peace village named Tamera, even close to reality? Is it a nasty joke, or a people's dream/wish/intention? Our wish, maybe? Perhaps we don't need Obama to manifest our dreams...but, rather, we can manifest OUR dreams ourselves. Thus, we can imagine and make the following pledge:

A Dreamed up Speech w/ Picture of Obama by Tamera

A Dreamed up Speech w/ Picture of Obama by Tamera

I wouldn't hold my breath regarding Obama. He may back down on invading Syria, BUT backing down is only going to happen because it is advantageous to him and to the bankers/corporations that own him. These are the current nightmare-makers we live with. People appear to be waking up from this nightmare and are saying "NO!" We are placing Obama and the Banksters in a delicate position. Thus we become dream changers. As we shift our personal paradigms, so we shift the cultural paradigm, for we are a holographic part of the whole.

The people of the peace village of Tamera also speak to the new dream as well as Naomi's wise words regarding the environment. Indeed, they don't just speak her words; they live them. Tamera does not act on behalf of humanity only by resisting war. Rather, Tamera acts on behalf of humanity by cultivating a way of life that is a win-win proposition for people, land, and the creatures upon the Earth. Their way can make war obsolete, while returning our planet to a place of plenty, rescuing it from becoming a deserted wasteland.

The site of Tamera is called "Monte do Cerro" and sits upon 331 acres. It is situated in the Alentejo region of Portugal, one of the least densely populated regions of Europe. The shape of the site resembles a landing eagle. For this reason the eagle has become their logo. Tamera is a place that the Eagle would smile upon. It is no accident that eagles reflect Wisdom for they are far-sighted, not near-sighted like our politicians and their owner/handlers, the corporations and banks. If our politicians were far-sighted like the Eagle, they would account for the consequences of their actions upon the Earth for generations to come. Thus the Eagle on America's seal was intended to (but currently doesn't) stand for far-sightedness. May it re-inspire such Wisdom among our people and our political representatives.

Due to this same short-sightedness throughout Europe, the land base of Tamera suffers from the destruction of the forests and other agricultural maltreatment in the region during the last decades. It is the community's challenge to return Monte do Cerro to a natural paradise. Upon reading about and seeing images of Tamera, it becomes evident that a new Eden is indeed possible. Their water retention ponds have enabled lush gardens and landscape to emerge. The community is also working towards the healing of the divide of male from female, as well as a return to lifestyles that are more natural. Perhaps Tamera is providing us with a model in which we can take off all that "stuff" that clothes us in body, mind and spirit. Thus, could it be we can return to who we are by Nature?

Tamera's website states that the land and its inhabitants have gone through large changes in the last decades. These include: dictatorship, suppression, even starvation, a non-violent revolution, integration into the EU, and now the immense impulse of globalization. In spite of this history, many now see Tamera as a chance and a model for a different life. Perhaps it is a model for moving beyond the globalization age.

The founders for this modern village that serves as a model for the world are:

Sabine Litchtenfels by Tamera

Sabine Litchtenfels by Tamera

Sabine Lichtenfels who was born in 1954, is an author, freelance theologian, peace activist. She was a nominee among "1000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005". Her spectrum of knowledge and activity comprises: international peace work, cooperation with the Plan of the Healing Biotopes, community knowledge, spiritual research, a new female consciousness, reconciliation between the genders, and truth in love and eros. With her comprehensive knowledge and her radical commitment to the well being of the planet and people, she is an ambassador for a global perspective for peace. She is also founder of the GRACE Foundation for the humanization of money.

Peter Duhm by Tamera

Peter Duhm by Tamera

Dr. Dieter Duhm, born in 1942, is a psychoanalyst and sociologist and author of several books, including, The Sacred Matrix and Fear in Capitalism. In the German student movement of 1968, he was one of the main figures in the so-called "emancipation debate" concerning the connection between political work and personal liberation. In spite of several offers to become a professor, Duhm left the university and his political work and became the initiator of the "Plan of Peace Research Villages and Healing Biotopes". Today, he participates in Tamera, a center for art and healing. He has started to build up a global cooperative for a future without war. Interesting the difference between different forms psychoanalysis which take a person inward to heal themselves where as the more American behavioral psychology is more about the control of human behavior. The difference is that between unfolding potential, which is the definition of evolution; and that of control and domination, the definition of tyranny.

(both images from: http://www.tamera.org/index.php?id=194&L=0

The Tamera Peace Research Center is full of tree-hugging folks who take seriously the commandment to " love thy neighbor as thyself ." By saying neighbor, they don't just mean fellow human beings. Neighbors are inclusive of birds, bees, and plants. Indeed, they are inclusive of water, air, and land, acknowledging these as living parts of the ecosphere, with a voice if we only have ears to listen. T amera's aim is to develop an example or model of nonviolent co-existence among people and between people and Nature. Indeed, Tamera appears to make no distinction in community between the ecology of the place and the people.

Approximately 150 people live, work and study peacefully within the ecological system of Tamera. The SolarVillage Testfield, the Temple of Love, the Political Ashram, and the School of Hope for children are further projects in Tamera. In community with all at Tamera, the inhabitants work to reintegrate human life into the basic laws of the universe and the earth, in the name of affection for all creatures, all children, and love.

Can we do the same? Or do we stay stuck in the "same old"? Whose choice is it really? Yours? Or Theirs? Is their ability to live, love, and labor transparently and peacefully just a fluke, an outlier, or do we all have this potential?

Goddess by Tamera

Goddess by Tamera

Is this a possible world that we can bring forth: a world founded in love for the generations to come?

Woman and Child by Tamera

Woman and Child by Tamera

Or, do we instead continue on in the same vein living the lie of a culture that does not care? Is this the fate for our children and
our future?

Abused Child by Vasai.wordpress

Abused Child by Vasai.wordpress

click here

In an interview with Envision This , Benjamin Von Mendelssohn states that while Tamera is communal, it is not meant to deny individuality. Perhaps they truly understand the United States motto, E Pluribus Unim, "In the Many One" much better than Americans caught up in the corporate lie of standardization do. As such, the thrust at Tamera is to get people to discuss on a communal level what is now considered private. They hold weekly forums in which community members openly discuss all issues within the community, including even the sexual issues.

Would this get rid of the "I'll do with my spouse (or my kids) what I damn well please" mentality? Yes, the community has a stake in that little girl pictured above who will become a grown woman. Do we want her beaten up in body, mind and spirit? Or do we want her strong and confident within herself? They say the basic sense of trust begins at mother's breast. Do you think this child has any sense of trust? How would she best serve the community of all beings living around her? How do we cultivate that?

I think of the story of Adam and Eve in this regard. What if we consider nudity as being more than a body without clothing; but as our being who we are in our essence and being able to present that to the world? What brings us shame in the world? Do you think that girl in the picture above feels shame? What could bring her and us peace within ourselves and the ability to reveal that "ourness?" Could it be our presence is a present to the world? Is it an accident that the two words, present and presence are so closely related? Is it also an accident that present also means here and now? How does the reader feel in thinking of himself or herself as a present in her presentation to the world in this present moment? Can you be who you are in your naked essence and know YOU are a present to the world? Or, do you fear the fate of that little girl if you were to be yourself, fully transparent and apparent to the world?

Has our current alienated mindset and lifestyle, enshrined in a fear-and-scarcity-based control and domination ethos, created a condition like the one presented by the rock band Pink Floyd?

Wouldn't we rather create a world grounded in love and safety like that spoken by the children of Tamera? Is Tamera your tomorrow, perhaps?

Your answer means the world to all of us.

On 9/11/13 the author and his wife interviewed Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin Von Mendelssohn . The show is embedded here.