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April 13, 2013

Breaking: New Photos, Video of Mayflower Spill and Lake Conway

By Meryl Ann Butler

On April 12, On Wings Of Care (OWOC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife, wild habitat, and natural ecosystems, flew over ExxonMobil's Pegasus Pipeline spill in Mayflower, AR to take photos.


Perky oil booms placed strategically to save the world. by On Wings of Care

MAYFLOWER, AR.  On April 12, On Wings Of Care (OWOC),  a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife,  wild habitat,  and natural ecosystems,  flew over ExxonMobil's Pegasus Pipeline spill in Mayflower, AR.

The new images show conditions at the site,  two weeks after the leak began pouring thousands of gallons of crude oil into backyards and backwaters of this neighborhood.

Is this Arkansas in Spring, or a desert wasteland? by On Wings of Care

Now the oil (or more properly, "diluted bitumen") is making its way into nearby Lake Conway. 

On Wings Of Care is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wildlife,  wild habitat,  and natural ecosystems.

Founder and President Bonny Schumaker,  Ph.D.,  is retired from 22 years as a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  She's also a former Continental Airlines pilot and has been an FAA flight instructor for over 15 years. 

Combining her skills as pilot and scientist with her passion for wildlife,  Dr. Schumaker has clocked nearly 600 hours of flight time over the Gulf of Mexico,  documenting the status of wildlife,  coastal wetlands,  and offshore waters.

On Wings Of Care's four-minute video flyover is below:

Big manly equipment is dwarfed by the magnitude of the spill ... by On Wings of Care

Only 2 portapotties? Exxon must not be planning a big party. by On Wings of Care

The fragrance of tar sands oil fills the air ... by On Wings of Care

A beautiful day in the neighborhood ... or it should have been! by On Wings of Care

Just another day in paradise... by On Wings of Care

Author's note: Bonny Schumaker of On Wings of Care is piloting the plane, and  after the Mayflower flyover, she is involved with flying 13 rescue dogs to their "fur"-ever homes. I asked her for captions and info on the photos and video when she gets a moment, but I am not sure when we might get that info. I am sure she is a great multitasker, but I don't expect her to be able to fly a plane full of 13 dogs, and text, too!  So, I decided to post the images alone, than  hold them back until I got further info.

And additional info will be posted on http://www.onwingsofcare.org, after all the sweet doggies get to their new homes.

OWOC extends its thanks to Brayton Matthews of FlightlineFirst at New Orleans' Lakefront Airport for joining Bonny on this flight, "so that we could get these photos and videos to you promptly!"

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