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December 29, 2012

Say gun "safety," not gun "control!"

By Susan Strong

This very short article is about how to frame the gun law issue in the way most likely to garner wide support, even among grass roots NRA members.


My first "tweet" about this frame for the gun issue took place on 8.14.12, after an earlier gun massacre, well before Sandy Hook. Since then I've tweeted, blogged, and facebooked the same message many times. Now

I'm passing it on to everyone this way too.  Say: "We need better 'gun safety laws (or rules),'  not gun 'control' or 'regulation!'" Why? Because Americans hate "control," and "regulation" is a G.O.P. bugaboo word. Our best hope of stricter gun safety rules is to have rank and file NRA

members join us in asking their congressional reps to make it happen, defying their "out-of-touch" leadership, "captive of the gun corporations." Safety is something grass roots NRA folks already value; unfortunately, being "sensible,"or "commonsense" is too weak a way to describe what we need.

And since it's clear now that we're going over the fiscal cliff, you will still

be able to use my suggestions for framing "cuts for military "corporations'" and other military spending issues. A quick link for that framing post is available here on my OpEdNews page or on the MP website home page, under the "Articles" heading at: http://www.metaphorproject.org   

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Susan C. Strong, Ph.D., is the founder and executive director of the Metaphor Project. She is also the author of our new book, MOVE OUR MESSAGE: HOW TO GET AMERICA'S EAR, available on our website. The mission of the Metaphor Project is helping Democrats, liberals and progressives learn how to mainstream their messages by framing them as part of the best American story.