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December 24, 2012

Gettin' It Done

By robert braunstein

Poem, Society, Congress, Legislation, Corruption, Hypocracy


Exposee by vimeo.com

The honorable Senator Predator,

From the great State of Unconscious,

Introduces a bill to criminalize dissent

Within 3000 miles of a government building.

The honorable Senator Scumtooth,

From the mediocre State of Misery,

Introduces a bill that bans

Collective bargaining for hookers.

The Senate adjourns

For recess, and all

The honorable senators

Play on the monkey bars.

The honorable Senator

From the great State of Intoxication,

Introduces a bill, but it turns out

Liquor stores are already open on Sundays.

The honorable Senator Scurvy,

From the great Federal prison, Attica,

Falls off his cot and breaks

His silence.

The Senate adjourns

For recess, and all

The honorable Senators

Play on the seesaw.

The Senate

Decides to break

Until New Years.

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Masters degree in social work. Activist 40 years worth. Favorite quote, "we had to destroy the city to save it" hobbies taxidermy,music,saving souls and respirating