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November 10, 2012

The Marriage of Human Health and Planetary Well-Being

By Burl Hall

The article integrates the pollution of the human body and soul with the pollution of the Earth. Within this context, the work of Amanda Sears of the Environmental Health Strategy Center is highlighted.


" The first secret is to let your body's Wisdom point the way."

-Deepak Chopra


According to Amanda Sears of Environmental Health Strategy Center (EHSC), every baby born in this day and age is already polluted with various chemicals, before he or she even takes a breath. Not only does our mother's milk contain toxins, but so does the mother's blood that feeds the baby in the womb. (After all, mother's milk is blood transmuted.) There are more than 80,000 chemicals on the market today, but only about 200 of them have been tested for safety. That's because the Environmental Protection Agency can only require safety testing after there is proof that a substance poses a health risk under the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976--the only major environmental regulation that has not been updated.

Sears points out that only five chemicals have been regulated since the law was enacted. As for getting rid of a dangerous substance--well, under the 1976 law, the EPA wasn't even able to successfully ban asbestos, a known carcinogen.

Science be damned in the face of Corporations! Well, damned or bought off. Meanwhile, every baby being born is being polluted with hundreds of synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are also entering every one of our bodies. We are all being invaded by a microscopic army that puts the massive military powers of the United States to shame. Yet, most of us are happily blind to these invaders that destroy the physical, psychological and spiritual health of our children and us. How can we feel that we belong when we have poisoned our Mother, the planet Earth? What happens to the baby if the mother is poisoned?

Our relationship to the Earth is one and the same as a fetus' relationship to its mother. Ancients knew this and respected the Earth. Since one of the names for the Earth, and the surrounding universe is Nature, meaning Essence, then the Truth that we are all children of the Earth is being destroyed by sociopathic machines that have taken on the role of cancerous cells.

Our quest for technological and political growth has no end in sight. This limitless growth reveals the definition of cancer, which is "growth gone wild." Cancer in some sense is the over-growth of cells that refuse to die. Nietzche once stated that human beings are the only creature that must be encouraged to stay alive. In most species, and on a cellular level in ours, it is part of the renewal process to die. Our cells receive positive signals that tell them to stay alive; these chemicals are called growth factors. If these signals are withdrawn, the cell loses its will to live. The new messengers are called "death activators" (Chopra, 2004).

Yet, death is necessary for renewal. This is the reason we often state that we will be "pushing up daisies" when we die. Death is necessary for life. With cancer, the cells refuse to die and instead continue to grow. Thus, cancer is growth gone wild. Most fascinating in Chopra's writing, is that there is some kind of substance that causes cancer cells to activate new blood vessels so they can get new food.

My question is, "doesn't this sound a lot like our striving to find more oil while destroying the planet to get to it?"

Thus we refuse to die to what we have been, and thus new life cannot be born. How does that feel, knowing one is locked into an organized pattern reflecting the same growth pattern as a cluster of cancer cells? Are we able to awaken to this pattern within ourselves and our culture?

Our cancerous growth is nursed along through non-living sociopathic mothers (i.e., the corporation and government). And the horror of having this mechanized, non-living metallic mother has produced sociopathic and unhealthy children as would be predicted by psychologist Harry Harlow's infamous experiments with rhesus monkeys. In essence, Harlow removed baby rhesus monkeys from their real mothers and arranged for them to be "raised" by two kinds of surrogate monkey mother machines, both equipped to dispense milk. One device was made out of bare mesh wire. The other was fashioned from wire and covered with soft terrycloth. He later modified the experiment by separating the infants into two groups, giving them no choice between the two types of mothers. (see link below).

The results were astounding regarding the effects on the psychological and physical health of those poor mother-deprived monkeys, especially those nursed by the wire meshed ones. The health of those monkeys was horrific. The findings were so bad that these types of experiments were eventually banned as abusive to the monkeys.

We and our children were not as lucky as those monkeys! No one has reacted on our behalf; no effective laws ban chemical abuse of humans.

What kinds of mothers are the corporations that run our lives, both as consumers and as employees? They sure aren't the "lovey dovey" moms with great big hugs and warm soup on a cold day. Consider the best of corporate surrogate mothers, the television. Is it any wonder that the corporate teacher, the television, has often been referred to as a "boob" tube. What kind of disrespect is shown women's breasts by using the term, "boob," which has also been identified with stupidity? Indeed, the documentation seems to link breast feeding with healthy children and adults (see link below). Stupidity is what we get in the mainstream media. Our children should be raised on real breasts, not metallic and standardized electronic boobs.

Amanda commented in her ENVISION THIS episode that, "Over 2000 chemicals were 'grandfathered' in under the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act." That's outrageous! It started my wife, Merry, and me thinking. The profits and convenience of our chemical companies are more important than the health of our newborns?! Mothers can't even protect their babies in the womb from the toxic effects of our current political economy. The corporate lobbyists were wised up and wily from the defeats they suffered under the Clean Air and Clean Water acts by the time Congress got around to controlling toxic substances in our products. They persuaded (read "bought off") our Senators and Representatives to protect corporate interests over the health of our innocents.

The mechanical moms have taken over!

We've put up with this (and ever-increasing control by lobbyists) for 36 years now. That's because the voice of the corporations has become the voice of The Man, the Dictator who runs the world's show in Washington, New York, and London. Yes, the colonists fought a war against the slavery of the corporation (as reflected in the Boston Tea Party). Since that time we have progressively sold out to the enemy. It turns out that the Corporation has won the war after all! Meet the new boss same as the old.

But it's not over.

This voice has historically and is currently more powerful than the powerless voice of women and the puny voices of our babies. We all, women and men, need to cry out, "No More!" They may have gotten away with "grandfathering in" toxins; now it is our turn to "grand mother in" toxic control legislation. There's a new bill that has been favorably promoted out of the Senate committee that we need to grandmother in. It would save mothers from knowing they are poisoning their babies even as they gestate and breastfeed them. Most mothers may have been too busy carrying and caring for those babies to fight for this bill. Not so the 36 mothers that EHSC is honoring for traveling to Washington as grassroots advocates. The bill has--of course--been set aside for the campaign season. Well, campaign season is over; corporate rule is over--IF we say so. Grandmothers of the Earth unite! This bill honors deeply traditional family values. All women, both left and right, with real men alongside them, can unite behind it.

Can you imagine the reaction if 3600 grandmothers in big, gaudy hats descended on the Senate hearing of the bill to speak common sense. Women's bio-sense is stronger, older, and wiser than corporate biotechnology. Let's make our voice heard. Let's truly support our daughters, grandchildren, and descendents. Let's grandmother in effective toxic control legislation.

That rousing voice of truth and caring for future generations is what Elders are for.... Elders like Amanda Sears. (The term "Elders" means wise and experienced people, not just old folks.) The URL for this interview is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/envision-this/2012/11/08/environmental-health-strategy-center--amanda-sears. Listen to the archived discussion among Amanda Sears, Merry Hall, and Burl Hall of toxic risks to human health through the sustainabililty show, ENVISION THIS!



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Submitters Bio:

Burl is an avid writer and publishes to OpEd News. He is author of "Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature." As of this writing, Burl is planning to self-publish the book. Alongside his wife, Burl co-hosts an on line radio show that seeks to give voice to visionaries of a just, sustainable and equitable future. The show is called "Envision This!". Burl's primary passion is in the unity of world religions to science and the holographic nature of the universe in which the part mirrors the whole. Burl has a master's degree in counseling psychology. He is currently retired from work that involved helping families with problem behaviors in their adolescents. From a larger systems issue perspective, this work helped to save the state money by keeping kids in the home. The work Burl did with these kids helped him to consolidate a long felt intuition that the sociopathic behaviors of criminals, both adults and children, mirror the criminality of the primary system. This helped to reinforce Burl's interest in the holographic theory of physicist David Bohm as well as the neurologist Karl Pribram. Both of these men came up with the holographic theory independent of each other (yes, the did meet). IN essence, the theory states the part mirrors the whole. As such, Burl will often say that how a fetus builds itself in the womb via the interactions of the parts, then so does the Earth. Indeed, as far as the Earth is concerned, this is the primary thesis of James Lovelock.

Burl's job in writing is to try and flesh out this holographic pattern. In addition to writing Sophia's Web, Burl has written fiction. He has a fictional book titled "Mermaiden's Tale" which is about a love affair between a man and a woman who wind up being on a different planet because the the Earth was being destroyed by the actions of the corporations and the government. Burl also writes poetry. He is torn about publishing because poetry to him is highly organic and evolves constantly. Thus, Burl's best works are those written several years ago which have been changed over the years. This brings us to Burl's basic message: Consistency is change. Everything in the universe is evolving in relationship to everything else. More than that, each one of us sparks an evolution on this planet in our being. Perhaps the best way to put this is that everything is in relationship to everything. To use a simple example, as I type, I breathe out carbon dioxide, which the trees breathe in. The trees then breathe out oxygen which we breathe in. The planet specifically and the universe in general is one system that is maintained in diversity. Could this be why the universe is comprised of "uni" or oneness and "verse" signifying versatile? Or, as the saying goes, "all for one and one for all."