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December 30, 2009

Move Your Money

By Theresa Paulfranz

Move your money to reassign your priorities and help reinvent a cultural system that worships money instead of health, family and community.


Huffington Post's main article on Dec. 30 2009: " Move Your Money, A New Years's Resolution: Transfer Your Money From Big Banks to Community Banks"

This suggests that the people of this country move their money from the dishonest Federal Reserve bailout banks to little, local honest banks. And they give a link where one can find out which financially sound local banks serve your zipcode: http://www.moveyourmoney.info.

Whether it is the US military toppling third world governments to install their puppets, or Monsanto putting family farmers out of business, or the public airwaves clogged up by corporate-fueled propaganda, it is all the same story.

Not so long ago, most of us were farmers. The predominant relationship of those farmers was a relationship with the land or with Mother Nature.

Our primary "invisible" relationship with Nature still exists for our sustainence, but there is a middle man between us. Governmental or corporate, it is in both cases patriarchal. It is a handful of rich men hiding behind laws and institutions that serve their interests and defraud the people of a planet that is the rightful moral inheritance of us all.

But we may actually be able to change laws that give us back our basic freedoms that have been swindled. 

We do need to move our money out of huge banks which act in an improper way but we need to do much more. We need to increase cultural interactions that do not involve material wealth. Our obsession with money blinds our culture. But wealth can be expressed in many different ways - the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual.

We are preoccupied with a cultural symbol for the exchange of physical goods and services. Money money money. That is why we call it "Capitalism". Capital does not serve people but people serve it. When you are morally bankrupt it is a fair guess that it will not be long before one is economically bankrupt as well. We need to start moving in a new direction.

Consider the impact of ditching your impersonal national bank for a community bank that keeps profits into the region. But more importantly, consider the part you play in allowing banks to use your money against you by putting your money at insane risk, squandering it on lobbying, paying out obscene executive bonuses, withholding small business loans and then, after totally destroying the economy and chasing away good jobs, taking billions in taxpayer money to cover these toxic losses!

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I am a hippy that never dropped out. I have held on to impossible idealism and will not give up. I think the human race is a ticking time bomb and we are at the last tick. So what is the good of slow careful pragmatism that allows time for it all to happen with less than miraculous speed ? Right now we need near-impossible idealism or we need to go extinct so we can stop killing our planet. Other life forms may need it after we have almost destroyed it. Humans seem to be a very clever but unwise species that is not making it. At the very least we could go down with a little dignity. We have no planetary culture with both head and heart. And our numbers are so great we must have that. See you next lifetime on another planet incarnated in another species, I guess.