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Marc* "The Arc" Turian

Professor Marc "the arc" Turian - Boulder, CO; Radio & TV Show Host, Filmaker, Author, Speaker https://www.facebook.com/marc.thearc http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tgts/2013/10/06/ascension-two-to-beam-up--hold-the-xanex

Monique Harden & Nathalie Walker

Monique Harden and Nathalie Walker are the co-directors and attorneys of Advocates for Environmental Human Rights ("AEHR"), a nonprofit, public interest law firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA that has a campaign and policy office in (more...)

mrk *

I'm a former US citizen and resident of the FORMER USA. ************* Other than that, what is there to say? My vote doesn't even count. *** And since no one really cares what I think, I'm free to think anything. *** The broader story: (more...)

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People *Always* First

Concerned, caring, citizen of Canada; sometimes impatient & in a hurry to get things done; strong opinions but always respectful; (mostly) thick skin but can be temperamental. Love my neighbors, loathe my government!

. .

Whether you're signing up to comment, to write articles, to blog -- people like to know a bit about you. Your bio is a place where you can tell people. You can talk about your work, your passions, your family, your activism, your hobbies, your (more...)

8arrack 0bama

I am a public figure. I want to let my thoughts be expressed. I have Rob Kall's trust and share his honorable feelings too. All I am saying, to Congress- is give peace a chance.

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oladmin@operationlookout.org 634749901

Melody Gibson, Cofounder and Executive Director of OPERATION LOOKOUT National Center for Missing Youth since 1984. Now 63 years old, I am semi-retired and serving as volunteer treasurer of the nonprofit.

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Another "We The People", progressive blogger.


Republican living in Boston, MA.

Sophia A

Payday Cash Advance Loans

Love to a Muse

hopeless romantic

Gulamhusein Abba

I am a journalsit, writer and a justice-and-peace activist. I am also involved in safeguarding and promoting the rights of undocumented immigrants in USA. Originally from Bombay (now Mumbai) I have been residing in USA from 1982. My articles and (more...)

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Khurram Abbas

Writer works as researcher for IPRI, Islamabad.


I am civil society activist and Anthropologist working with communities in pakistan

Hamid Abbasi

Holds a Masters Degree in International Relations. Been engaged with Development Sector from the past 5 years. Field of expertise and interest remain international political dimensions, current affairs, Pakistan affairs etc

Dr. Jeff Abbott

Dr. Jeff Abbott is an attorney and assistant professor of education leadership at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne. He is a former public school superintendent and has specialized in school law for nearly two decades as a practicing (more...)

sameh abdelaziz

I am an Egyptian American born in Alexandria. I immigrated to the US in the late eighties, during this time lived in many places in US and Europe. I work as an IT manager and love it. I love to travel, it makes me feel young, and it awakes in me (more...)

Shakeerah Abdul al-Sabuur


getnet abebe

getnetabebe is good wish for equality in history in future .getnetabebe was born in small town in mola, ethiopia .now i am learn in addis ababa ,journalism and communication.i have great hope in future,to make Ethiopia democracy.i am parent less,and (more...)

Randy Abel

"The road of life is progressive, ever ascending the infinite hypotenuse of a spiritual triangle, and nothing can obstruct it." Lu Xun (1881-1936)

Richard Aberdeen

Richard Aberdeen is a Nashville, Tennessee based author and songwriter and owner of Freedom Tracks Records, a multi-genre independent record label focusing on political and social issues, where the music is always free.

David H Abernathy

Veteran, U.S. Army Military Police, Infantry Weapons Expert, Prisoner of War Specialist, Tennessee National Guard, Rifle Team, U.S. Army Reserve Military Police, Law Enforcement Citizens Training White House, TN Security Armed/Unarmed. Father of (more...)


Neal AbuNab

Neal AbuNab is a Michigan-based author of "The War on Terror and Democracy"- available on Amazon.com. He is a commentator on Arab and Muslim affairs and he can be reached at: www.IslamPalestineBlogger.com

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Delete me

Please delete me. Please delete me. Please delete me. Please delete me.

G Achin

With multifaceted and resourcefully energetic creativity still in tact, still flamboyant and fully thriving, the physical constraints accrued across time have progressively altered the mode of expression through which the energies of the Creative (more...)

Radh Achuthan

Our top priority must be to realize non-violently Article 3 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those of the First World population have realized Article 3 for themselves and reciprocity is a productive, healthy guideline; so, let's (more...)

No photo
acomfort acomfort

An Old Retired Engineer and tinkerer. Mostly a reader and not much into publishing.

Judith Acosta

Judith Acosta is a licensed psychotherapist, author, and speaker. She is also a classical homeopath based in New Mexico. She is the author of The Next Osama (2010), co-author of The Worst is Over (2002), the newly released Verbal First Aid (more...)

Jefferson Adams

Much like politicians pandering, I am an enigma. Solving only my own puzzle. Maybe?

Loren Adams

Presently residing in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Loren Adams was born in Oklahoma, grew up primarily in California, and lived in twelve states in every region of the U.S. He attended Central Bible College, Springfield, Missouri; Southeastern (more...)

Mike Adams, editor, NaturalNews.com

Mike Adams is chief contributor and editor of NaturalNews.com, one of the most popular independent natural health news resources on the web, now reaching over 2 million readers per month with more than 21,000 free articles, reports, interviews, (more...)

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is the editor and Chief of NaturalNews.com, an independent news resource that covers the natural health and wellness topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their personal health. NaturalNews offers uncensored (more...)

Abir's cousin

Ref/Science librarian retired....involved in various literacy campaigns; organic gardening; environmental/agri issues.

Stella Adams

Stella Adams is the founder and CEO of S J Adams Consulting which performs research and policy development in the areas of fair housing, and fair lending. Ms. Adams served on the Federal Reserve Board Consumer Advisory Council (1/05-12/07), which (more...)

Mark Adams JD/MBA

I am active in the election, judicial and media reform movements. I obtained the first injunctions getting a third party candidate into debates, and I have handled more Congressional election contests than any other attorney. I practiced law (more...)

Alan Adaschik

Al Adaschik was born in New London, Connecticut, on June 27th, 1943. He was raised in Brooklyn, New York and attended Franklin K. Lane High School. Upon graduation, he was accepted as an engineering student at the University of Michigan in its (more...)

Terry Adcock

Terry Adcock has been a political activist since his student years at the University of Texas. In 1960, he served as a Kennedy delegate to the Travis County (Texas)Democratic Convention, dominated by Lyndon Johnson delegates. From 1961 to 1963 (more...)

Chuck Adkins

Just an Independent Writer

Julia Adkins

I'm an environmental activist.

Mary Adkins

OpEdNews admin

This is an OpEdNews Administrator account used by editors to post open threads, community building threads, and OEN editorials on behalf of the editorial board. It is not associated with any individual person.


As an MBA degreed populist and left libertarian, I foster what are genuine liberal or progressive views unlike what I find here from many authors and members presenting at best what are economic right views in NeoLiberalism [or NeoLibertarianism] on (more...)

Ron Adword

Happy go Lucky.Save world to PEACE!

Fazal ur Rehman Afridi

Journalist, Writer and Human rights Activist Stationed in Paris, France

Never Again

I really don't have twenty characters worth of biographical information I care to supply, here. What is this account for, really?

Kenn Agata

I am a Baby Boomer retired New York City Public School Educator. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Morocco from 1968-1971. My partner of 31 years, now husband, and I married in Massachusetts in 2009 and I am (more...)

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