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Mickey Z.

Mickey Z.  can be found on the Web at http://www.mickeyz.net. 

Aymen Zaben

Aymen Zaben, born and raised in New York City, is a freelance writer. He obtained his degree in accounting from Excelsior College, and is currently pursuing his education at the State University of New York, Empire State College. Aymen enjoys (more...)

Matthew Zachary

Matthew Zachary was a 21-year old college senior and aspiring pianist/composer en route to film school when he slowly lost use of his left hand, was diagnosed with pediatric brain cancer (medulloblastona) and told he'd likely never perform again. Eleven years, four albums and scores of concerts later, Matthew's struggle to get busy living has inspired countless thousands. Today, Matthew is an award-winning musician and composer, accredited thought-leader in public health, a leading authority on the youth cancer culture, a highly credentialed and coveted motivational speaker, and a burgeoning social entrepreneur with the 2004 launch of Steps For Living, a nonprofit social advocacy venture benefiting adolescents and young adults with cancer that seeks to create lasting change in how the public relates to and engages with the disease. A native of New York City, Matthew holds an interdisciplinary BA from the State University of New York at Binghamton that combined the music, theater, computer science, and sociology disciplines.

Philip Zack

Ever since I learned to speak binary on a DIGIAC 3080 training computer, I've been involved with tech in one way or another, but there was always another part of me off exploring ideas and writing about them. Halfway to a BS in Space Technology at (more...)

Saad Zafar

I am a student of Human Resources currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Ted Zagar

Ted PanDeva Zagar hails from the Chicago area. Important facts include his pro-peace activism during the late 1960's during the Vietnam War, his adoption of a vegan diet/lifestyle in 1972, his authorship of over 600 columns and articles on medicinal (more...)

Sidrah Zaheer

I am a freelance journalist and a researcher who loves to read and learn new things every day and then write about them to generate debate and discussion and move the process of dialogue forward.

Jim Zamichieli


Sage Zanth is not an author of any books or an esteemed graduate from any school, thankful to those that are that share openly, but is merely a being that feels periodically to communicate from his heart what he sees and feels in the world.

Gail Zawacki

I write mostly about trees dying from air pollution; and more broadly, ecosystem collapse from human overpopulation, habitat destruction, ocean acidification, and climate change.



Ideas - Music - Digital Arts

Chaos In The New World Order

by (more...)

B J Zeagler

I am a Constitutional Conservative. I enjoy reading, walking, movies, plays and having fun. I am working to help take our country back to smaller government. This is one of my passions. Another passion is term limits. I really want to see this (more...)

Kevin Zeese

Kevin Zeese is co-chair of Come Home America, www.ComeHomeAmerica.US which seeks to end U.S. militarism and empire. He is also co-director of Its Our Economy, www.ItsOurEconomy.US which seeks to democratize the economy and give people greater (more...)

Martin Zehr

I am a Green Party member who lives in San Francisco. I have been active in water planning in the Middle Rio Grande region of New Mexico. I write political articles on the need for third parties, the contemporary failures of public education, the (more...)

Martin Zehr

Martin Zehr is an American political writer in the San Francisco area. He spent 8 years working as a volunteer water planner for the Middle Rio Grande region. http://www.waterassembly.org His article on the Kirkuk Referendum has been printed by the Kurdish Regional Government, http://www.moera-krg.org/articles/detail.asp?smap=01030000&lngnr=12&anr=12121&rnr=140 Another article was reprinted in its entirety by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) http://www.puk.org/web/htm/news/nws/news070514.html He is a Contributing Writer to Kurdish Aspect more...)


Colorado resident since 1980

Joseph Zernik

Dr Zernik has gained substantial experience in recent years in analyzing fraud in the electronic records of the state and US courts and prisons. His opinions on these matters were supported by official report of the UN Human Rights Council, by the (more...)

Joseph Zernik

Dr Zernik has gained substantial experience in recent years in analyzing fraud in banking and government computer systems. In such research he documented the important role that large-scale fraud in such systems plays in the current financial (more...)

Minion Zero

MinionZero is a logistics executive, writer, reverend, musician, rationalist, political atheist, agenda analyst, avid musky hunter, unabashed metalhead and recovering molecular biologist domiciled somewhere in the hinterlands of Wisconsin. "You (more...)

Stephen Zimmett

I'm a retired individual 62 years old and am sick and tired of how our country is being run. I once believed in Obama but now those days are over. I cannot believe that he is still in favor of the Afghanistan war. Congress and the budget, big deal! (more...)

Xanadu Zinnia

As a former employee of an intelligence service which shall remain unnamed, my current mission in life is to awaken the masses to the secret government's plan to build an electromagnetic GRID. While more information can be found at my website, the (more...)

Ronoroa Zoro

Tradition, elegance, charm and comfort are all features that any consumer can appreciate and all of these unique style features are present in each and every pea coats. This type of outerwear was initially created for sailors who had to battle the (more...)

peter zuck

Big city boy (Indianapolis) who's retreated to the wilds of Saskatchewan

Golden Trout

Larry Zuckerman is an angler and Western fish biologist concerned about the decline of native species as well as the destruction of riparian and stream habitats critical to their survival and full recovery. Larry strongly believes that public lands (more...)

Steven Zuckerman

Steven Zuckerman is an entertainment and media producer who has spent a lifetime promoting talent he believes in. He is the Creator and Producer of the highly acclaimed New York Music and Internet Expo (1999-2001) and the Global Entertainment and (more...)

Eric Zuesse

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They're Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,  and of  CHRIST'S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that (more...)

Donna Zuk Adley

Jimmy Zuma

Jimmy Zuma writes the online political journal Smart v. Stupid. He also writes a weekly column for the Tucson Sentinel under the same title, and a weekly feature, DC Water Cooler, for Technorati. His beat is national politics.

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