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Sara Scafe Toole is a Creative Writing major, with a minor in history. She is an activist that resides in Austin, Texas

Bill Quam

Perhaps it was hearing one too many times how corrupt all business is and then seeing the death and dying in places like the DR Congo because of the failure of big business and big governments to put people ahead of profits. I said enough of the (more...)



R. Queisser

I am a progressive activist. After 28 years in health care management I left in disgust at the mess that commercial health insurance companies have created. I must work to live (self-employed) and enjoy performing with several classical & jazz (more...)

Damien Qui

I am a photographer in Tampa, Florida. I am also currently pursuing a degree in Video Game Art and Design at The Art Institute of Tampa. My family is everything to me. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful woman and two children in my life, (more...)

Linda Quinet

An American in Paris, I love good food and wine, get off on social causes, am a news junky and go out of my way for international movies. I travel whenever I can. My spirituality stems from nature. Otherwise, atheist and anti organized religion. (more...)

Daniel Quinn

Best known as the author of ISHMAEL, winner of the 1992 Turner Tomorrow Award, published in more than 20 languages, used in classrooms from mid-school to graduate school in courses as varied as anthropology, biology, history, archaeology, ecology, (more...)

Jeff Quinn

Jeff Quinn resides in a shack atop an escarpment known as the Mogollon Rim located in eastern Arizona with his Khmer (Cambodian) wife Phach. Quinn has an insatiable appetite (read addiction) for travel and although the world truly has become a (more...)

Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn is an author, editor and researcher and has been a contributing editor for Sott.net since 2002. He holds a an MA in international Business Studies and a first degree in Spanish Literature and Information Management and has a professional (more...)

Robert Quinn

Short Bio: Rob Quinn taught Philosophy for ten years at the University of Oklahoma (OU), and the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). Prior to this he worked as a therapist in an in-residence psychiatric facility for young children. Rob is a 46 (more...)

Barbara Quintiliano

Barbara lives in the Philadelphia, PA, area. She works as an instructional librarian at a nearby university, is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), the Amnesty International USA Group 342 (West Chester), and is active in the (more...)

No photo
I Quit

I have nothing to share.

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Ahmed Quraishi

Ahmed Quraishi is one of Pakistan's youngest political commentators. He produces and hosts a weekly talk show on PTV News. He also heads the Pakistan Project at an independent, Islamabad-based think tank. He has closely covered the first three wars (more...)

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