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David J

runner, sailor, revolutionary

David J

Runner,Sailor, Revolutionary. Just a guy revolting to the fact that our country (if not world) is run and controlled by a bunch or criminals, and this aided and abetted by a the ignorance, stupidity and malevolence of its population.

Nick @ Enough Fear

I'm one of the founders of the Enough Fear campaign - Americans and Iranians speaking out to prevent war.

Douglas Jack

COMMUNITY TASK EDUCATION While growing up in Montreal suburbs, it was through apprenticeship to my father in design, architecture, machining, mechanics & other life-tasks and later when I became active during the late 1960s in social advocasy (more...)

Douglas Jack

Work with the Sustainable Development Corporation in LaSalle-Montreal. Focus on humanity's original universal 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') heritage as a guide for peace, love, prosperity and sustainable development. (more...)

billy Jackson

Originally from Ireland, I am a citizen of both the USA and Ireland. I am a singer/songwriter and indy film producer but also have two companies which I have co-founded - Nations Trust Ltd., a London based project consulting and finance group (more...)

charlie jackson

Charlie Jackson is sixth-generation Texan, international technology consultant, and founder of Texans for Peace. He recently returned from his third visit to Iraq.

Jamie Jackson

Jamie Jackson expert in providing detailed information on mortgage refinance and loan modification programs at Obama-loanmodifications.

Juyius Jackson

I am a OEF vet who is against the Bi-partisan system and Religion. I am against tyranny so this means I am for the withdrawal of Israel from Palestine and other nations that choose to suppress people in their own Countries.


CPO USN Ret.  Naturalized French, make my home in French Polyneisa, on the isle of Raiatea.  I enjoy big game fishing, meat fishing, and just fishing.  I went "native" and never looked back, my Tahitian name was given to my on my wedding day, (more...)

Kenneth R. Jackson

Retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer, French National and Citizen of Uturoa, Raiatea French Polynesia. I am a Socialist in every sense of the word, I belong to the French Socialist Party, the American Socialist Party and despise Repiglicans with (more...)


Tampa, Florida Redner Enterprises Editor Voice of Freedom

Percy Jackson

please delete this damn profile

Ronald Jackson

Ronald Jackson is a social justice activist and educator who has taught in New York City public schools. He is co-author of an advanced high-school textbook on the civil war and reconstruction titled, "Freedom's Unfinished Revolution: An Inquiry (more...)

Sheila Jackson

Sheila Jackson: Mother of two, grandmother of four, Air Force Veteran, two college degrees, an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies obtained at the age of sixty (more...)

Smith Jackson

James Q. Jacobs

Anthropologist and Educator. More at http://www.jqjacobs.net

Matthew Jacobs

Born with a Curious mind

Rabbi Fishel Jacobs

Rabbi Jacobs is the author of seven non-fiction books, including acclaimed works on difficult areas of practical Talmudic law, in use worldwide. For over a decade, he acted as the Tel Aviv University campus chaplain (Chabad). Rabbi Jacobs is the (more...)

Ron Jacobs

Ron Jacobs is a writer, library worker and anti-imperialist. He is the author of The Way the Wind Blew: a History of the Weather Underground and Short Order Frame Up. His collection of essays and other musings titled Tripping Through the American (more...)


Call me an extreme moderate beyond your wildest dreams of moderation. Everyone's crazy, save thee and I, and sometimes I wonder about me.

Kathleen Jacobson

Hi. My name is Kathleen Jacobson and I live in Santa Fe, NM, USA. I am a member of the North American Indian community, originally from CANADA (Vancouver/Victoria/Kelowna, BC), now residing in the US with my teenage daughter, age 14 yrs. We are (more...)

Norman Jacobson

Norman A Jacobson, BSEE, University of Colorado. I attended the University of Colorado on a scholarship (NESEP) from the U.S. Marine Corps. I previously worked in the Aerospace Industry (17 years. I worked as an Electrical Engineer doing military (more...)

Jeff Jacobucci

Activist for 9/11 justice living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. 9/11 is a very personal issue for me. Although I did not lose a loved one on 9/11, I care very much about the people who's lives have been affected by 9/11, and this drives me to (more...)

James Jaeger

James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker with over 25 years experience producing, writing and directing feature motion pictures and documentaries. For complete bio see http://www.mecfilms.com/jrjbio.htm Jaeger's first documentary, "FIAT (more...)

Milad Jahan

Dr Milad Jahan is a painter from northern Iran who has lived most of his life in Vienna.

Aaron James

U.S. Statism- Driven Abduction Ploys Upon Our Canadian Family In Wake of Airline Profiling Attack as result of Republican Party's Bid to Secure Corporate and Political Interests: The political /corporate frenzy and obsession with the acquiescence (more...)

Alan James

Lives in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Marc Jampole

Marc Jampole is a well-known poet and public relations executive and a former television news reporter. He writes the OpEdge blog, which covers politics and social trends from a progressive perspective.

Nathan Janes

While once engaged by the television set and other forms of the mass media, Nathan Janes began to notice that the reality that he was being sold was not his own. In a society saturated with meaningless advertising art with no substance Janes became (more...)

Jay Janson

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and the US; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles (more...)


NT/Exchange Network Administrator Aug. 2001- May 2002) - Norfolk, Virginia Primary administrator responsible for maintaining the NAVSEA Shipyard Bridgehead NT/Exchange server configurations. Duties included, network analysis and overall network (more...)

Arthur Jasp

I'm tired. Yeah, that sounds stupid, but I'm tired of watching the country I grew up knowing was good and strong and a positive force in the world, turn into a fascist empire bent on world domination and destruction. It wasn't always this way (more...)

Karen Jassenoff

My name is Karen. I am 61 years young, married to Bill, and we have five, adult children and two grandchildren. My husband is a teacher, and after spending 25 years in law, I began working for the local high school district, first as a secretary, (more...)


Khartoumi is an educator and writer based in Khartoum, Sudan

Thomas Jefferson

9/11 was a corporate fascist Coup D'Etat.


I'm an aging hippie, very spiritual, but not religious in the traditional sense of the word! I'm Pagan, drawn to Native American spirituality, wisdom & culture. I'm a liberal political activist, very passionate about social justice for ALL (more...)

Sam Jenkins

Natural Soap


Charles Jenks is Chair of the Advisory Board of Traprock Peace Center, its web manager and past president (1998-2004). A draft resister during the Vietnam War, he started practicing poverty and human rights law in 1981.

Space Eagle

Spoof writer, video maker, Christian against Bush, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Arranger, Composer, Space Eagle is my Cherokee name.

Happily married 

Worked on Ron Paul DVD for the Iowa Straw Poll Campaign.

Work for (more...)

Carol Jensen

I am a retired college English instructor, and retired weekly Op-Ed columnist for my local paper. I now spend my time as a political activist, occasionally writing for online progressive publications and working for candidates and causes that I (more...)

Lasse Jensen

Producer, Editor and reporter with 45 years of experience in Danish Media. Hosts weekly media magazine on Danish National Radio. Former head of TV News at Danish Broadcasting. 9 years as correspondent in the United States.

Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen is a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin and board member of the Third Coast Activist Resource Center. His latest book, All My Bones Shake: Seeking a Progressive Path to the Prophetic Voice, was published in 2009 (more...)

Margie Jepson

I am a 25 year communications professional; a wife, mother and Mississippian, I am proud to be all of these things, and more.

Dom Jermano

American against War and Violence. Writer, English Teacher, Inventor, Creator of the First Manmade Floating Farm On The Ocean.... My companies name is ACET: Algae Charcoal Ethanol Technicorp. We grow Algae for Oil.

Zaid Jilani

Zaid Jilani, Communications and Outreach Coordinator for Republic Report, is the former Senior Reporter-Blogger for ThinkProgress. His work has also appeared in outlets including Salon and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He graduated from the (more...)

Jimmy Jimbo

Cool, handsome guy. Please, no more questions!


Concerned about the future of the U.S.


Software and website development. Author of SpamX - Block 99% of all spam and REPORT IT!

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