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jazi g

Left of center, independent thinker, Mike Malloy fan, love coffee, cooking, animals.



Lisa G

I'm an old lady who has been involved in Democratic politics since I was a child. My views were shaped by the 60's, even though I was raised in a right wing, fundamentalist christian, conservative home. I was a rebel at birth! My views have (more...)

Alex S Gabor

Alex S. Gabor is a writer living on the West Coast! He travels around hitch hiking and buying pennies from everyone he meets that has one to sell for a dollar each. Currently he is in Oregon heading to Seattle and parts north!

Marcus Gadson

Marcus Alexander Gadson is a freelance journalist and commentator. He has written articles on various issues including foreign policy, race, economics, and politics for publications including the Huffington Post, the Daily Voice, and the (more...)

Mason Gaffney

Mason Gaffney first read Henry George when a high school junior , and became notorious among his classmates for preaching LVT to them . H e served in the S.W. Pacific during W.W. II, where he observed the results of land monopoly in The (more...)

Bruce K. Gagnon

Bruce Gagnon is the Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space.  


Nehweh Gahnin

Nehweh Gahnin lives (most of the time) in the western U.S. The name and the person are real, but not locatable by public record searches. The NSA may disagree, of course, but they haven't shown up at Nehweh's door yet to complain about it, and (more...)

Mark (LibertyFelix) Gailey

Contract Citizen - Independent Christian Friend

I ditched my Social Security Number at the end of 2000 to reject the fraudulent welfare state that is circumventing Common Law and Constitutional Law.

Libertarian Party activist since (more...)

Cynthia Gaines

Cynthia Gaines is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

rex gaisford

- Experience in many fields including oil and gas businesses world-wide for over 35 years - Ran many major multi-billion dollar development projects and production operations world-wide - Initiated fundamental cultural change throughout the UK (more...)

Leonce Gaiter

Leonce Gaiter's historical novel, "I Dreamt I Was in Heaven - The Rampage of the Rufus Buck Gang" was published September 2011. His nonfiction has appeared in The Huffington Post, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Los Angeles (more...)

marian Galbraith

Eva James is a singer-songwriter and activist from the South. Her "Love & War" CD from 1999 foreshadows many of America's problems (violence, racism, etc), and her "Judgement Day" video begs america to break its oil addiction and stop the cycle of (more...)

Mark Galen

Mark Galen is an advocate for whistleblowers. He is a doctor and professor of molecular biology, and author of the novel "Blue Codes."


Miss Gales and other members of the faither network will share information related to faith based teaching and invite others to share blogs and information that will help encourage a stronger Faith community.

No photo
Cindy G

I'm a bartender who enjoys intellectual stimulation.

kirk gallaway

Kirk Gallaway has been an astrologer for 40 years. He studied the humanistic approach to astrology under Dane Rudhyar, considered by many to be the most important and influential astrological writer of the 20th century. Gallaway then studied a (more...)

Susan Galleymore

Author, Long Time Passing: Mothers Speak about War and Terror, thinker, writer, ceramic artist, and general pain-in-the-butt.

Brian Gallof

B.D. Gallof was abandoned by wolves, and raised by his parents. He is a published writer, currently a blogger on Hockeybuzz.com and also selected by the NY Islanders as part of a "blog box", the first of it's kind in sports, to be like a press box (more...)

Carrie Gamble

Carrie J. Gamble is the owner of an independent publishing company, Carrie J. Gamble, Inc. She is the co-author, editor, calligrapher, watercolor artist and publisher of "Grandmother's Cookbook," a collection of her own grandmother's best recipes. (more...)


Marijuana Tweeter. End the prohibition NOW, stop this insanity!

Gerald Ganann

I am a veteran, conscripted into the Army from 1967 until 1969. I am a proud member of the Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27 in the Twin Cities. I was born in 1945 and raised in the Texas Gulf Coast’s “Cancer Alley”. but have lived in the Twin (more...)

Frank gr

Not a politician, for God's sake not a journalist, just your regular joe who's baffled with the mess this country is in. Only 4 democrat presidents since JKF and they still blame them for all this mess!

I am an engineer, major (more...)

Invisible Gardener


I am a Conservative who hates the Liberal lies that they are always telling about anything or anyone that does not believe the way they do. I have a blog called "Tired of all the Liberal Rhetoric out there....where I tell of the lies and deceit (more...)


Physically and financially challenged, sarcastic, outspoken, far left-middle-far right viewed, *Young* middle-aged "hippie", sometimes nutty, music loving, female in the snowy Poconos! Oh, and I'm also a Chai Addict!

Lara Gardner

Lara Gardner is a writer and attorney living in Portland, Oregon. She has published several law review articles and publishes on Huffington Post. She also has a blog at laragardner.com.

Leroy Gardner

I am a writer. I was previously published in two national magazines(The October 1999' issue of THEOLOGY TODAY in which I wrote an article entitled: The Prince of Darkness, and I also had a short story appear in an African-American publication called (more...)

Richmond Gardner

PN3(Ret), USN, 1991-2001. Done a number of clerical-type jobs. Computer "power user," my desktop is a Windows machine, but my laptop is an Ubuntu Linux. Articles usually cross-posted at http://www.prawnblog.blogspot.com Personal details at (more...)

Howard Garrett

After growing up in the suburbs of Sacramento, I came of age as a student at UC Berkeley 1965-1968. I prefered not to kill people in black pajamas defending their own back yard so I skipped around Canada, Europe and Asia till Nixon quietly dropped (more...)

JC Garrett

JC Garrett is a freelance writer and Constitutional scholar from the piney-woods of East Texas. Mr. Garrett owns and operates an independent recording studio, plays several instruments, writes, sings, and produces music. His stories have (more...)

Ann Garrison

I grew up around a radioactive toxic mess called the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, in a gorgeous place, Washington's Olympic Peninsula, by way of Western Oklahoma, another gorgeous place. I'm a compulsive writer and sometimes I sign as (more...)


An American who moved to Sweden in 2004 who still loves and cares about the USA

Timothy Gatto

Former Chairman of the Liberal Party of America, Tim is a retired Army Sergeant. He currently lives in South Carolina. A regular contributor to OpEdNews, he is the author of Kimchee Days (or Stoned Cold Warriors). Tim's political book, "From (more...)

Lisa Gawlas

Who I am matters not near as much as what I wish to do... Take back America. WE MUST band together, fight together to reclaim America and the goodness she once stood for. Together, we can figure out a way... the key word here is TOGETHER! Please (more...)

Darlene Gay-Allen

I am a soon to be 50 years old African American mother of now adults children and grandmother that hopes for a better tomorrow for them. I was born in Mobile, AL and know of racial problems that has swept over this country for centuries and have (more...)

Grazing Gazelle

Swiftness, timing and discernment will save the day.

Wanda GB

Believe a sustainable future is only possible if the world and the U.S. arrest runaway population growth.

Mary Geddry

Mary Geddry lives and writes in Coquille, Oregon. Her oldest son is a Marine grunt and served two tours in Iraq. Mary is an anti-war activist and CEO of Ingenium,LLC.

Christine Geery

Former teacher, business owner and now retired. This is my favorite job of all. Regular contributor to Open Salon. All of my work is non-fiction and my first book "Heart Full of Hope" is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

Daniel Geery

In my run for U.S. Senate against Utah's Orrin Hatch, I posted many progressive ideas and principles that I internalized over the years. I'm leaving that site up indefinitely, since it describes what I believe most members of our species truly want: (more...)

Bob Geiger

Bob Geiger is a writer, activist and Democratic operative in Westchester County, NY.

margot genarro de bourbon

Margot Bumpus de Bourbon's Specialties: Journalist, writer, genealogist, editor, website design, XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, WYSIWYG layout tools Margot Generaux-Genarro de Bourbon [invite me]'s Education Education: (more...)

Garry Gentry

I am a retired UAW GM auto worker who put myself through college and I am an Accredited Financial Counselor. I am working on my CFP certification and I am a political activists.

Rob George

Robley E. George, Founder ('69) and Director of the Center for the Study of Democratic Societies, was born in Indiana in 1931 and was graduated from Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis. He then studied engineering at San Diego State and (more...)


Perhaps at some future time...............

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