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Foodical Nutegrity: Food for roots, health, peace and community.

Kerry D

Me? Just an old tree-hugging hippie who follows American Indian spirituality; honors Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants; believes in re-using/recycling, organic foods, Respect, Tolerance and peace on Earth. Turn-ons: warm windy nights, (more...)

Senior D

Interested in making sense out of our current reality.

Drew D'Amato

Drew D'Amato is the author of the novels Social Studies and Bloodlines. He also has a masters degree in history, and has taught at the high school and college levels. When not writing he spends his time getting himself into trouble.

Michael D'Antuono

Quickly becoming known as the thinking man's artist, Michael D'Antuono has been called "one of the world's most controversial artists" by the UK's 'American' magazine. D'Antuono aims his brush at corruption, hypocrisy and greed with pinpoint (more...)

Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy

Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy joined the adoption arena in 1987 when, at the age of 19, she faced the proverbial rock and a hard place and "chose" to have her first born son, Max, adopted at birth. After almost 14 years of attempting to live in a self (more...)

Jeffrey Dach

Jeffrey Dach MD is a physician and author of two books, Natural Medicine 101, and Bioidentical Hormones 101, both available on Amazon, or as a free e-book on his web sites. Dr. Dach is founder and chief medical officer of TrueMedMD, a clinic in (more...)

baikal dadinleftfield.com

An over-schooled, under-employed, out-classed, instigating proletariat Texas homeboy and worker of the world, trying to raise his boy right

Ahma Daeus

My desire to be well informed is at odds with my desire to remain sane.I am the managing director of a non-profit in San Francisco. I was born on Valentines Day.

Ulysses Nico DAgris

Ulysses Nico DAgris is a native of New York, born of Spartan and Athenian heritage,in the Swedish Hospital under the Brooklyn Bridge. He advanced up the ranks by graduating Officer Candidate School and Command and General Staff College, to retire as (more...)

Dilip Dahanukar

Dilip Dahanukar is an IIT Powai alumnus. He is an experienced author having written 3 books to his credit. He has written articles on the net, which are widely read. (more...)

Thomas Dahlheimer

Thomas Dahlheimer is a 65 year old indigenous peoples' rights activist and New Age movement activist. He has received support for his work from internationally renowned Indigenous activists. And a recent blog about Mr. Dahlheimer by an (more...)

Keith Dailey

I'm not a lib or a Con! I am an American that believes in truth and justice for all!

Jill (Julia) Dalton

Jill Dalton is a recovering army brat/writer/performer/activist who has appeared in film and television as well as performing her solo plays in New York and around the country. Most recently she can be seen in and consulted for William Hurt on the (more...)

Julia Dalton

Julia (Jill) Dalton is a writer/performer who has appeared in film and television as well as performing her solo plays in New York and around the country. Most recently she can be seen in the HBO film, "Too Big To Fail" starring William Hurt. Her (more...)

Michael Daly, artist

I am an artist, designer, activist and comment writer. I am attracted to conceptualism. I practice universalism. I am concerned about advancing truth and transparency in government - exposing dirty corporate tyrants as the designers of global (more...)

himanshu damle

heuristic approaches in learning philosophy.

Ray Dangel

Retired in 1995 after nearly 40 years as reporter and copyreader for daily print papers of all sizes. Began part-time work as a county election judge in 2000. Took a full-time proofing job with an online news source in 2006, where I remain.

Lloyd Dangle

Lloyd Dangle is the cartoonist of the comic strip, Troubletown.

C. Terrell Daniels

Info warrior in the fight against slanted, bias, news media.

Joshua Daniels

Executive Director of the Sea Lions Foundation and Chairman of the Ericsson Council. Consulting Business Analyst and Project Manager.


Used to be a band photographer, currently blogging.

P. Alexandria

I am an artist and a work in progress. A progressive, perhaps a radical, irreverent, intelligent, passionate. Ready to change the world! Or at least, rearrange the furniture.

Ezili Danto

Human Rights Lawyer, Ezili Danto is dedicated to correcting the media lies and colonial narratives about Haiti. An award winning playwright, a performance poet, author and lawyer, Ezili Danto is founder of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, (more...)

No photo
Mary Dare

I am one of the elder President Bush's 1,000 points of Light. I want to see Harmony on Planet Earth and in the Universe. I am a 61 year old, single woman (product of the 60's) who loves to read especially about Quantum Mechanics, play chess and (more...)


I'am the founder and present leader of the IR(Ask if you want to know, and i may tell you...). I overlook certain projects.

prabir datta


Jay Daverth

Dr. Daverth is an International Relations scholar who writes extensively on global security and postmodern political theory. His daily rants can be found at The Hindsight Factor

Patty David

Young at heart, not a homebody, hard working, and very independant, also very caring! My favorite things to do...I love working out, cooking for friends, spending time with my golden retriever, and relaxing on the beach with a good book and a dirty (more...)

Carl Davidson

Carl Davidson is a Public Speaker, Writer, Political Activist, Solidarity Economy Field Organizer, Webmaster, 3rd Wave Study Group Founder, Self-Employed, Two Daughters, One Grandchild. He was a major leader of the 1960s New Left and currently (more...)

No photo
Charles Davidson

Charles Davidson is the Darrell Rollins Professor of Holistic Ministry at Virginia University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Virginia, and the executive director of the Darrell Rollins Center for Pastoral Counseling and Leadership Development. His (more...)

David Davidson

Lawrence Davidson

Lawrence Davidson is a history professor at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He is the author of Foreign
Policy Inc.: Privatizing America's National Interest
; America's
Palestine: Popular and Offical Perceptions from Balfour to Israeli
; and Islamic Fundamentalism. His academic work is focused on the history of American foreign relations with the Middle East. He also teaches courses in the history of science and modern European intellectual history.

His blog To The Point Analyses now has its own Facebook page. Along with the analyses, the Facebook page will also have reviews, pictures, and other analogous material.


Mellowinman is a person who wants freedom for all people. Yes, he is serious.

Elias Davidsson

Elias Davidsson was born in Palestine in 1941. His parents were born in Germany but had to emigrate to Palestine due to the Nazi persecution of Jews. Elias lived his first years Baq'aa, a neighborhood of Jerusalem, where Jews, Christians and (more...)

Melvin Davila Martinez

Melvin Davila Martinez is a freelance writer whose work has been published in The New American, Seeking Alpha, and Fox Nation. mdm[at]memobeacon[dot]com.

C. Paul Davis

I have been in the oil industry for the past five-plus years. My current position is: Senior Vice President of Titan Oil Recovery. I have become very knowledgeable about Peak Oil. Prior to Titan I was in the computer industry for over 40 (more...)

Ephraim Davis

I am a resident of a small town; like many people under 30 (and over 30) I am wieghted down with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt. I am currently unemployed and wondering what the future holds for my nation, my community and my family. I (more...)

Gail Davis

Gail Davis is the author of several books on plant-based eating including So, Now What Do I Eat? and Vegetarian Food For Thought: Quotations and Inspirations. As a self-described "foodie," a food coach, and chef's consultant (more...)


I am a jewelry designer specializing in eco friendly and ethical jewelry. I have a passion for the environment, human rights, and politics. I am a mom of a lovely 4 y.o. son, whom I want to protect from the tyranny of Republicans at all costs!

Karen Davis

Karen Davis, PhD is the president of United Poultry Concerns, a nonprofit organization that promotes the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl and an animal-free diet.

Karen is author of Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: (more...)

Kenneth Davis

I've had a succesful career in business, fedeeral government, ainvestment banking and strategic consulting. After Graduate Businness School at Satanford, I spent 20 years with IBM and was V.P.and Corporate CFO. I served 2 years as Ass't Secretary (more...)

Marlene Davis

Marlene is a former Advertising Copywriter, Advertising Account Executive, Radio Production Assistant and Real Estate Broker. Currently, she is a self-employed Independent Consultant. With her individual clients, Marlene consults in the areas of (more...)

Siraj Davis

Masters degree in history. Author of several books. Promoter for Aldin Entertainment. Freelance journalist for Salem News. Teacher of English/TOEFL/IELTS. Speak several languages. Human Rights lobbyist and organizer and humanitarian work. Member (more...)

Willie Davis

Old man, Veteran Viet Nam area

Claudia Davison

In 2009 I retired from commercial property management at the Port of San Francisco. While managing Fisherman's Wharf, I developed the Free Speech-compliant Street Performer Program that is still in effect. The Citizens United decision prompted (more...)

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