December 19, 2012     

Must Be The Home of "RAMBO JESUS": Home School "Arsenal Sermon" On Newtown Hits New Low " For Christian Right Paranoia: click here

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Time for an Established Christian Church in the US & EU:

Where to begin?  
Firstly: Suicide is an option and most people end their lives as a consequence of lifestyle choices such that one could say that the vast majority of people commit suicide it's simply that the mentally ill tend to be more pro-active about it - Amen. Jesus will recognise this in terms of his assessment of their deaths. Of course people who chose to end their lives through violent means in circumstances which present extreme psychological and physical risk to those around them are doing more than simply committing suicide they are intentionally creating as much upset and damage as they can in the process;

Secondly) On gun control: Everyone in the rest of the world realises the US has completely lost the plot on this issue and in doing so is losing its reputation as an international moral arbitrator not to mention creating the circumstances for civil war;

Third) In terms of  the shootings themselves schools are plainly the best place to evaluate young people where mental health is concerned. Mental health services need to be part and parcel of the education system. The affect of pharmacological medication on young people with mental health and behavioural issues needs to be considered. From my own experience many mood management drugs promote what I would call 'Bottling', where people are bottling rage on  meds  such that it builds up tsunami like waiting to be primed and acted out once there's a break in the meds or some kind of breach moment;

Fourth) There is plainly a need for an established Christian Church both in the US and Europe. Perhaps that Church would be Anglican-Dutch Reformed Humanist in character but it would have to be rooted in Christianity. The Pastor is right in at least one thing Jesus is a gentleman and will not go where he is not invited. If one were to take the Maoist revolutionary maxim regarding the revolutionary as the fish and the people as the sea, Jesus is the fish that swims via the life of the Holy Spirit. If a place is so  un -Godly ad in error as to be of offence to the Spirit then inviting Jesus in is like asking a fish onto dry land. Jesus cannot go where the Spirit will not abide. So as a Roman Catholic I think it's time  Catholic's  conceded the role of establishment church to a modern humanist Lutheran tradition guided by the full wisdom of the age.   

Fifthly) All Children should be schooled till the age of 16 as a universal human right with exceptions where it can be proved to be in the interest of the children/community concerned;

Sixth) On evolution. We are the ultimate expression of God's evolutionary Ark and God has made all of his creation blessed: Amen, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!



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