Is Obama Deliberately Crashing the Dollar to Repay the Deficit in Monopoly Money

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Is Obama Deliberately Crashing the Dollar to Repay the Deficit in Monopoly Money


In the immortal words of Marvin Gaye, "What's Going On?" here:


Here are 2 possible scenarios, a and b:


a) The bad scenario: Barack Obama is just another corrupt Chicago politician. He campaigned for 2 years promising change, that he would wash away the corporate lobbyists from Washington and save the country. Then the minute he got in, he brought in a ton of corporate lobbyists from Wall Street, and gave trillions of dollars to his banker buddies and in return they are putting billions into Barack Obama's bank accounts. Barack Obama is destroying the economy of the United States and he could care less - he and the rest of our politicians are just greedy pigs.


b) The good scenario: Barack Obama is a loyal American and a genius. He taught at Harvard which has the best economists and is the model for every other American business school. Larry Summers worked for Bill Clinton and had the country in a surplus. It was George W. Bush who invaded Iraq against the wishes of Barack Obama and drained the treasury and ran up the deficit and it was last fall that the economy collapsed, under George Bush, on the day that John McCain called the economy fundamentally sound.

The Obama-Summers-Geithner-Clinton plan is that the only way to get out of the Bush mess is to print so much money, that the dollar collapses to zero. Then, we can repay China for our deficit with monopoly money. 

The Capitalist system ended up with so much abject greed, with the ultra rich and the poor, that it didn't work. Now Barack Obama will rebuild the new Green economy from scratch, a more equitable socialist sharing economy, like the Pilgrims had, like the Native Indians had, like our ancestral tribes had for a million years. The U.S., Canada and Mexico will create a new currency, the Amero, and there is a method to our President's madness, and we elected the right guy, and we will all live happily ever after.

These are two possible Scenarios. There must be a million others. What's going on, what should our leaders do, and are we headed in the right direction or the wrong direction? speak now or forever hold your peace. 




Scenario A we're all in big trouble.
       50% from 8 votes  
Scenario B we're golden in the long run.
       6% from 1 votes  
Other possible scenarios.
       44% from 7 votes  

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