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Life Arts

Who's Afraid of the 2012 Prophesies?

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Lisa Vunk by Lisa Vunk

Lisa Vunk

Spiritual Awakening Facilitator

The term crisis in Chinese means "dangerous opportunity." In this time of global warming, perpetual war, the suppression of the masses by the elite, the poisoning of our food systems, and the disempowerment of people, we are placing humanity--let alone thousands of other species--at serious risk for a massive die off. Disempowerment may well be a conscious intent by the super-elite to suppress the natural evolution of people, as well as that of the creatures of this Earth.

Our most horrid sin in this world is our arrogance towards the intelligence of the various creatures on this Earth, as well as the Wisdom of Nature Herself. It may be that, by the law of syntropy and entropy, this is a necessary condition for evolution to occur. However, the possibility exists that our species has put the Earth Herself into a state of entropy which She, in Her greater Wisdom, will then evolve into a state of syntropy.

We have all heard of the the law of entropy, the tendency towards dissipation, decay, disorder and death. It is the reason we fear and revile chaos. But entropy is only half the essense of chaos! The other half is syntropy, the tendency towards energy concentration, order, organization and life.

Fantappiè coined the term syntropy, to account for the tendency of the universe to organize itself towards life and order. In describing this process, he identifies energy and matter that diverge backwards in time from causes located in the future that are governed by an underlying principle of geometric symmetry.

Meditate on this for a moment. Take a deep breath and pause. "He identifies energy and matter that diverge backwards in time from causes located in the future that are governed by an underlying principle of geometric symmetry."

Does this make you question the concept of linear time? Could it be the past and future are now? Is time so deeply related to eternity that the present contains both past and future? Is there no real boundary between mortal and immortal...between matter and energy...between manifest and unmanifest...between human and divine?

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Syntropy relates to entropy in much the same way that the inner and outer are conjoined with one another in a MOEBIUS LOOP (morbius coil according to Nikolai Tesla). In this loop, the inside is continuous with the outside and the two become one. Perhaps time itself is a moebius loop? Opposites such as past/future, birth/death and male/female in this case become aspects of one another and exist as one with one another.

For example, male and female are considered opposites, but they are so in terms of being mirror images of one another, polar expressions of one continuum, just as the north and south poles are part of one planet. Thus, the male sex organs are down and out while the female are upward and inward, much as the Moebius loop shows its inner and outer dimension.

The concept of infinity helps us to explain Fantappiè's theory that energy and matter diverge backwards in time from causes located in the future make sense. In infinity nothing exists side by side with anything else. Thus, in our infinity, you and I are not separate. Indeed, you may be sitting in your comfy chair in Australia, and I in my study in Maine, and exist in infinity closer to each other than our nose is to our face!

Could this explain how people are able to predict the future?

Renewal demands unity, a realization of the fullness of the Moebius Loop or Morbius Coil. Unlike the manifest Earth, joining poles along a linear (masculine) axis, it joins poles along a curvilinear (feminine) loop. Voila, the Universe! Voila, the energetic relationship between expansion and contraction! Voila, the torus!

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However, in our divisive, rationalistic culture, we remain conflicted and are stuck in a pattern that goes back to at least the ancient Egyptians. As such, the Navajo said of the Europeans:

    You have man against woman

parents against children

left against right.

We think you are crazy!

As this statement implies, according to many minds, we Europeans may not be the sharpest tools in the shed. Indeed, our behavior, and our taking over the world, may be signs that we are caught up in a dark age while our intelligence has deteriorated as we have exiled Wisdom. Our deteriorated conditioning of today is marked by rationalism, which is a very divisive and limited way of looking at the world. Is this one of the ways the "powers that be" remain in control of us? Divide and conquer.

Perhaps the Corporation is the big bad witch that provides Snow White the apple of Vanity which then knocks her unconscious? "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" Could it be that it is in our conditioning through "shop 'til you drop" campaigns, cultivated by television and other media, that has us in such a mess with pollution, constant warfare and even the potential destruction of the Earth? All of this is cultivated by Vanity, who exists as our own ego as well as within the corporate and government world in which we live. Who is the corporate and government world if not the Ego of the human race?

How much longer do we remain asleep to what's our deepest truth? When shall we marry Love Himself? When will we see the Psyche and Eros story as a parable or archetype for all of us?

In mystical Christianity, Christ is seen as the evolutionary potential of humanity. How many times in one day is this suppressed through shop-till-you-drop campaigns, Monday Night Football, and abusive work systems that require quotas and pure obedience to authority.

God/Goddess forbid you should stray from that path.

Perhaps, once we realize that our conditioned mind is the Beast that keeps us enslaved and in turmoil, then the New Jerusalem (literally meaning Place of Peace) can be known within us. Jerusalem is not a war-savaged city, She is a state of mind, of being. She is our Peace. In India, She is named Shanti! In Hebrew, Shalom/Salem. In Arabic, Salaam. The Christian "Peace of the Lord." " Come on people now, smile on your brother " (The Youngbloods).

In reawakening to this knowledge, perhaps the human Psyche-- currently mesmerized, divided, conditioned, drugged and unconscious--can know the depths of herself and reclaim her Peace?

Are there any boundaries there?

If we know our infinity, how can we not know our brother- and sisterhood with everything else? Infinity exists side-by-side with no one. This is its limitation. Not having another (meditate on M-Other), means we have no self-awareness. But, if we can know our infinity while also remaining in our finite body, can we see everything and everybody as our brothers and sisters? This is the magical mystery tour that Divine Intelligence is taking via humankind.

Is this what some of us are waking up to? Perhaps the powers-that-be realize this as evidenced by their cracking down on movements such as Occupy, which utilizes a much more empowering consensus style of decision making. Perhaps Occupy is doing what's natural, as reflected in the process of Nature as revealed in the Gaia Hypothesis. Everything on Earth works in maintaining the atmosphere that supports all life on this planet. There are no Kings or Queens. The system maintains itself. There is no external God, only an inner Intelligence that exists in relationship to the whole.

Heaven (Hell?) forbid we should understand that we are part of an abundant self-generating, self-maintaining, self-healing Earth! Where would the god, Profit, dwell in such a place? What would become of the scientific-military-industrial-pharmaceutical complex? To whom would Monsanto sell bio-engineered seeds? No, they will fight to the last gasp for the notion that God and Gaia are dead and buried in the cemetary of superstition.

Evolution occurs from the inside and unfolds from center to periphery in relationship to the outer world. As such, a fertilized egg at first divides into half and then into multiplicity in much the same way as the mystics flower of life unfolds.

(You may want to check out: )

This also mirrors creation myths. For example, the Tao Te Ching says, "The Tao gives birth to one; one gives birth to two; two gives birth to three and three gives birth to all things." Tao in this case reflects the egg shaped "0" which then gives birth to "1" and thence to "2" and "3". This is reflected in our letter "A," which has two lines moving away from one another, which are then bridged by the connecting cross bar. This process is beautifully reflected in the diagram below, which relates the flower of life to the seven day process of creation in the Bible's Book of Genesis.

Notice that in the division into two, there is a relationship between the two circles. In Hebrew, the letter "aleph" ( א ) reveals an upper and lower aspect, with a diagonal bar that connects the two. In this case, we could be talking about the unity of Heaven (Heave) and Earth (Eve)--the "Heaven on Earth" we all long for.

It's interesting that our schools don't teach these things on why numbers and letters are formed as they are. Perhaps it would provide them with too much power?

The seven days of Genesis is a metaphor regarding the creative process that is now, and is not a statement of a literal event in time. Indeed, the Oceanic nothingness existing in Genesis 1:2 is the foundation for this moment. This is why in meditation our goal is to enter a state of emptiness, a point in which we exist in a state before we were born. Thus, the Tao Te Ching tells us to be "newborn and free of ourselves."

The goal of meditation is to be empty and, therefore, fulfilled.

While we may be extremely divided in our rational intelligence, many of us are beginning to realize the unity behind our diversity. For example, psychiatrist Carl Jung theorized that beneath the layers of our ego consciousness, there is a deeper consciousness that he referred to as the Collective Unconscious. While influencing our lives, we have very little insight or awareness of this Collective Consciousness. As such, we have very little understanding of how we relate to other people, while also not realizing our unity with the planetary and universal consciousness of which we are born of and in which we take part.

There are heroes and heroines in this world that are doing the work to help us become aware of this movement and help us move towards this noble end.

Lisa Vunk is one of those heroines. Lisa is a Spiritual Awakening Facilitator who is on the Shift Network. She reframes "the powers that be" as "the powers that were! " While acknowledging that we live in chaotic and destructive times, with rumors and misinterpreted prophecies of the immanent end-times hanging like a sword of Damocles over our heads, she proclaims the possibility of immanent rebirth and the emergence of a golden age from the darkness of the Kali Yuga.

Yes, "wars and rumors of wars" are gathering all around us. Global warming, peak oil, and economic collapse appear to be converging into a perfect storm of destruction. Terrorism lurks in unexpected places, including the corporate owned United States Government with its "shock and awe" campaigns. What is "shock and awe" except a political spin on "terrorism?"

If your baby was blown up, would you be shocked and awed or would you be terrorized?

Fear is a natural response to this condition, especially in a culture in which fear and isolation have been cultivated to turn us all into servants of the false god of economic and technological growth. Perhaps from a Freudian viewpoint, this extreme patriarchy is the revelation of Man's desire for an erection that extends into infinity.

But at this point in the story, what is this "growth without limits" getting us? What goes up must come down. What are shop-till-you-drop lifestyles doing for us? Or what is working for hours on end while our children are babysat and programmed by the garbage on the internet and television sets? Dare we become parents that try to keep them from being brainwashed by corporate masters training them for slavery?

Lisa Vunk sees through this mess. She is able to identify the potential inherent in this challenging opportunity to bring forth a new life for humankind. Even in the midst of the collapse of our familiar old paradigms, we can find a pot of gold. According to her, something very big and powerful is dying in our midst; yet something still hidden from our view in the womb of mystery may also be aborning.

To turn an outworn question "What the Hell is going on" around, and look at it with new eyes, Lisa asks us to consider: "What the Heaven Is Going On Here?"

Can we let go to allow a new birth? It's scarey, for birth implies and necessitates death. The vagina dentata must devour the penis and semen while the egg devours the sperm that initiates her death to being an egg and her transformation into a new being.

Birth requires death.

Just so we must die to our conditioning and allow a new impulse, the promise of a new world, to emerge from within us. This is our true Labor, not working for the Man. At that time, we shall, together, create a new world from within our depths. And in bold-facing the term our I mean ours--not mine, not yours, not humanity's. It is all of ours! Every creature, every person, every blade of grass, and every rock must be part of and welcomed into this dance. (Lisa calls it the TranscenDance!)

As the Gaia Hypothesis states, the Earth has developed an atmosphere because of the interaction of plants and animals, alongside dirt, water, air, fire, and ether. It truly is an "all for one and one for all" life that we live. We are not here for the corporation or the self or some leader. We are here for all. In not realizing this, and in caring more for profits than life, we have become a cancerous growth on this planet. But, we can stop it. Spontaneous remission begins with you and me.

Knowing that we are here for all, Lisa faces this crucial question for our time with intense passion and deep mission. She invites us to consider the invitation we hold to be midwifes at the birth of a new humanity who can bring a blessing rather than a curse upon our Earth.


Interview with Lisa Vunk: WHO'S AFRAID OF THE 12-21-12 PROPHECIES?

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