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March 2013

Saturday, March 30:

DNA: How to Unravel the Tangle (1 comments)

Yangtze finless porpoise population nosedives to 1,000 (1 comments)

The Day Adria Richards Said 'Not This Time!' (24 comments)

Friday, March 29:

Something Other Than Adaptation Could Be Driving Evolution (3 comments)

Organisation trumps size in primate brain evolution

Robotic ants provide path to real ant brains

Massive jellyfish robot could monitor the seas (1 comments)

Hyper-realistic robot dragonfly is the drone of the future, now (2 comments)

SpaceX: Dragon 2 will look like "a real alien spaceship"

Survival Manual: Eat Protein

Inject Microbes, Lose Weight... very conceivable.

Thursday, March 28:

Swarming robots could be the servants of the future (1 comments)

Bio-Computer Closer with Molecular Transistors

A Metal Switch to Control Motor Proteins

Astronomers Discover Baby Supernovae (1 comments)

Global Warming Speeding Up | Common Dreams

Summer Melt Getting Longer on Antarctic Peninsula

Solar Structure Cools Buildings in Full Sunlight (2 comments)

Wednesday, March 27:

The Origin Of The Universe: From Nothing Everything? (1 comments)

Historical contingency and the futility of reductionism: Why chemistry (and biology) is not physics

Half the length of U.S. streams and rivers in poor condition

Saturn's moons and rings called "vintage"

Bees getting dumbed down too

Reality is the sprouting of Beauty

Worm Keeps Position as Progenitor of Humankind (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 26:

Scientists: Big Oklahoma quake in 2011 was man-made

Clean Electricity from Bacteria?

Monday, March 25:

Asteroid Mining And Space Colonization a Question of When Not If (1 comments)

Measuring the magnetism of antimatter: Researchers measure antiprotons more accurately than ever before (1 comments)

Ephemeral Vacuum Particles Cause Fluctuations in the Speed of Light: New Way to Examine Physics

Nanowire Solar Cells Raise Efficiency Limit

Super batteries?

Sunday, March 24:

What is nothing? Physicists debate (7 comments)

Generate Hydrogen, Make Clean Water, Provide Energy?

'Networked Minds' Need New Economics (1 comments)

VIDEO: The minds behind the Brain Activity Map (1 comments)

Finding Earth-like planet "a near certainty," claims scientist

Saturday, March 23:

Road Pollution Serious as Passive Smoke in Childhood Asthma (1 comments)

DNA Nanotechnology

Hydrogen fuel? Thin films Yield Efficient Solar Water-splitting

VIDEO: "Oldest Light" In Universe Picture Released (1 comments)

Friday, March 22:

I.B.M. Research Points to Circuits That Mimic the Brain's Design

Lockheed Martin Has Crazy-Fast Quantum Computers And Plans on Actually Using Them

Meteor Sighting Reported Across Northeast US (1 comments)

Thursday, March 21:

Planck's 'almost perfect' universe could point to new physics (3 comments)

Stem Cells in Heart Tracked with Nano-hitchhikers (1 comments)

Planck probe's cosmic 'baby picture' revises universe's vital statistics

Wednesday, March 20:

BlackBerry's inventor wants to build a tricorder (1 comments)

Subatomic to Superhorizon - Abandon All Hope? (2 comments)

Herschel Discovers Some of the Youngest Stars Ever Seen

NASA's Voyager 1 probe travels in new realm on solar system's edge

Photons Major Step Towards Quantum 'Internet'? (3 comments)

Tuesday, March 19:

10X Hurricane Surges Research Predicts

The first fractions of a second after the Big Bang

Monday, March 18:

SinterHab concept calls for a sustainable moon base made from baked lunar dust

Sunday, March 17:

Deadline Looms To Fund Critical Ocean Plastic-Trash Film (7 comments)

Nearly 8 Miles Down, Bacteria Thrive in the Oceans' Deepest Trench (1 comments)

Richard Feynman Experiment Recreated, 'Confirms Quantum Mechanics,' Physicist Says (3 comments)

Saturday, March 16:

Mitigating Climate Change? Proposals that May be Sane (4 comments)

Friday, March 15:

Foundations of Carbon-Based Life Leave Little Room for Error (1 comments)

Thursday, March 14:

Astronomers produce most detailed analysis of alien planet's atmosphere (1 comments)

"Parallel Universe' of Life Described Far Beneath the Bottom of the Sea

Reconstructing the Big Bang: A 'Baby Photo' of the Universe

Higgs Boson Particle Discovered

Wednesday, March 13:

Why chemists should study the origin of life

A history of telescopes: Mirrors of creation

NASA 'Advanced Concepts' Office Imagines Solar Sail Craft 'The Size Of Texas' (1 comments)

Window into the Big Bang: World's largest ground-based telescope can see the birth of stars

Galactic Star-Birth Factories Turned On Soon After Big Bang

The "Wow! signal" of the terrestrial genetic code

*End Public Water Fluoridation in the San Francisco Bay Communities (2 comments)

Tuesday, March 12:

Rare quasar triplet lets astrophysicists glimpse cosmic structure

Mars rock yields building blocks of life (1 comments)

Study: 'remote reconnaissance' technique reveals exoplanet atmospheres (2 comments)

Monday, March 11:

The View from Above Our World (4 comments)

Closest Star System Found in a Century (1 comments)

Chinese Physicists Measure Speed of "Spooky Action At a Distance" (1 comments)

Astrobiologists Find Ancient Fossils in Fireball Fragments? (32 comments)

Time to Get Real: The Riddle of Perception (Part 2) (1 comments)

Survellience Buses Could Breach Privacy Laws

When the Past Does Not Pass-- Or, Living the Prequel to Soylent Green (14 comments)

Sunday, March 10:

Marisssa Mayer's Faustian Bargain (1 comments)

Web-based 'brain' for robots goes live (3 comments)

Saturday, March 9:

Mice get human brain cells and get smarter, too (6 comments)

Friday, March 8:

Is Our Universe The Only Universe? (5 comments)

Thursday, March 7:

Antarctic Lake Vostok yields 'new bacterial life' (3 comments)

Wednesday, March 6:

Black Holes, Fermi Bubbles and the Milky Way (1 comments)

Universe may grow like a giant brain, new research finds (1 comments)

Is The Earth Alive? That Depends On Your Definition Of Life (1 comments)

BPA Exposure May Increase Asthma in Children (2 comments)

African girls' pee-powered generator raises questions - FutureTech on (1 comments)

Tuesday, March 5:

All Signs Point to Higgs, but Scientific Certainty Is a Waiting Game

World's most detailed scans will reveal how brain works

Evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth

A Window into Europa's Ocean Right at the Surface

Nuclear Industry Lies Spread by Techno-Geeks (3 comments)

The First Pictures of Life in the Deepest Ocean Vents Ever Discovered

Monday, March 4:

Life in the universe: Alien hunters in Edinburgh (1 comments)

Schrödinger's Cat could be visible after all (1 comments)

Sunday, March 3:

UK commits to construct Chilean telescope "as big as all existing ones put together" (2 comments)

Saturday, March 2:

A learner's guide to the universe: Astronomer Loeb homes in on "cosmic roots" in textbook (2 comments)

Squeezing more information out of the cosmic microwave background

Weird molecular hoops dispel 'junk DNA' myth

Nuclear Expert: "The Melted Core Cracked The Containment Vessel " There Really Is No Containment" At Fukushima Reactors (3 comments)


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