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January 2013

Thursday, January 31:

Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed - Breathtaking! (1 comments)

Fuel of the future: Cheap Hydrogen from Water One Step Closer (1 comments)

Wednesday, January 30:

Climate Change Impacts to U.S. Coasts

Here Is the Robot That Will Extract Water From the Moon

Microbes discovered in Antarctic lake broaden possibilities for extraterrestrial life (2 comments)

Scot to take lead role in Human Brain Project (5 comments)

Cool, New Views of Andromeda Galaxy

Tuesday, January 29:

New Space Telescope to Map Dark Matter

Monday, January 28:

Demand Choice

Mysteries of Spider Silk Strength Unraveled

PayPal tycoon envisions colony of 80,000 on Mars (1 comments)

Saturday, January 26:

Evolution Inspires More Efficient Solar Cell (3 comments)

Microscale Tractor Beam Can Move Cells (Wired UK) (1 comments)

Friday, January 25:

Evolution 2.0: Lamarck, Culture and Human Ingenuity (6 comments)

Dung beetles guided by Milky Way (1 comments)

Open Source, Powder-Based 3-D Printer Has Full-Color Potential

Thursday, January 24:

Timothy McGettigan: Sapient Apes Ascendant: The Costs and Benefits of Human Agency (1 comments)

Shakespeare, thou art stored in DNA (2 comments)

Wednesday, January 23:

Deep Space Industries will venture into asteroid-mining marketplace (2 comments)

Study Details What Activates Disease-Causing Genes - By GINA KOLATA

Industrial Psychology: The Evolution Of A Global Control System (3 comments)

2-D material for High-speed Electronics?

Just Add Water: Amazing New Energy Source? (4 comments)

Monday, January 21:

New Lithium Si-Graphene Battery Material Opens Doors

Saturday, January 19:

Roll Out the ELF, a Solar/ Pedal Hybrid

Flexible Film Solar Cells Take New World Record for Efficiency (2 comments)

Newly Discovered 'Plastic Island' Shows Global Epidemic Worsening (2 comments)

Nokia 3D Printing Innovation, Make Your Own Phone Some Time Soon?

Friday, January 18:

Solar Panels Beat Biofuels in Using Sun's Energy

Severe Climate Jeopardizing Amazon Forest

Columbia Researchers Prepare To Launch "Big Bang" Telescope

A hidden treasure in the Large Magellanic Cloud (1 comments)

Thursday, January 17:

Reducing Sleeping Pill Doses: Let the Insomnia Nightmare Begin. (2 comments)

Stunning photo of giant space cloud and baby stars

Wednesday, January 16:

Mars Rover Finds Intriguing New Evidence of Water

Major Step Toward Alzheimer's Vaccine (6 comments)

Where There's Smoke or Smog, There's Climate Change

Mathematical Breakthrough Sets Rules for Effective Teleportation

Tuesday, January 15:

Global Warming Increased Monthly Heat Records Worldwide (2 comments)

Massive "Supply" Clouds of Star-Building Gases Found Surrounding Galaxies

Molecules that transformed into earliest life forms may have come from space (1 comments)

Sunday, January 13:

Can US Government's Own Dire and 'Unambiguous' Report on Climate Change Spur Action? (2 comments)

Energy from Water Vapor (1 comments)

Nearby star is almost as old as the Universe

Saturday, January 12:

It's Not Laziness, We're Just Not Well (3 comments)

Biggest Thing in Universe Found--Defies Scientific Theory

Focusing Heat like Light

Friday, January 11:

Largest-known spiral galaxy may give birth to new small galaxy, say astronomers

Thursday, January 10:

Astronomers Discover a Planet Almost Identical to Earth (7 comments)

Skeletal 'Nessie' Discovered in Our Galaxy

Wednesday, January 9:

Alien Earth: What It Will Mean to Find Our Planet's Twin (2 comments)

How to "take over" a brain (1 comments)

Tuesday, January 8:

Engineered Bacteria make Fuel from Sunlight

Bio-inspired Coating Increases LED Efficiency (1 comments)

Volunteers spot jumbo planet in star's 'habitable zone' (1 comments)

Exocomets may be as common as exoplanets

Galactic surprise: New find overturns theories how our galaxy evolved

Billions of Earthlike Planets Crowd Milky Way? (1 comments)

Scientists Relieved As Supreme Court Passes Over Case Against Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Monday, January 7:

Sea Rise may be Greater than IPCC Estimates

Sunday, January 6:

Quantum Gas Temperature Drops Below Absolute Zero (2 comments)

Technology Addiction and Servitude (17 comments)

How your cat is making you crazy (8 comments)

108: The Key to Metaphysical Intuition (2 comments)

Breakthrough: Robotic limbs moved by the mind (1 comments)

Friday, January 4:

In Ancient Meteorite, Hint There Was Life on Mars (1 comments)

Half of Andromeda's satellite galaxies orbit in a mysterious disk

Thorium Reactors: Latest nuclear power industry push (3 comments)

100 billion alien planets fill our galaxy: study (3 comments)

Thursday, January 3:

Timothy McGettigan: When You're Wrong...You're Right? Stephen Hawking's Implausible Defense of Determinism (3 comments)

Drone Clones (2 comments)

Planets and their sun grow together (1 comments)

Our galaxy's 'geysers' are towers of power

Wednesday, January 2:

Oldest microbe fossils from Australia dated at 3.49 billion years old (2 comments)


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