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December 2012

Monday, December 31:

Patients On the Verge of Suicide or Murder (11 comments)

And, then, God said, "Let there be Twitter!" (2 comments)

The Future of the Planet? Get Over It (2 comments)

Sunday, December 30:

New kind of magnetism discovered: Experiments demonstrate "quantum spin liquid"

As Forests Disappear, Examining the Mechanisms of Their Death

First "Alien Earth" Will Be Found in 2013 (2 comments)

Genesis II: Extraterrestrial Oceans Could Host Life

Saturday, December 29:

Did The CIA Sabotage Cuba's Water Supply? (13 comments)

Study: Earth microbes could survive Martian conditions

Thursday, December 27:

New Form of Quantum Computation Promises Showdown With Ordinary Computers

Rapid Warming of West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Wednesday, December 26:

Amazon Deforestation = Loss of Microbial Communities (2 comments)

Evolution: It's all in how you splice it

Monday, December 24:

Flexible Light Solar Cells, New Opportunities? (2 comments)

*The Right to Know about Gray Matters (4 comments)

Sunday, December 23:

Universe Data, Radiation Mapped In New 'Baby Picture' Of Universe, Astrophysicists Say

Saturday, December 22:

Cuba: Victories, Cholera and Our Neighbors (20 comments)

After Newtown, Sales Boom for Kids' Body Armor

Friday, December 21:

Iraq: Crimes against Humanity. The Babies Will Haunt Us (2 comments)

Smoking Smothers Your Genes

Evolution at the Speed of Thought (3 comments)

Maya Scholar Debunks World-ending Myth

Genomic 'Hotspots' Offer Clues to Causes of Autism (1 comments)

Alleviating Traffic in Metropolitan Areas

Why Microsoft Should Recall Windows 8 (3 comments)

Thursday, December 20:

Biologists and physicists collaborate to investigate "quantum biology" (2 comments)

Potentially habitable planet detected around nearby star (3 comments)

Wednesday, December 19:

Democrats push for ban of assault weapons over Sandy Hook, but stay silent on nuclear power after Fukushima (2 comments)

Tuesday, December 18:

How beauty was found in a slimeball

Origin Of Life: New Study Spotlights Not Chemistry But How Living Things Store, Process Information (1 comments)

Monday, December 17:

Sleepwalking To Starvation (9 comments)

Birth of a star: Astronomers spot new solar system 450 light years away

Sleep Help: Reorganizing Your Brain to Treat Insomnia (1 comments)

New Efficient Computer Memory Using Magnetic Materials

Extreme Climate Predicted in Eastern U.S. (9 comments)

Astronomers Read the Shadows of the Universe's Earliest Stars (1 comments)

Saturday, December 15:

Do we live in a computer simulation? Idea can be tested (2 comments)

Higgs data reveals fundamental structure of matter

Friday, December 14:

NASA's Hubble telescope spies galaxies near Cosmic Dawn (1 comments)

Report Reaffirms Dangerous Climate Change (2 comments)

Thursday, December 13:

American Academy of Pediatricians Endorses Cell Phone Safety Legislation

Wednesday, December 12:

Doctors eradicate girl's cancer by reprogramming HIV (2 comments)

Genetics a Contributing Factor to Homosexuality? (2 comments)

Ancient Red Dye Powers New 'Green' Battery

Tuesday, December 11:

Renewable Energy Storage Could Power 99.9 Percent of the Time (3 comments)

Sunday, December 9:

Droners (1 comments)

Saturday, December 8:

Aiming for 50% Solar Efficiency

Friday, December 7:

World's Largest Trees Dying

Tiny Structure Gives Big Boost to Solar Power

Thursday, December 6:

New homemade device lets crooks crack many hotel locks (1 comments)

Wednesday, December 5:

Dr. Robert Langer Juggles Technology, Business & Mentoring at MIT Lab (4 comments)

Is there such a thing as "ideal weight"? (1 comments)

Fossil found in colonial Tanzania could be from oldest ever dinosaur | The Raw Story

Tuesday, December 4:

Shape-shifting robot made by MIT scientists

Monday, December 3:

The cerebral cortex of Albert Einstein: a description and preliminary analysis of unpublished photographs (2 comments)

Record High for Carbon Emissions (1 comments)

Sunday, December 2:

Does Grandpa Remember "Buzz Bombs"? (2 comments)


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