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August 2012

Friday, August 31:

How Old are the First Planets? (1 comments)

NASA's Kepler Discovers Multiple Planets Orbiting a Pair of Stars (1 comments)

Thursday, August 30:

The Drake equation: How many alien civilizations exist? (3 comments)

Building blocks of life found around young star (1 comments)

Black hole 'bonanza' discovered by NASA's WISE telescope (1 comments)


NASA's "Radiation Belt Storm Probes" Mission: Can It Solve The Van Allen Belts Puzzle?

Sweet! Does sugar found in space spell life? | Fox News

Large Methane Reservoirs Beneath Antarctic ice Sheet

Greater Global Food Output, Less Environmental Impact? (2 comments)

Wednesday, August 29:

The observable Universe and beyond (3 comments)

The Real Romney -

Tuesday, August 28:

One Third Less Life on Planet Earth?

Superior Fuel Cell Material Developed

The laser beam as a "3D painter"

Monday, August 27:

"Awe" expands sense of time, makes people less materialistic (3 comments)

A Sane Approach to Psychiatric Drugs: The Revised Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs (3 comments)

How Ocean Currents Affect Global Climate Better Understood

Simplifying Genetic Codes to Look Back in Time; Prevent Spread of GMFs?

Big Chem, Big Harm? -

Sunday, August 26:

Kepler space telescope adds 41 planets to its lengthening list (1 comments)

Is a "white flight' from social media on the horizon?

Former Florida GOP Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama

Saturday, August 25:

Discover Hubble's hidden treasures (6 comments)

Dwarka: An Indian Atlantis

Gobekli Tepe -- 6000 years older than Stonehenge (1 comments)

Friday, August 24:

The world is not 10,000 years old. The Bible says so. (5 comments)

*The Link Between Global Warming and Mega-Quakes - Reprise (29 comments)

Multi-stakeholder engagement ensures sustainable energy for all

The Milky Way now has a twin (or two)

Mysterious Origins of Brightest Star Explosions Revealed (1 comments)

Kanzi the bonobo genius makes stone tools like early humans did (2 comments)

Thursday, August 23:

Insect discovered that may harvest energy from the sun like a plant

Wednesday, August 22:

Misguided Fire Suppression Policies Cause Wildfire Conflagrations! (1 comments)

Arctic Ice Melting At Startlingly Rapid Rate (1 comments)

Monday, August 20:

EU Scientific Report Recommends Funding for Cold Fusion Research (5 comments)

Space-age Insulating Material May be Huge Game Changer (1 comments)

The Basic Question "Why Does the World Exist?' (3 comments)

Sunday, August 19:

Democracy Works for Endangered Species Act

Saturday, August 18:

How the brain cleans itself (2 comments)

"Maser" source of microwave beams comes out of the cold

Recreating a slice of the universe (1 comments)

Friday, August 17:

Book written in DNA code (1 comments)

Thursday, August 16:

Most massive and luminous galaxy cluster identified (2 comments)

Curious dark nebula seen as never before (1 comments)

Astronomers release the largest ever 3-D map of the sky (2 comments)

Wednesday, August 15:

Cold Fusion Obituary (2 comments)

Your Diet Affects Your Grandchildren's DNA, Scientists Say (1 comments)

The Primordial Universe (1 comments)

In Fragmented Brazilian Forest, Few Species Survive (1 comments)

Thursday, August 9:

Facebook wants court to rule 'Like' button is protected speech (1 comments)

Wednesday, August 8:

Sobering New Numbers on Global Warming (8 comments)

Tuesday, August 7:

Extreme Summer Heat Linked to Global Warming (1 comments)

Sunday, August 5:

New Tool to Study Single Biological Molecules

Friday, August 3:

Millions Made Insecure by Land Grabbing (1 comments)

Extinctions Differ from Those of Past (3 comments)

Thursday, August 2:

New swine flu virus re-emerges in U.S. Four people infected at county fair, By Helen Branswell

Wednesday, August 1:

Elinor Ostrom's legacy


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