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April 2012

Sunday, April 29:

Scientists find gene that inhibits pancreas cancer spread (1 comments)

In the beginning was the Bang? Universe may not have an end, but it definitely had a beginning, claim physicists

Huge Shark Losses in the Pacific Ocean

Saturday, April 28:

Deniers All (5 comments)

Friday, April 27:

Your Cell Phone and Dead Birds (2 comments)

Thursday, April 26:

Studies of Unconscious Bias Suggest Racism Not Necessarily Perpetrated By Racists (7 comments)

Wind Pushes Plastics Deeper into Oceans

Can Organic Food Feed the World? (2 comments)

How Nasa first saw the early Universe

Moore's Law Maintained by Intel's New 3D Computer Chip

Wednesday, April 25:

Mind-reading robot links with partial quadriplegic, takes orders

Report on Food Security, Climate Change Falls Short

Following Chemistry to Earliest Life on Earth (3 comments)

Beautiful Purple Crabs Discovered in Philippines (1 comments)

The Whole World: The Power of Seeing the Earth From Space (1 comments)

Tuesday, April 24:

Fukushima a Greater Disaster than Chernobyl (1 comments)

NASA releases breathtaking timelapse of planet earth

The Crisis of Big Science, by Steven Weinberg (1 comments)

Monday, April 23:

Synthetic DNA Created, Evolves on Its Own (1 comments)

Stockholm Scientists Make Great Stride In Artificial Photosynthesis for Energy Production

Sunday, April 22:

Powerful, Cold Storm Targets Northeast (2 comments)

Tar Sands Crude Coming to New England?

Earth Day: 9 Films That Will Change the Way You Think About the World | Environment | AlterNet

Key Genes May Lead to Anti-aging Therapies

Peru investigates mass dolphin die-off

NASA Needs New Plan to Avoid Contaminating Other Worlds

Saturday, April 21:

Mountain Flora Join Global Warming Conspiracy!

Meat Eating Behind Evolutionary Success of Humankind? (10 comments)

Investigating Mysteries of Polar Bears' Ancestry With a DNA Lens (1 comments)

Nearby Dark Matter Mysteriously Missing

Electron 'split-personality' seen in new quasi-particle (1 comments)

Friday, April 20:

James Cameron backs space explorers Planetary Resources

Mysterious cosmic rays leave scientists in the dark

'Musical stars' that help scientists search for new life

Some Stars Capture Rogue Planets

Thursday, April 19:

Hubble Snaps a Star Factory at the Center of the Tarantula Nebula (2 comments)

Wednesday, April 18:

The Monkey Wars: Tennessee's New Monkey Bill Attacks "Controversial Science" (2 comments)

Is humanity quietly abandoning a future in space? (2 comments)

Spectacular Solar Eruption (1 comments)

Silly Putty Repairs Potholes (3 comments)

Changing the Climate in Our Schools

Tuesday, April 17:

Greenland May be Slip-sliding Away

Sponging up Oil Spills: Use Nanosponges (4 comments)

New prostate cancer treatment may reduce side-effects (1 comments)

Conscious Evolution helps explain the Big Bang (2 comments)

Monday, April 16:

Pavlovian Conditioning for Heroin Addicts: How Manipulating Memory Can Treat Addiction

As Ice Cap Melts, Militaries Vie for Arctic Edge

How's Your Hippocampus? Probably Similar to Your Memory

My Grandson, The Rock (3 comments)

Sunday, April 15:

French Researchers Simulate Entire Universe on CURIE Supercomputer

Saturday, April 14:

Historic Rise to Sea Levels Linked to Climate Change (2 comments)

Artificial Photosynthesis Breakthrough: New Source for Hydrogen (2 comments)

World's Most Advanced Infrared Spectrometer Can Nearly See The Beginning Of Time

First Universal Quantum Network Prototype Links 2 Separate Labs

Friday, April 13:

The Long, Hot March of Climate Change (19 comments)

US in Flames: Global Warming, 'Perfect Recipe for Fire'

Thursday, April 12:

Mars Viking Robots Might Have 'Found Life'

Sun's Sibling Stars Could Host Cousins of Earth Life

Stardust recycling mystery solved

Wednesday, April 11:

Peoples' Niceness may Reside in their Genes (1 comments)

Global warming may intensify infectious diseases like TB, dengue, Lyme disease, HIV/AIDs (7 comments)

Tuesday, April 10:

Nine Exoplanets Discovered in Solar System's Twin

At the End of the Earth, Seeking Clues to the Universe (2 comments)

Monday, April 9:

Predator Loss Affecting Ecosystem Health

Scientists create quantum computer in a diamond

Sunday, April 8:

Bee Colony Collapse Linked to Corn Syrup from Insecticide Treated Corn (4 comments)

LHC is back with big energy boost

Saturday, April 7:

Seeds of life incubated in proto-planetary nurseries

Slideshow - Earth from above: Astronauts photograph our planet

Organics Probably Formed Easily in Early Solar System

Friday, April 6:

New Isotope Measurement Could Alter History Of Early Solar System

Common Pesticide Linked to Bee Collapse (2 comments)

First 'Alien Earth' May Be Found by 2014 (1 comments)

New Cosmological Insights from the South Pole Telescope

Thursday, April 5:

New Mechanism of Past Global Warming?

NASA extends planet-hunting Kepler mission through 2016

How our brains are wired: Scanner reveals inner workings in stunning new detail

Google Offers Look at Internet-Connected Eye Glasses (1 comments)

Wednesday, April 4:

Ice Sheet Collapse Linked to Ancient 'Mega Flood'

Info on Electric Vehicles and Much More, from RMI

Life Was Possible in the Early Universe, Says New Data

3-D videos show origins of the universe

Limbaugh, Santorum, Sex, and the Origins of the Roman Catholic Church (10 comments)

Map of distant galaxies may reveal dark energy's history

Tuesday, April 3:

Warming Arctic Forewarns Ecological Ruin

Global Warming: Hyperthermal Events May Be Triggered by Warming

Climate Change - Rocky Anderson 2012 (2 comments)

Shifting foundations caused by emptying aquifers threaten to undermine China's cities

Surging Seas - Is your city doomed to be taken by the rising oceans? Interactive map (1 comments)

Colossal Milky Way photo captures 'one billion stars'

Chilean astronomer makes her mark

Nature deficit disorder 'damaging Britain's children'

How to hide emails from government snooping

Fracking: I Think My Water's On Fire Tonight - The Music Video

Monday, April 2:

Comparing Ocean Temps Reveals Rise Over the Last Century

NASA video visualizes a 'Perpetual Ocean'

Oldest Alien Planets Found--Born at Dawn of Universe

Sunday, April 1:

Dead stars 'to guide spacecraft'

Puberty Before Age 10 - A New "Normal'?

Nasal spray vaccine to stop heart attacks developed

Half of all Cancer Preventable (1 comments)


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