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February 2012

Wednesday, February 29:

More on managing your Google account information before March 1st

Black holes' effects on nearby stars eyed

Tuesday, February 28:

Asteroid dust brought to Earth reveals space smashes

Monday, February 27:

Red Dwarf Stars May Be Best Chance for Habitable Alien Planets

Sunday, February 26:

IBM snaps an image of electric charge

Japanese Company Aims for Space Elevator by 2050

Saturday, February 25:

Wacky Physics: New Uncertainty About the Uncertainty Principle

Neutrinos may still have broken light barrier - or not

Physicists Pinpoint W Boson, Narrow Search for Higgs (1 comments)

Friday, February 24:

Earliest Horses Implicated in Climate Change Conspiracy

Birds Join Climate Change Conspiracy

NASA telescope detects massive cloud of 'buckyballs' hurtling through space

Nomad Alien Planets May Fill Our Milky Way Galaxy

Air Force Eyes Nuclear Reactors, Beamed Power for Spacecraft

Brain Scans Detect Autism In Six Month Olds (1 comments)

Two-Headed Trout Near Phosphate Mine Spark Pollution Alarm in Idaho

Forcing an electron to orbit like a planet

More details on the smoking gun connecting livestock antibiotics and superbugs

Thursday, February 23:

Tiny, implantable medical device can propel itself through bloodstream

Scientific proof 'factory farms' breeding "superbugs' says study

Faster-than-light neutrino measurement has two possible errors

Tuesday, February 21:

Climate Scientists Under Siege

Climate scientist Peter Gleick admits he leaked Heartland Institute documents (1 comments)

Ditch Fossil Fuels & Go To Renewables, Without Congress (2 comments)

Monday, February 20:

'The Scale of the Universe,' by Two Teenage Brothers

Alpine Chipmunks Take Genetic Hit from Climate Change

Single-atom Transistor May End Moore's Law

Sunday, February 19:

Industry's Plan for Us (3 comments)

Open Journals: something good to report (3 comments)

Quantum Entanglement Experiments Expand to Include 8 Photons (1 comments)

Saturday, February 18:

*Machine Intelligence - Will AI Become Autonomous? (2 comments)

'DNA robot' targets cancer cells

Research: Roundup Diluted by 450-Fold is Still Toxic to DNA (2 comments)

Friday, February 17:

Darwin Day: Celebrating the Scientist that People Love to Hate (3 comments)

Rare Earth element tellurium detected for the first time in ancient stars

How Google Tracked Your iPhone (1 comments)

Thursday, February 16:

Carbon monoxide in the cosmos mapped for the first time (1 comments)

Animations of unseeable biology

Space Dust Tentacle Hides Baby Stars in New Photo

Wednesday, February 15:

A Green Power House Rises in Cellulose Valley: How the Flathead Valley is Helping Fund Its Own New Energy Economy (1 comments)

Plans, Funders and Goals of 'Climate Denial' Machine (8 comments)

Military Project Aids Grid Cyber-Security

Myths And Facts About Electric Cars

Tuesday, February 14:

Fish of Antarctica Threatened by Warming

Explosive Evolution May Not Follow Mass Extinctions

Biological computer can decrypt images stored in DNA (1 comments)

Monday, February 13:

NASA considers outpost beyond moon's far side

Sunday, February 12:

Conservatism Thrives on Low Intelligence

Saturday, February 11:

Transforming America's Built Environment (Video) (1 comments)

Drug Quickly Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms in Mice

Life in Antarctic Lake? It's Everywhere Else

Friday, February 10:

Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Alternative

VLT Takes Most Detailed Infrared Image of the Carina Nebula

The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past 10 years

Thursday, February 9:

Ancient Seagrass Holds Secrets of the Oldest Living Organism On Earth (1 comments)

Russian scientists are reporting success in their quest to drill into Lake Vostok

UK Report Suggests Soldiers Could One Day Plug Their Weapons Right Into Their Brains (1 comments)

Alien stars' habitable zones tied to chemistry

Wednesday, February 8:

Gasland: A Film on Fracking that Dwarfs Stephen King Movies (1 comments)

Nation's Largest Microgrid Online

Proxy War in Syria Threatens Catastrophe for Middle East (3 comments)

Tuesday, February 7:

Global Extinction: Gradual Doom as Bad as Abrupt (1 comments)

Monday, February 6:

Hubble Telescope captures Milky Way galaxy's twin

Sunday, February 5:

Groundhog's Day and a "mild winter" (1 comments)

Saturday, February 4:

Space Pictures This Week: Hubble Galaxy, Poet Nebula, More

Friday, February 3:

LENR Is Here, But Is It Real, and Has Its Time Come? (31 comments)

Thursday, February 2:

Mouse to Elephant? Just Wait 24 Million Generations, by the Editors of ScienceDaily (1 comments)

Radio telescope to search for first stars and galaxies

Wednesday, February 1:

"Alien" Particles Found Invading Our Solar System -- A First


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