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This is a free membership. By signing up and registering with the site and logging in, you get more privileges than if you just visit the site. These include- access to our member messaging system, creation of a basic member page, ability to comment, submit articles, diaries, polls, events, ability to use the "printer friendly" button to see articles as a single page. And you get our daily newsletter and occasional member email updates.

Benefits and Features

Posting Comments

When logged in, you will be able to post comments on any article.

Printer Friendly Pages

When you view an article, you will also be able to choose a printer-friendly format, which displays the entire article so you can print the whole article, without having to print each individual page.

Send Messages to Other Members

While on the website, you will have the facility to send messages directly to other members, from the website without having to leave it, or go to an email program.

Submission of Articles or Other Content

With this benefit, you will be able to post articles and other types of content on the website (such as diaries polls, events, quotations.)

Free Registered Membership     


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