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there is room for literally hundreds of volunteers-- covering different issues, areas, advocacies, topics. That said, there are a number of ways you can help this site as a volunteer.

I've long felt that there is room for literally hundreds of volunteers-- covering different issues, areas, advocacies, topics.

That said, there are a number of ways you can help OpEdNews as a volunteer editor.

Queue editor: help evaluate, edit, accept or reject unsolicited articles that come into the queue. We get up to 50 a day, and some are thousands of words, so we need a lot of help there. Meet people from all over the world. We particularly need help with cleaning up articles submitted by people in other countries, for whom English is a second language. This can be very gratifying, as you get to know come very courageous people from very different cultures.

Topic/ Subject/Issue Editor: What issues are you passionate about? What news topics do you check regularly, going from site to site? We'd like to have hundreds of editors covering specific subjects. The sky is the limit on where you can go with this. One editor started a non-profit, did fundraising, raised thousands of dollars, and has become a leader in her field. Our activist tools really do make it easy to take a subject and run with it. Our ability to publish and reach the members of congress through the google alerts our articles get into, makes it attractive for writers and activists to sign on with us. That makes it easy to recruit allies in the field you are working on. Then, once you've shown you produce articles reliably, we can provide you with press credentials to cover events, to get into conferences for free... and that gives you special access to leaders and celebrities.

News editor: we need a lot of help posting links to articles on other sites. While we publish original content, many talk radio hosts and tens of thousands of our daily readers really value the quality and relevance of the articles on other sites we link to.

Acquisitions editor: we're always looking for new writers. You can act as an acquistions editor, helping us recruit new talent. When you find an article you like, contact the writer and not only ask for permission to reprint the article, but also invite him or her to write for OpEdnews. You can even publish the article for her or him, and then, coach how to use our system.

Grant Writer: We really need help with this. OpEdNews has great potential to build and grow throw grant funded support.

Volunteers Coordinator Yup, as we grow, I can't do it all. Someone who can help with supporting new volunteers, in particular new volunteers, would make a big difference. I realize you are just getting started, but it's something to keep in mind.

Ad Promotion Last but not least, we could also use a lot of help getting advertisers.

Assignment Writer/Reporter: We routinely need people who will take on an article assignment for different topics-- business, economics, campaigns, military, the wars, ecology, media, etc. If you're interested drop me a line and tell me your interests, an expanded bio and your phone number.

Overall, our editors also help with dealing with flagged comments-- are brought in and involved in making decisions on tough questions that come up....

Now, I've written a number of FAQs that can also be helpful. It's important that you check these out.
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