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Trouble Shooting

Got an OpEdNews Problem/Bug?

Here's what to do if you encounter a problem (or perhaps you think it's a bug?) on OpEdNews BEFORE sending an email to the administrator.

If you're confused by something that happens while using OpEdNews, and you suspect it may be a bug in the operating software, please use the Trouble Ticket section at http://www.opednews.com/populum/ticket.php

BUT please read this first, and then include the necessary support information:

Disclaimers, first: 1) we are able to program everything to work in Firefox and in Internet Explorer (as long is it's IE5 and later....) If you are using other browsers such as Opera or Mac Safari (or even using a Mac, period) well... we have no way of testing these, so we cannot guarantee that things will work properly. (Although we have had good experience with Firefox for the Mac.)

2) How old is your computer? And is it a standard PC? Older computers and non-standard PC's (like Web TV) will probably not work well with OpEdNews.

When reporting a problem, please include:

a) Model of computer: like HP, Dell, etc.
b) Age of computer
c) Browser and browser version number, like IE 6.0 or Firefox

To get the best answer, include (in details) the steps you took to get to the place where you encountered the problem. For example, if the problem occured when commenting, you would include:

1) I went to an OpEdNews article called: TITLE
2) I clicked on Post Comment
3) Then filled in the form and pressed Preview

etc etc.

With this info, we should be able to track down the issue and report back to you properly.

Thank you!

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