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... scientists report this year's ozone hole in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere has broken records for area and depth.


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DIANE'S NEWS CLIPS begins here :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> IF LINK DOESN'T WORK, THEN PASTE ARTICLE LINK(S) INTO YOUR BROWSER -- OR GO DIRECTLY TO >> http://www.truthout.org Ozone Hole, Double Record Breaker http://www.truthout.org/issues_06/102306EC.shtml NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists report this year's ozone hole in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere has broken records for area and depth. ----- Patrick McElwee | A False Strategy for Nuclear Non-Proliferation http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306F.shtml Patrick McElwee argues that the use of nuclear non-proliferation as justification for threats to attack Iran looks like a sham, just as it was shown to be a sham in Iraq. This impression gets even stronger when we compare the behavior of the Bush administration toward the real proliferators of this group (excluding for the moment the biggest proliferators - declared nuclear powers, including the United States, who are obligated under the NPT to work toward disarmament). ----- Israelis Threaten to Retake Gaza-Egypt Border http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306K.shtml Several Israeli cabinet ministers called on Sunday for a military operation to retake control of Gaza's southern border and prevent Palestinian militants' smuggling weapons from neighboring Egypt. ----- McCaskill and Ford Jr. Pick Up Key Endorsements http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306G.shtml Newspapers in Memphis, Tennessee, and St. Louis, Missouri, have endorsed the Democratic Party candidates for the US Senate. These two races could spell an end to Republican control of the Senate. ----- Scott Galindez | It's About Checks and Balances http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306J.shtml Scott Galindez writes: "No matter what your position is on Iraq, as the costs spiral out of control, there has been a glaring lack of oversight from Congress. It is apparent to everyone that changes need to happen, but as long as Congress refuses to come forward and hold real oversight hearings and a real debate, the failed policies of the executive branch go unchallenged." ----- Cindy Sheehan | Is It Vietnam Yet? http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306M.shtml ----- Bill McKibben | How Close to Catastrophe? http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306L.shtml ----- "Arrogant" US Has Failed, Says Spin Doctor http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306N.shtml ----- US in Secret Truce Talks With Insurgency Chiefs http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306O.shtml American officials held secret talks with leaders of the Iraqi insurgency last week after admitting that their two-month clampdown on violence in Baghdad had failed. ----- Fear of Skewed Elections Due to Electronic Voting on the Rise http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306B.shtml ----- Grim New Turn May Harden Darfur Conflict http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306E.shtml ----- CBS: Corrupt Arms Deals Cost Iraq $800 Million http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306D.shtml ----- The Netherlands Wants to Prohibit Burqa-Wearing http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/102306H.shtml ----- FOCUS | October Death Toll For US in Iraq Hits 83 http://www.truthout.org/docs_2005/102306Z.shtml ----- Chris Floyd | Long Black Veil: Tony Blair's Dangerous Game of Muslim-Bashing http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306A.shtml ----- William Fisher | Bush's Strategic Change http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306R.shtml ----- Two Arrested for Protest at NOAA Office http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/102306T.shtml Two environmentalists spent about four hours Monday perched on a ledge over an entrance to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration building to protest what they said is the agency's suppression of information on global warming. The pair unfurled a banner that read, "Bush: Let NOAA Tell the Truth." ----- Pombo and the Race for Energy http://www.truthout.org/issues_06/102306EB.shtml ----- Jeff Milchen and Stacy Mitchell | Wal-Mart's Drug Deal http://www.truthout.org/issues_06/102306HA.shtml _________________________________ newsdissector@DIAKTOROS.globalvision.org ~~~~~~~~~~~ [NEWSDISSECTOR] Iraq: How To Find the Door? PUBLIC RECANTATION: HE SAID WHAT? CNN SOUNDS LIKE THE CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION: "A senior State Department diplomat is apologizing for having told the Arab satellite network Al-Jazeera that there is a strong possibility history will show the United States displayed "arrogance" and "stupidity" in its handling of the Iraq war. Alberto Fernandez now says he "seriously misspoke." Next stop: Siberia! .......................snip.......................... HOW TO END THE WAR? The Sunday Times In London said yesterday that President Bush wants a "a good ending" as if the decision to leave has been made.. The headline in the weekend edition of the Guardian carries as its lead headline, "IRAQ MAYHEM LAUCHES HUNT FIR EXIT STRATEGY IN US AND UK." Both papers speak of "options" as the British Foreign Office is said to urge "engagement" with Syria and Iran to find a way out. The International Herald Tribune, published in Baghdad speaks of the U.S. military being "disheartened" by its failure to restore order. General William Westmoreland, ooops, make that Caldwell has called for "refocus." (That is if the goal is really to restore order rather than instigate chaos as a way of creating a pretext for the country's dismemberment. Does anyone else remember the famous slip of the tongue by the late Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, the first, who said during the riots of l968 that the police were there to "create disorder." Don't laugh-W seems to be finally acknowledging a historical comparison between the Iraq War and Vietnam after his Neo Con mates have spent years denying it.) .......................snip.......................... "A FINAL GAMBLE BY MR.BUSH IS NOT TO BE DISCOUNTED.' .......................snip.......................... It looks like that it will take more pain, more death, more reverses on the battlefield before the Busheviks pull the plug. The Iraq death count is rising as is the American military death toll-78 this past month alone! Ummmmm... Let us not forget that the permanent bases in Iraq and Oil interests will not easily be abandoned even if the insurgency is gaining ground. CNN ran long excerpts of an "Insurgent Video" over the weekend showing snipers shooting Americans. This is new. My hunch they got the video from a disaffected American military officer. CNN also reported that insurgent groups have repeated calls for negotiation which may be underway. Last week, there were reports of a "balloon" insider the Administration of an offer to grant amnesty to all insurgents. That is a sign of a defeated army, Ours! .......................snip.......................... If you watched 60 Minutes Sunday night, and saw Steve Kroft's excellent report on corruption in Iraq, you realize how complicit our own government is in facilitating this sewer of sleaze. When you see reports like this--and we don't see them enough-- you realize that this war is also ORGANIZED CRIME by another name and that this Administration is the enabler. We may not have any politicians willing to launch a war crimes investigation, but how about a probe and indictment using the RICO Laws. That is the tool prosecutors deploy against criminal conspiracies....and yes, in that law at least, the government recognizes that conspiracies exist. Now we need to show that the government itself is part of it. http://www.cbsnews.com .......................snip.......................... http://www.newsdissector.com/blog/2006/10/23/iraq-how-to-find-the-door/ _________________________________ Excerpted from: http://www.ziopedia.org He's b-a-a-a-a-c-k... "Words ought to be a little wild, for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking." ~~ John M. Keyne Much to the dismay of the Bush Crime Family and the Flying Monkey Right, their most fervent nemesis, talk-show host Mike Malloy, will return to progressive airwaves on Monday, Oct. 30 -- a whole week-and-one-day before the mid-term elections. When you consider the corruption and scandals oozing like slime from the right over just the past week-and-one-day, Malloy's return is not a moment too soon. Read more >> http://www.ziopedia.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1983 ----- US Army Announces Readiness for Total Military Takeover of America Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that final steps towards a full Military Dictatorship of the United States have been taken with the US Army announcing USARNORTH has now reached 'full operational capacity' and is now ready to: "Execute homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities missions", and "Conduct the Army-to-Army portion of the theater cooperation mission with Canada and Mexico". Read more >> http://www.ziopedia.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1988 _________________________________ Submitted by: http://eddiestinson@gmail.com New Jersey Program Bought Polluted Lands for Low-income Schools by Megan Tady In what critics consider one of the more blatant examples of environmental racism, a fund supposedly intended to give a leg up to impoverished pupils of color was used to put them at risk while favoring private developers........................................[snip] http://newstandardnews.net/content/index.cfm/items/3800 _________________________________ http://mediamatters.org Russert highlighted Barron's report that falsely claims consistent methodology in predicting GOP victory in midterms On Meet the Press, Tim Russert cited a Barron's report that predicts Republicans will retain both the House and the Senate in the November midterms. Barron's predicted the outcome by determining "which candidate had the largest campaign war chest," adding, "We ignore the polls," and claimed that its "method" of predicting election outcomes in the past has "certainly" been reliable. Barron's gave no indication, however, that its method has changed in each of the last three election cycles and, in past elections, has included the use of polling data. Read more >> http://mediamatters.org/items/200610220004?src=other ----- Stephanopoulos left unchallenged Bush's revisionist history on "stay the course," Woodward books In his interview with President Bush, ABC's George Stephanopoulos did not challenge Bush on several statements that directly contradict previous statements and actions, including when Bush asserted that his administration has "never been stay the course" in Iraq. Read more >> http://mediamatters.org/items/200610220001?src=other ----- Softball questions abound in Time's interview with Cheney Time magazine's October 18 interview with Vice President Dick Cheney, conducted by White House correspondents Mike Allen and James Carney, was marked by softball questions and almost no follow-ups to Cheney's various false claims. In fact, the number of questions Allen and Carney posed to the vice president about hunting equaled the number they asked about Iran and North Korea -- three for each topic. Read more >> http://mediamatters.org/items/200610220002?src=other _________________________________ OUR FOOD IS KILLING US AND WE BETTER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! By: Herb Denenberg, Special To The Evening Bulletin 10/18/2006 The main reason the American people are being slaughtered by the ongoing epidemics of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases is that we are ignoring science and instead are adopting the propaganda line of the food and drug industry and their brainwashed lapdogs of the medical establishment. Science tells us that these chronic diseases in large measure could be prevented and treated by the diet demonstrated to deliver the healthiest people - the whole foods, plant-based diet advocated by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas Campbell in the classic book, The China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health (2006). They have proposed this diet, but it reflects exactly where nutrition science points. Why hasn't this diet been embraced by the American people? Because they get their food and information from a system dedicated to the interests of the food and drug industry and the health care establishment carrying forward the industry's party line. click here _________________________________ More beer drinkers are consuming the beverage for non-traditional reasons, such as getting an energy boost and improving health. Major brewers are introducing a widening variety of flavors to their products, which include caffeine- and vitamin-infused drinks, in an effort to tap into consumer demand that recently moved towards spirits like vodka and rum, reported ABC News. Full Story >> http://abcnews.go.com/Business/FunMoney/story?id=2558950&page=1 _________________________________ http://www.harpers.org/ | http://video.csupomona.edu/streaming/inc/ht_index.html _________________________________ THE WEEKLY COLUMN: Three new Internet scams to avoid By now we're all familiar with phishing and Nigerian money scams. But if you think those are the only Internet scams, think again. There are new scams, and they're coming from surprising places. -- Astroturfing -- Viral marketing has become popular - and successful - on the Internet. For example, studios create MySpace profiles for movies. Then they wait for netizens to create a buzz. Some companies are employing increasingly underhanded techniques. For example, Ruckus, a legal file-sharing network, allegedly created a fake profile on Facebook. As the story goes, "Brody Ruckus" said his girlfriend would consent to group sex. But 100,000 people had to join his page. More than 300,000 joined. Learn what happened next: Read the rest of my column > http://komando.com/columns/index.aspx?id=2449 on my site. Plus, you'll learn about two more new Internet scams. | Be sure to listen to me Monday through Friday. Use to find me near you http://www.komando.com/listen/index.aspx _________________________________ eHEALTHY NEWS Donald Rumsfeld Rakes in $5 Million For Tamiflu - As shares skyrocket as a result of the bird flu hoax, Rumsfeld collects the cash. http://www.mercola.com/2006/apr/4/donald_rumsfeld_rakes_in_5_million_for_tamiflu.htm ----- Beat Prostate Cancer By Getting Your Omega-3s - If you don't select your unsaturated fats properly you can actually increase your risk of prostate and breast cancer. http://www.mercola.com/2006/apr/6/beat_prostate_cancer_by_getting_your_omega-3s.htm _________________________________ VIDEO: Long Distance | Netherlands | 3:50 | Dick Maas A man returning from a trip makes one last emotional call to his family. http://www.atomfilms.com/af/content/long_distance _________________________________ NationalGeographic.com http://lava.nationalgeographic.com/pod/ _________________________________ NASA Astronomy picture of the day http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html _________________________________ For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way. Something to be got through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life. ~ Fr. Alfred D'Souza
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