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Don Smith: Should progressives try to reform the Democratic Party, or is it hopelessly compromised? Many progressives think the Democratic Party is beyond repair and so choose to support third-party candidates or to work with advocacy groups. But this year Bernie Sanders came tantalizingly close to winning the Democratic Party nomination. If more progressives participated in the party, it could return to its root in the labor movement. Do you think its worthwhile working inside the Democratic Party? 11 11 Comment Count
Hillary Clinton / Elizabeth Warren 2016
Don Smith: If Warren is Hillary's running mate, would you vote for the ticket? Would you vote for a Hillary-Warren ticket? 16 16 Comment Count
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton - Caricatures
Rob Kall: After June 7 Super Tuesday Will You Switch to Hillary or Stay With Bernie? What will you do after the California, NJ, etc. election day? 12 12 Comment Count
Governor Voting Early
Paul Cohen: Would Balanced Voting Affect Your Vote in November? Would your vote change in November if you had the opportunity to vote AGAINST a candidate rather than only being allowed to vote FOR some candidate. 1 1 Comment Count
Daniel Geery: Sanders' Statement on Clinton Bernie Sanders has more that once articulated that he would support Hillary Clinton if he lost the primary. That appears to be a turn-off to many of his advocates, particularly the more ardent ones, based on articles I've read. Can one truly consider such a statement the spark of a revolution? 21 21 Comment Count
"Alter America"
Daniel Penisten: The Degree Of Support For Gary Brumbacks "Alter America" Vision. Getting an idea of the percentage of agreement to Gary's ideas by listing percentages from 0% to 100%. Ask yourself which percentage comes closest to your approval level and indicate it.
Scott Baker: Ranked Choice Voting for President What is your order of preference for president among these 3 choices (listed alphabetically here): Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump? If we had Ranked Choice Voting, you could vote for more than one candidate for president, and your second and third choices etc. would be counted if your first choice failed to win a majority on the first round. The results might be surprising. 4 4 Comment Count
Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_crop.jpg: Hillary Clinton offi
Rob Kall: Will You Vote for Hillary if She Wins? I'm curious how OEN members (you have to be a member to vote) stand on supporting Hillary if she "wins" the primary 38 38 Comment Count
What Do You Fear Most About A Donald Trump Presidency
Lance Ciepiela: What Do You Fear About A Donald Trump Presidency? Fear alone does not sufficiently explain Donald Trump's surprising popularity. 35 35 Comment Count
Rate how many candidates!?
Paul Cohen: How Many Candidates Can You Deal With? Given that we establish a multi-party politics to give the voters more choice on election day, how many candidates is too many? How many candidates would you find acceptable to rate on election day. 2 2 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Confront Russia Over Syria?

Critical Foreign Policy Question: What should the U.S. president do, if there is an apparent armed conflict with Russian aircraft over Syria?

1 1 Comment Count
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Rob Kall: Should the DNC Replace Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?

Is it time for the DNC to replace Wasserman-Schultz with someone who will not attempt to shape the primary results?

6 6 Comment Count
Robert Cogan: Survey about possible war with Russia over Syria

U.S. and Russians now 10/14/15 are now flying in the same airspace over Syria. How should U.S. respond if there is a report of an incident of conflict between them?

2 2 Comment Count

Rob Kall: Do You Use An Ad Blocker?

Do you use an ad blocker either on your computer or your smart phone?

14 14 Comment Count

James Quandy: Will Bernie Save the Day?

After Sen. Bernie Sanders' strong showing in recent polls and the huge crowds he is drawing to rallies, I thought it might be timely to ask if it was generally believed by OEN members that Sen. Sanders could actually win the national election and consequently bring about the changes in this country which most progressives hope for.

12 12 Comment Count

Dwayne Hunn: Public spreadsheet listing donations by Super-Rich

Would knowing whether those like the Forbes 400 invested 0%, 1.15%, 15%... etc., of their wealth to underwriting some or all of the cost of a robust national service program be beneficial to the nation? To you and your loved ones?

6 6 Comment Count

Daniel Geery: For Females Only

Do you like men who cry? A simple yes or no question, so please do explain below for us bimbos to understand.

Rob Kall: Have You Donated, Or do You Plan to Donate To a 2016 Presidential Campaign

Have you donated to a candidate in the 2016 primaries yet? Do you plan to?

26 26 Comment Count

James Quandy: Has Technology Improved Your Life?

To ascertain from OEN users how they feel the stunning advances in technology have impacted the actual quality of our lives.

24 24 Comment Count

Lance Ciepiela: Should The Federal Reserve Be Nationalized?

Monetary reform nationalizes the Federal Reserve and retains its use for bank administrative functions. Fractional reserve lending by private banks would be made illegal with the US Treasury having sole legal authority to issue new money for the benefit of the American public rather than the benefit of the banking industry.

55 55 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should Petraeus have been prosecuted under the Espionage Act?

With prosecutions of whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou and several others, the Obama administration is by far the most aggressive in history when it comes to punishing leaks. However, recently, the Obama administration failed to aggressively prosecute David Petraeus, the retired four-star general and former head of the CIA. How does this sit with you?

4 4 Comment Count

James Quandy: Would the Republicans Have Circumvented a White President?

This poll attempts to ascertain from OEN users if the Republicans' recent decision to circumvent President Barack Obama on at least two recent occasions was, at least to some degree, racially motivated.

6 6 Comment Count

James Quandy: Do You Believe in God?

This is a poll to ascertain to what extent users of OpEdNews believe in God, are not sure there is a God, or do not believe in God.

52 52 Comment Count
Dwayne Hunn: Tax havens...what to do? Got one?

Do something or nothing about tax havens.

Paul Cohen: Who Should Win an Election?

In a democracy, who should win an election? This question may take some serious thinking to come up with an answer.

8 8 Comment Count
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Should the Keystone XL Pipeline project and any similar projects be canceled?

John Nichols and other progressives note that time is now ripe to demand the canceling of the Keystone XL Pipeline and similar projects. Should the Keystone XL Pipeline project and any similar projects be canceled?

4 4 Comment Count

Janiece Farris: American Royalty

Recently I've seen many indications that both Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush may run for President in 2016. Honestly it seems insane to me. I'm terribly shocked by their lack of concern about scrutiny considering they each have unethical pasts that have been well publicized but not mentioned on main stream media when discussing their candidacy.

2 2 Comment Count
Israel protest
Rob Kall: Israel/Palestine and Progressives

Can a person be progressive and support Israel?

14 14 Comment Count
hellfire evil
Rob Kall: What Is the Most Evil Company/Org in the World?

There's evil and then there's EVIL. What do you think is the most evil company or org in the world?

29 29 Comment Count
How do we vote?
Paul Cohen: Should we Change our Two-Party System?

Could we adopt a voting system that would break us away from the two-party system? Should we?

23 23 Comment Count

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