Joseph Zernik: (Concluded) Demand Tel-Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai stop actions against the homeless in OccupyTLV camp! We the undersigned, join celebrated author Sami Michael and the Israeli Association for Civil Rights, calling upon you to delay any actions against the homeless in the OccupyTLV camp, and to expand the area, now being walled, which unreasonably restricts the ability to accommodate all the people already living in the camp. The city should provide some living options also for the poor and the homeless, not only for the rich!
Michael Langan: (Concluded) Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne M. Bump : Performance Audit of Physician Health Services, Inc. Physician Health Services, Inc. (PHS) is a corrupt organization with no oversight, regulation, or transparency. The organization is part of the FSPHP and is colluding with "PHP-preferred" assessment and treatment centers to commit fraud (False diagnoses, falsified testing) and Quest Diagnostics and USDTL to manipulate drug and alcohol tests. PHS sends "forensic" samples as "clinical" to bypass chain of custody and fraud.
JanStephen Cavanaugh: (Concluded) Four Steps to Put in Motion the Age of Peace This petition asks the petitioner to send a letter to President Obama asking him to obey the law against war that humanity that we agreed to after WW1. Politicians are like sailors looking for a favorable wind. And the petitioner is asked to plan for a walk or picnic at a local park on September 21,2014, the first International Peace Day. When humanity can agree to be at peace for one day ... the Age of Peace is in sight. 2 

Scott Baker: Commemorate President Lincoln's Assassination with 1 Billion Debt-Free Lincoln $5 Bills To honor President Lincoln on the 150th anniversary of his assassination, let's issue one billion $5 commemorative United States Notes. The original United States Notes were issued by president Lincoln in 1862-1863 and totaled $450 million, or 40% of the Northern currency at the peak of the Civil War. With Congress' cooperation, Lincoln was able to take this emergency measure because of the constitution's coinage clause 1 
Ronald Jackson: (Concluded) CNN: Replace Gingrich As Host of "Crossfire" Or Face Boycott of Show & Sponsors By hiring Newt Gingrich as host of "Crossfire" CNN endorses, validates, and mainstreams racism, religious intolerance, and homophobia - all in a sleazy attempt to appeal to and attract bigoted viewers. CNN is blowing its own racist 'dog whistle' by hiring Newt Gingrich. Therefore, CNN's "Crossfire" show--and its sponsors--must be boycotted until such time as Newt Gingrich is removed from his central position as host. 7 

Timothy Gatto: (Concluded) Explain US Foreign Policy to the American People Make the government accountable. 8 

Rob Kall: (Concluded) Petition: Reject Susan Rice As Secretary of State. She is a Nightmare of liberals and progressives This petition opposes the nomination and appointment of Susan Rice to be Secretary of State 2 

Rob Kall: (Concluded) Petition: Bring International Election Monitoring to the 2012 Ohio Elections It is essential that international election observers monitor the November 2012 Ohio elections-- with many, many observers all through Ohio. Ohio has a history of flipped votes and big discrepancies between exit polls and actual vote counts. The state has become THE key state that could determine the outcome of the 2012 election. 2 

Scott Baker: (Concluded) End the Debt Crisis with debt-free United States Notes! Money should belong to the people, not the banks, and should be issued in sufficient quantity to meet the productive capacity of the nation, not withheld from circulation by banks that did nothing to deserve it. Congress is empowered by Article 1, Section 8, of the United States Constitution to produce debt-free United States Notes at any time, for any reason, and actually DID create them under president Lincoln 8 

Vidya: (Concluded) Get DiHydrogren Monoxide out of our lakes, rivers, and oceans Get DiHydrogren Monoxide out of our lakes, rivers, and oceans. 6 

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