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Keith Johnson: Debunking the Latest Sandy Hook Hoax Conspiracy Theories After nearly two and a half years, conspiracy theorists are still desperately trying to prove that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax. Some of their most recent claims are addressed and debunked in Part 1 of this two-part series. 18 
The Eye of Providence (Conspiracy Theory)
Greg Maybury: Once Upon a Paranoid Time (In America): Part Three -- Tilting at the Windmills of Empire For too long the domain of the 'time-rich' whack job, in an age of growing paranoia and suspicion, along with government, corporate and institutional secrecy, it's perhaps time to 'rebuild the brand' of the much-maligned "conspiracy theory". In this final part of a 3 parter, Greg Maybury again dons his Comalco hat, pulls the blinds, and embarks on what might be a quixotic quest. Yet desperate times call for desperate measures. 7 
Greg Maybury: Once Upon a Paranoid Time (In America): Part One - We're All Conspiracy Theorists Now For too long the domain of the 'time-rich' whack job, in an age of paranoia and suspicion, along with that of government & institutional secrecy, it's perhaps time to 'rebuild the brand' of the much-maligned "conspiracy theory". In this first part of a 3 parter, Greg Maybury pulls the blinds, dons his Comalco hat and embarks on what might be a quixotic quest. But he argues, paranoid times call for desperate measures. 8 

Shawn Hamilton: Rethinking Conspiracy Rethinking Conspiracy posits that too many citizens have been indoctrinated with illogical and inappropriate attitudes regarding "conspiracy theories" and suggests it's time we reconsider our habitual thinking about the subject and adopt a new paradigm. 23 
Winter's Demise
Dr. Glen T. Martin: Global Robocop, a Multipolar World, and Climate Collapse: How to Think Outside the Box This article defines the alternatives between US global domination and a multipolar world as false alternatives characterized by "inside-the-box" thinking. It defines "progressive" and shows that progressives are still thinking inside the box and therefore putting the endangered future of humanity at risk. It shows the genuine alternative to both capitalism and nation-states as ratifying the Earth Constitution. 2 
Mike Kirchubel: Another silly conspiracy theory in 600 words What do Richard M. Nixon, George H. W. Bush, and Lee Harvey Oswald have in common? 3 

Anne Nordhaus-Bike: Get Insight on Scorpio Hillary Rodham Clinton at 'Scorpios for Hillary' website With the Sun's move into Scorpio at 1:11 a.m. CDT on October 23, this is a great time to take stock of Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Scorpio born October 26, 1947. The Scorpios-for-Hillary website provides numerous resources for investigating Clinton's astrological side. It also includes a page listing all U.S. presidents by Sun sign. 7 

Steve Osborn: Another Fine Mess: Conspiracy Theory or Deep Politics? "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."--Sherlock Holmes. I say, that old chap Sherlock Holmes sure had George Bush pegged, what? But Bush's twisting of facts (Administration modification of intelligence) to suit the agenda (attack Iraq/remove Saddam) is different from the mistakes we are making.

James Richard Bailey: In defense of a phrase: "conspiracy theory" This topic questions the dismissing of ideas as "conspiracy theories" so as to deny factual support for unpopular thoughts. Many examples are provided that were once tagged as wild-eyed theories, which have since been shown to be quite real. 18 
Barry Brown: Does the Bible Say the Garden of Eden Was in India? Do the earliest Bible stories have their roots in real global history? Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and author Barry Brown investigates the Garden of Eden. This article contains excerpts from his forthcoming book "God Doesn't Belong to Anyone: The World Before Religion & How We Got Here." His website is Shalomaste.com. 6 
Rachel Sierz: The Future Freaks Me Out This opinion piece references pop culture to talk about the future of mankind and the potential ramifications (both negative and positive) of our on-going thrusts towards "progress." This blog post is on my Tumblr, but I will take it down if you need those 48 hours of exclusivity. Please let me know via email. Thanks, Rachel 11 
Rand Clifford: Goodbye Blue Sky Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering has been executed for many years, the original patent (#5,003,186) dating back to 1991. Only now is the public waking up to this enormous taxpayer-funded assault on the common good. Be sure not to miss the official United States Air Force training manual for "chemtrails". 5 
Paul J. Landis: *After Lance and Oprah: Shame on USADA, Shame on UCI ! In an interview with Vrij Nederland Hein Verbruggen, president of the UCI (International Cycling Union) from 1991-2005, states that he initiated UCI policy to warn riders with suspect values, "when they came close to testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs." 1 
//www.flickr.com/photos/49487266@N07/6996852392/: Viking Lander or its predecessor could find life on Mars
Rob Kall: World Economic Forum Explores Earth Shaking Risks to World, Including ETs There are five different huge possible developments that could have earth-shaking effects upon our world, including discovery of alien life on other planets, according to a report generated by Nature for the World Economic Forum's (WEF) discussion of Global risks. 5 

Rob Kall: A Proposed Standardized Scientific Approach to Assessing Conspiracy Theories and Questions In science there are standards which are set to measure phenomena and facilitate discussion of what scientists are focusing upon. It would serve everyone well to develop a standardized, scientific collection of tools to raise questions about events that occur, so people, from the bottom up can assess those events, not necessarily accepting the explanations provided by the mainstream media or the government. 43 

Rob Kall: A Conspiracy Conspiracy Theory Don't be fooled. Don't make a meal of conspiracy messages that are spawned by new news. Consider that they are themselves part of a conspiracy to get you to imbibe conspiracies aimed at twisting the way you see the world-- in ways that benefit ideologies or interest groups. 256 
Focus, NRA! Focus!
Rev. Dan Vojir: Hypocrisy Hits The Skids: NRA Targets Protection Of President's Daughters Sasha and Malia have become the latest targets of the NRA: the President is now "hypocritical" in having his daughters protected by the Secret Service. But... perhaps the President and his family need protection from adherents of the NRA. 2 

Rob Kall: Conspiracy Theory As Distraction From Reality It takes all kinds. There are some people who are just flat out full of sh*t and some who are batshit crazy and some who have more malevolent intentions. Some are gullible addicts for the craziest theories. Some are very aware of the reality that the government lies and does do evil things that we only find out about one or two generations later. 105 
Tactical Response Wants YOU!
Rev. Dan Vojir: "I'm Gonna Start Killing People": Tactical Response "Patriot" Video Warns America. James Yeager of Tactical Response has stirred up more feeling for gun control than he may have intended: that is the way of lock-and-load mentalities. 27 

Harry Massey: Is Today Your Choice Point? Learn from Sir Richard Branson and Other World Leaders Choice Point Movement is here to help us all to take a step back, understand our world, and then to take the choice to align our purposes, so that a lot of the world's problems can suddenly turn into the world's solutions and collectively create the world we all want to live in. Together, through our individual contributions, we are the change.

Joey Piscitelli: Christmas and Jesus? Debunking, Paganism, & Conflicts Continue Christmas, the controversial holiday, appears to be continuing its conflictual history. Add the Pope to the list of new debunkers. 2 
Ilene Kent: Madoff Investors followed the Rules - Where did it Get Them? Protecting the Small Brokerage Account - Madoff investors followed the rules and got nowhere, just the government refuses to acknowledge its failure 1 

Charles L. Riccillo: Hats Off to the Ladies with Ballots in Hand! With such a narrow margin to determine the victory of the Presidency in 2012, WOMEN very likely stand to tip the balance!
Secret Bridge
David Glenn Cox: The Secret Bridge So there was this old Civil War hospital for the insane, one night during a full January moon, the inmates all went crazy and rioted. They burned down the house and the footbridge after they had murdered the staff, but they was crazy see, and they didn't know the foot bridge was the only way off the ridge. The escaped lunatics wandered aimlessly in the woods, all night, until they froze to death. 3 
Family Tragedy Fueled By Right's Rhetoric
Rev. Dan Vojir: Paranoia Takes Four Lives In Family Tragedy. How Much Of It Was Fueled By The Right's Hatred Of Obama? One man took his life and the lives of his family because he dreaded the possibility of Obama winning the election. The apocalyptic rhetoric of the Right has struck again. 5 

Washington's Blog: America -- and Western Civilization As a Whole -- Was Founded On a Conspiracy Theory The entire idea of democracy -- going back to ancient Greece -- is based on a conspiracy theory: that leaders who make decisions without input from the public will not treat the people as well as if they have a chance to vote. This is another form of "separation of powers," as it creates checks and balances between the decision-making power of the government and that of the people. 1 
WOW! You Too?
Rev. Dan Vojir: Boy Scouts Or Altar Boys? Child Abuse Cover-ups In The News Again, So What's The Difference? So now the Boy Scouts Of America has joined the ranks of child abuse cover-up organizations. What's next? Congress? 3 

Dwayne Hunn: *Threshing "tef" in Ethiopia Where are you from? What color was your sperm or ovum? Why did you get the lottery ticket that allows you to read this on the internet? What makes a Bible preaching, chest thumping American so much better than the rest of the world? Didn't many of our ancestors come here as part of the world's discarded riff-raff? "Can't we all just get along?" Does it take a village? Aren't we zygotes from the same village? 1 
David Pakman: What's a life worth? What's a life worth? 1 
David Glenn Cox: And So I Go From Here So as I leave out of here, I leave and go into the night casting off the dead weight like a balloonist seeking altitude and distance over comfort. I cast off a bunch of old music books, songs which I didn't play or had never learned. 2 

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