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Carl Petersen: Shortchanging Summer 2 
Protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico
William Edstrom: *Silent Run in Puerto Rico 1 
Debtors' Prisons
Seymour Patterson: Privately Owned Students 7 
Image created from image crediting
John Rachel: The Real Debt Ceiling 3 
Christian Sell - General on the Battlefield - ca. 1648
Duncan MacMartin: The Way of the Psychopath 26 
Girls in Nigeria will be saved from genital cutting.
Suzana Megles: Good News for Nigerian Girls 2 
State Representative Rena Moran, Minnesota (65-A)
WAND Women's Action For New Directions: Education in Minnesota
washi arcs
Craig K. Comstock: The grace of social inventions 3 
Stepping Out
Richard Girard: Bitcoin and Other Delusions 1 
Psychopaths in high places
Duncan MacMartin: Who are the psychopaths? 12 

Citizen News Service - CNS: "Slow but steady wins the race": Lilawati
College lecture hall
Robert Weiner: Why not free 4-year college? 56 

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