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Joe Lauria: Sanders Offers Little Hope for Mideast Peace Perhaps Bernie Sanders is holding back his real views on Israel and Palestine, fearful that he could not withstand the attacks of the Israel Lobby and a pro-Israel corporate media. 3 3 Comment Count
The cauldron of Middle East
Ashish Shukla: Why the Saudis Formed a Bloc Against the Islamic State (IS) Saudis have formed a bloc against Islamic State. US claims it has a 65-nation alliance against the dreaded terrorist group. Russia itself leads a 4+1 bloc. It seems the world is falling over each other in trying to smash IS to pulp. But the real narrative is in finer print. 5 5 Comment Count
Israeli Prison System
Ahmad Barqawi: "Palestine Can't Wait!" The Palestinians are alone in this, as they have always been. Their current revolution (of kitchen knives) has so far been disavowed and misreported in a media that seems to only revere and lionize sectarian, head-chopping backward movements on GCC-funded, bought and paid for suicide missions to further dismantle the Arab World into feuding mini statelets only for the benefit of the imperial West and of course Israel. 1 1 Comment Count
Franklin Lamb: Political Salafism has failed Lebanon's Palestinians. Can Jihadist Salafism succeed? Those who claim to want to preserve the relative quietude in the Palestinian camps here would do well to resist ISIS in a concrete form. One of the most effective ways would be by using their political power positively by taking 90 minutes in Parliament to grant Palestinians in Lebanon the six decade overdue most elementary civil rights to work and to own a home 2 2 Comment Count
NATOs wars in the Middle East hit home in France.
Jooneed Khan Jeeroburkhan: NATO's wars in the Middle East hit home in France "France is at war", has become a slogan since the terrorist carnage in Paris. False. France has been in NATO'S wars in the MidEast and Africa for years. Now however these wars are hitting home in the shape of incoming desperate refugees and of savage terrorist attacks. 3 3 Comment Count
Russia's airsorties have been relentless
Ashish Shukla: Russia is new sheriff in Middle East town The US Middle East Policy--eliminate independent leaders (read Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Bashar al-Assad) and replace them with puppet regimes to gain unchallenged regional control--has just collapsed. Putin has replaced Washinigton as the guarantor of global security. For over a year, the United States has been p*ssy-footing with these homicidal maniacs. Enough of this song-and-dance routine. Now justice is being done. 82 82 Comment Count
Anarchy and destruction: Neocon and warmonger's view of the Middle Eas
Joseph Clifford: The Truth of US Foreign Policy is a Bitter Pill to Swallow The real goal of US foreign policy appears to be anarchy. The footprint and presence of the US in the Middle East is very telling. 13 13 Comment Count
Ami Nahshon: The Iran Letter I Would Write if I Were Still a Jewish-Federation CEO A former Jewish federation executive criticizes the Boston and Miami federations for speaking out on the highly partisan and divisive issue of the Iranian nuclear deal. 2 2 Comment Count
Image created from image crediting
Joseph Zernik: Suicide of commander Efraim Bracha and "collapse" of the Israel Police Head of the National Fraud Investigations Unit Efraim Bracha committed suicide after a small online news outlet published reports of his corruption. As is the case in other nations, the United States included, widespread police corruption is impossible absent corruption of the justice system in general and the judiciary in particular 1 1 Comment Count
Every Palestinian refugee is invested at birth with the Full Right of R
Franklin Lamb: The Noose is Tightening Around Syria's Palestinians Every Palestinian refugee on earth from the Nakba or Naksa and her offspring is invested at birth with the Full Right of Return and this right is inalienable and cannot to ceded, relinquished, bargained away or abolished by political leaders, neither by PA officials negotiating with the Zionist apartheid regime or by anyone else. A Palestinians Full Right of Return is individual and vested in perpetuity--at birth. 1 1 Comment Count
Bombs, guns and executions are not the answer; the concepts of Zero Cos
Farid Khavari: Middle East madness: Muslims kill Muslims, Shia-mullahs of Iran win One thing is for sure in the Middle East: more violence will accomplish nothing. More massacres will bring more massacres. More unrest will lead to more violence. Bombs, guns and executions are not the answer to hungry bellies and thirsty mouths; the concepts of Zero Cost Economics are. 16 16 Comment Count
War crimes in Gaza
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: UN report details massive Israeli war crimes in Gaza in 2014 The UN Commission appointed to investigate the Israeli attack on Gaza in July-August 2014, has published its report which strongly condemns the Israeli attacks on civilian targets which may have been war crimes. However, in a bid to 'balance' the findings of the Israeli atrocities, the report also holds Hamas committing war crimes during Israel's aggression on Gaza last summer.
Monumental Arch, Palmyra, Syria
Franklin Lamb: Is Da'ish (ISIS) open to a deal on Palmyra? Meanwhile, it is worthwhile to bear in mind UN Resolution 2199 adopted by the Security Council on February 12th, 2015, stating "that countries ensure that their nationals and those in their territories not make assets or economic resources available to ISIL (Da;ish) and related terrorist groups " and "Condemning the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria, particularly by ISIL (Da'ish) and the Al-Nusrah Front".
Franklin Lamb: Following the Da'ish (IS) takeover of Yarmouk--is Lebanon's Ein el Helweh next? To paraphrase the title of the late Edward Said's 0/8/1997 article in the Nation, there cannot be peace and security in Lebanon until the universally recognized civil right to work includes Palestinians refugees.
Justine McCabe: To Bibi: The Time Has Come (for One Democratic State) PM Netanyahu's recent public rejection of the "two state solution" provides an opening for the more just and sustainable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: one democratic state in Israel-Palestine. 1 1 Comment Count
The Voice of Reason
Joseph Clifford: Who Should Not Have Nuclear Weapons: The US or Iran? The article compares the US and Iran and illustrates the willingness of the US to use violence in its history. 5 5 Comment Count

Hilton Obenzinger: Treyf Pesach A Haggadah after the election of the racist Netanyahu. Passover comes soon and this is an alternative Haggadah for those who have said "Enough Already." Once we were slaves, and now we are slaves again. 10 10 Comment Count
Nicola Nasser: UN peace coordinator unwelcome by Palestinians What can Mladenov do that his predecessors, the UN, the Quartet, the Arab League and others, couldn't?
Hebron demonstration, against the settlements and marking the .Land day
Peretz Darr: A United States-Israel Defense Treaty: Changing the Status Quo With Regard to the Israe A tried and true solution to the Isael-Palestinian conflict which the US can implement. 1 1 Comment Count
Ahmad Barqawi: Applauding Israel's Transgressions A cursory glance over GCC media and social networks is more than enough to note a certain air of unabashed exuberance over the Israeli airstrike against Hezbollah positions in Syria.
Martyr Lisa, by Veonardo da Lynchi
Ahmad Barqawi: Selective Humanitarianism The international uproar following the Charlie Hebdo and the heavily skewed value of human lives 2 2 Comment Count
American and Israeli Flags on Mast_0844
Joseph Clifford: Two Democratic Partners (so they claim) in Oppression Both the US and Israel pride themselves in being "democratic" while the rest of the informed world ridicules the inconsistency of their words with their actions. 1 1 Comment Count
Franklin Lamb: As Aleppo goes so goes Syria? One can only wish Envoy De Mistura and like-minded proponents of the immediate establishment of a "freeze zone" in Aleppo, to be replicated across Syria as strongly favored by army commanders with whom this observer recently discussed the subject, the very best of luck in the New Year. 1 1 Comment Count
Israeli air strike near Damascus international airport on December 7, 2014 was the seventh major unprovoked attack of it
Nicola Nasser: Israeli role in Syrian conflict brought into the open Covertly however Israel is a key player in prolonging the depleting war on Syria and the major beneficiary of neutralizing the Syrian military.
Kennedy & Mr. & Mrs. Shrivers
Dwayne Hunn: *We Continue Losing Charlie Wilson's War(s)...Because We Ain't PC Enuff? Didn't these armed policies fail? Vietnam War 1961-1973ish, Russo-Afghan War 1979-89, Iran Contra 1985-88 Affair (read funded war), Iraq War 2003-2011. Was it because we launched the wrong armies and now need a 21st-century, sandals-on-the-ground-driven Marshall Plan at home and abroad? 1 1 Comment Count
Late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and late Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin
Nicola Nasser: Gaza bombings rock Palestinian reconciliation The hands that carried out the bombings in Gaza might be Palestinian and even Fatah or Hamas hands, but those who issued the orders could not have been Palestinian decision-makers.

Jim Kavanagh: Gaza Calling: It's the Colonialism, Stupid! The carnage in Gaza this summer reveals the continuity of the crimes of Israeli colonialism. The fundamental problem is not how many civilians were killed, but the ongoing colonialism-in-progress that necessarily produces these casualties. 2 2 Comment Count
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Joseph Zernik: Hannibal protocol, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, and the Jewish state Events of the latest round of violence in Gaza would likely lead an outsider to conclude that the segment of the Jewish-Israeli public, which was self-characterized in the past as "Religious-National", is today closer to "Nationalist", or even "Totalitarian" in its values and practices, and increasingly divorced from "Jewish". That of course is not the view of those involved, who consider themselves soldiers of the Lord.
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Jim Kavanagh: Israel's "Human Shield" Hypocrisy: The Early Days The "main narrative model that [still] dominates American thinking" about Israel has gone off the rails. It's the imaginary heroic Zionism that Edward Said and others identified with the novel and movie "Exodus" which was "enormously influential in stimulating Zionism and support for Israel in the United States." 8 8 Comment Count
Gaza students study by candle light
Sam Bahour: Why must Gaza wait in the dark? Separating Gaza's electricity supply from the political conflict is a step long overdue. Access to electricity--a basic necessity that much of the world, including Israeli citizens can take for granted--should not be conditional upon outcomes of future negotiations. Continued darkness in Gaza serves no one. 3 3 Comment Count

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