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Dennis Trainor, Jr.: "Unreasonable" Women for The Planet, Peace, and Justice | Medea Benjamin Interview Medea Benjamin, the co-founder of Code Pink, sits down with Dennis Trainor, Jr. of Acronym TV on the eve of the largest Climate march in history to discuss the climate justice. ""If you care about the planet, you care about people, workers, immigrants, and you care about whether we are destroying the planet whether by polluting or by polluting through war, says Benjamin, who went on to describe the founding of Code Pink as

Nicola Nasser: Donors will fail Gaza again The donors who attend the upcoming Cairo conference will probably make the same pledges they made at the two previous conferences and then once again fail to fulfil them.

Jim Kavanagh: "Holy Bejeezus!": US Officers "Stunned" at Destruction in Gaza " senior U.S. military officers" were "stunned" at the scale of the Israeli army's "indiscriminate" shelling that demolished the Shujaiya neighborhood in Gaza on July 21st. 1 

Nicola Nasser: Palestinian reconciliation at crossroads Abbas has, indeed, prioritised "peace with Israel." He has devised plans for resuming negotiations, and is still banking on American support for such talks. This is the only explanation for the current anti-Hamas media campaign.

Jim Kavanagh: America, ISIS, and Syria: We have to bomb the jihadis in order to save them ISIS is the product of years of American military intervention in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. American military intervention will not solve the jihad problem. It will make it worse. American and its major allies in the region know this, and are OK with it. They prefer ISIS and jihadism to stable, coherent states that can resist their hegemony. 2 
Franklin Lamb: UPDATE: Did Israel Offer ISIS $10 Million to Free Steven Sotloff? Over the last 48 hours Mr. Sotloff's 'fixer' has reportedly disappeared from public view, and is no doubt himself being hunted and marked for death as Israeli and perhaps American agents track him. 1 

Susan Galleymore: Lest We Forget "Never Again" April 18, 1996, Israel Defense Force shelled a UN compound in Qana, south Lebanon, killing 106 and injuring 116 of the 800 civilians seeking refuge there. ...the UN expressed outrage and demanded accountability, stating that its officials had repeatedly given details of the UN facility and its refugee population to Israel. ... 2 
MICHELE BURNS: Israel Playing the Long Game The Israeli leaders are playing the long game in Palestine, but what will winning this game mean for the soul of the Jewish people? 3 

Pal Palsimon: *Summary of Adam Curtis Power of Nightmares Part 3 This summarizes Adam Curtis award-winning video, in which he analyzes how the foreign policy managers in America and Britain have left us nothing to believe in, and have severely damaged our more positive values without which we are very much diminished as nations. 7 

Brian Cooney: Does "self-defense" justify Israeli attack on Gaza? Palestinians see Israel as the aggressor, and their rocket barrage as a desperate act of self-defense against the deadly stranglehold of Israel's blockade of Gaza. It is a refusal to accept subjugation. A blockade is an act of war. Israel has been at war with Gaza for 7 years. 8 
Mike Ghouse: Sanity Prayers for American Jews and American Muslims The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is a humanitarian one, and it would be wrong to label it as Jewish and Muslim or between Judaism and Islam. We have to guard ourselves from labeling each other as enemies, which we are not, and we shouldn't be. Of course a few among us look to the other as if they have wronged us. No, none whatsoever. I have not wronged any Jew and neither my Jewish friends have wronged me. 2 
Eric Zuesse: U.S. 'News' Media Propagandize for War Against Russia America's "free press" are anything but; they're propagandists for the aristocracy that control them. 11 

Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: Arab Collusion in Israeli Massacre of Palestinians in Gaza Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states may be colluding with Israel, against Hamas 3 
Prakash Kona: "Eyeless" in Gaza I wrote this article, with a change in few words, some years ago when Israel had done something similar to what it is doing today to Gaza. Strangely I realized that nothing fundamentally changed. This is only to emphasize the pathetic condition of the Palestinians under colonial occupation. "The Palestinians must defy the Israelis and live their freedom not as a possibility but as a reality." 1 

Rebecca Vilkomerson: The Real Root of the Rising Death Toll in Gaza and in Israel Jewish Voice for Peace leader on the current crisis in Gaza. reports from Israel and the Jewish Daily Forward in the US are now confirming that this entire escalation was artificially created by Israeli political leaders and built on a foundation of lies. 21 

Joseph Zernik: ARGENTINA: Again on the verge of economic collapse - again the victim of US treachery! The idea that a US court holds the authority to adjudicate a case between the Argentinian government and US financial institutions, and thereby cause the collapse of the Argentinian economy, is ludicrous, particularly since US courts today are widely recognized as the most corrupt in US history, particularly in matters pertaining to banking! Over the past decade, the State of Israel has been moving along similar paths... 1 

Jim Kavanagh: "Without America this cannot happen." Jewish Grandmother Shows the Way A must-see interview for every American--especially liberal Americans, who can be all wrought up about whether and how to criticize Israel. It's way past time cut to the chase: "It is colonialism." If Tzvia can say it, without fear, so can we. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, or Wiccan, no apology needed. Just stand with Tzvia.

Sam Bahour: Palestinians must be stopped! The time is now to boycott Palestine, divest from Palestine, and apply serious sanctions on Palestine until it removes the boot of military occupation from the necks of Israelis. 3 

Nicola Nasser: Antagonizing Palestinians, Australia's linguistic blunder snowballs Bishop's and Abbot's "no change" statements tried to imply that their country's policy has not changed and that if there was a change it is a linguistic one only.
Franklin Lamb: A Hard Won Victory The Story of 68 Palestinian Families in Lebanon GS relented and agreed to allow Palestinian students in Lebanon a one-time 19-day visa to take their BACC exams and return to Lebanon. The handcuffs came off. Apologies. Handshakes. Smiles all around and a few kisses on foreheads by the grateful American. 1 
Richard Congress: Ah Palestine: a non-existing land without people for a non-existing people The Supreme Court of Israel has recently made a ruling that says that all citizens are NOT equal. The court stated that NATIONALITY trumps citizenship and that having a nationality of "Jewish" confers full rights, while the 25% of non-Jewish citizens have no codified inalienable rights. They are only to be tolerated to whatever degree the government permits. 5 

Nicola Nasser: Pope's unbalanced neutrality in Holy Land By laying a wreath of white and yellow flowers, the colours of the Vatican, on the Herzl's grave, the pope broke another historic precedent. It was an unbalanced act, 110 years after Pope Pius X met Herzl and rejected the idea of a Jewish state. 1 

Franklin Lamb: Syria's Palestinian Refugees to Lebanon But time is short and refugees have few friends in Lebanon these days. A five minute phone call from the White House or Tehran to their respective surrogates could fix the problem for these students for whom the opportunity to educate themselves is a birthright.

Seán Clinton: $83-million diamond default: Sotheby's and Israeli war crimes Sotheby's and BSGR (Beny Steinmetz Group Resources) are tarnished by the Givati Brigade massacre of the Samouni family in Gaza. The $83-million default by investors who purchased the Steinmetz Pink may be part of the cost they have to pay for the Steinmetz Foundation's funding and support of a brigade accused of war crimes. 2 

Cem Ertur: NATO and Turkey's genocidal war on Syria Cem Ertür's account of the crimes committed by Turkey and NATO in the ongoing war against Syria is laid out in meticulous detail and supported by a rich and credible bibliography. Much of this important information is from his reading of original reports published in the Turkish language which English readers would never otherwise hear. 7 

Nicola Nasser: In Birzeit, ‘Trigger Happy’ Israel Vindicates Amnesty’s Report The four – apartment building was bulldozed and shelled out of use and its contents burned and vandalized. Four families suddenly found themselves on the street, waiting for charities.

Donn Marten: The Madness of King Bibi Facing the one thing that he truly fears in economic pressure and the resulting loss of money to Israeli corporations "King Bibi" Netanyahu is doubling down. Hurling ugly charges of "anti-Semitism" at critics as well as mobilizing his U.S. supporters, the big push for war on Iran and the stifling of free speech are his goals. It all may well backfire though as a young turk from within begins sizing up the crazy old man. 3 

Joseph Zernik: ISRAEL: The Shin-Bet-Judiciary Gang and organized crime In a nation where total surveillance is not even questioned, organized crime is permitted to thrive, and the Shin Bet refused a "request" by the Prime Minister to fight organized crime. The situation raises questions regarding the line of civilian authority over the Shin Bet, and patronizing of organized crime by it.
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: Academic Freedom Act threatens academic freedom? Congressman Roskam, the Chief Deputy Whip and co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus, and Democratic Rep. from Illinois Dan Lipinski have recently introduced the so called "Protect Academic Freedom Act" that would deny federal funding to colleges and universities that participate in a boycott of Israeli academic institutions or scholars. 1 

Joseph Zernik: Corpus Separatum Jerusalem and the middle-east peace process The evolution of Corpus Separatum Jerusalem as a place of free speech and preservation of human knowledge, in an age of looming darkness, would become one of the greatest achievements of mankind and the Abrahamic religions, like the truths of the prophets. 1 

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