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Looking for the enemy in Afghanistan
Brian Cooney: Get out of Afghanistan! 5 5 Comment Count
A White House POV
Marcello Rollando: Gifts: from Little Boy to ISIS 1 1 Comment Count
Looking to the Skies for Help
Marcello Rollando: Know Thy Enemy as Thyself 1 1 Comment Count
The Miracle Bird of Ice
Marcello Rollando: I Remember It Well 1 1 Comment Count
Kindness like Mother and Child
Marcello Rollando: The Last Time I Saw Paris 2 2 Comment Count
We the pundits
James And Jean Anton: Ignore Bernie Sanders 2 2 Comment Count
Man Throws Shoes At Bush .CBS News RAW:. At a press conference in Baghdad with Pri
Martha Moffett: His Finest Hour 2 2 Comment Count
Being Hillary
James And Jean Anton: Should We Vote For Hillary? 40 40 Comment Count

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