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Greg Maybury: Only in America - Episode Two: Anarchists Amok in The Era of Normalcy Although a tad trite, the gist embodied in the phrase 'only in America' is easily grasped even by those who aren't avid America watchers. Indeed the saying has become shorthand for conveying the ironies and anomalies that prevail in its historical narrative, and in its social, cultural, political and legal structures. In this the second piece in a series, "avid America watcher" Greg Maybury comes to grips with that "gist". 3 

Philip Kraske: Was Osama bin Laden really there? The big questions about bin Laden remain unanswered. 7 

Skip Mendler: DIE EARLY (A Modest Proposal) In which an elegantly simple solution for the Social Security/Medicare "crisis" is (modestly) proposed. 4 

John Rachel: Freedom of the Press There is indeed freedom of the press in America. But it's not quite what I understood it to be. Now it's the freedom to keep Americans in the dark. It's the freedom cherry-pick from the vast array of newsworthy items and only publish those consistent with the preferred narrative of our government. It's the freedom to suppress anything which our government would find inconvenient or untimely. 23 
Mark Taliano: Canada's Fascist Shift Bill C-51 and Canada's Fascist Shift 4 

Greg Maybury: A Confederacy of Hegemons: The Project for the New American Caliphate -- Part Two With the US mired in "Groundhog Day" military adventurism, in this 3-part series, Greg Maybury reflects on how the country arrived here and what insights might be gained by looking back in time. Oh, and who the real enemy might be. Depending on one's view, a brave and/or foolish undertaking. But, he argues, around 25 years after the Fall of the Wall marking the end of the Cold War, Uncle Sam needs all the help he can get. 3 
Mobashra Tazamal: To the Alma Matter of a Nation An open letter to the College of William & Mary. War criminals should not be honored, they should be held accountable. 3 

Barry Sussman: New Arrest as FBI Continues to Manufacture Phony Terror Cases Article discusses arrest of John Booker, Jr., as he latest in a long line of phony terror cases. 1 

Greg Maybury: Malice in Blunderland The conviction of former CIA case officer Jeffrey Sterling for allegedly leaking details of a failed CIA operation and effective 'amnesty' for former CIA chief David Petraeus for giving classified material to his lover/biographer tells much about the political mindset in America, not to mention what's wrong with the U.S. justice system. As Greg Maybury reports, none of this is a good look for the world's greatest democracy.
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Oman, its Youth, Their Job Security, Omanisation, Inefficiencies, & the Future Currently Omani women make up about 45 or 46 % of the jobs in the government or public sector while only making up about 22 percent in the private sector. The military provides the largest numbers of jobs in the country of any entity but women play less of a role in that sector. The military and government of Oman are putting up a lot of monies now to retrain those leaving the military, i.e. forced to retire young 3 
Kevin Anthony Stoda: Low Level Mutual Embargo via the USA and Oman through Postal System--Why? Who says government agencies are logical? or supportive of community interests? An embargo by definition is a "governmental restriction on trade for political purposes." But there are other ways intergovernmental agencies use embargoes to make it hard for their cross-national partners (and its own citizens) by usage of embargo by state authorities. Kevin Stoda discusses this with his example on Oman-USA today. 2 

Arlen Grossman: The So-Called Threat From Iran What do we have to fear from a nuclear Iran? Unless they are crazy or suicidal, Iran will not be using a nuclear weapon. 4 
William T. Hathaway: The Realpolitik of Revolution The defeat of NATO in the Mideast is a prerequisite for revolution in the West. Only the fanatics of ISIS, al Qaeda, and Taliban have the strength of arms and faith to defeat NATO. 2 

Philip Kraske: Venezuela's threat to my sweet land of liberty A skeptical take on President Obama's declaration that Venezuela is now a "national security threat." 3 

William T. Hathaway: Germany's balancing act German policy tries to balance conflicting pressures. 1 

Greg Maybury: In the Shrouded Empire - Secrecy, Surveillance, and Subterfuge With democratic values such as free speech, the rule of law, privacy, press freedom and civil liberties now 'old school' -- all increasingly displaced by secrecy, surveillance, and subversion of the erstwhile Republic's operating manual the US Constitution -- the future looks bleak for The Homeland. In this article Australian Greg Maybury ponders if America on the road to the Rubicon may have already crossed a bridge too far. 1 

Edgar Wilson: 5 Reasons Healthcare Belongs in Politics These are five leading issues drawing healthcare deeper into political debates. 3 

Mahdi Fouad: Abdourahman Boreh : when the thieves disguise themselves as politicians and terrorists as victims In the recent context of political and media destabilization facing Djibouti, and a few days before the verdict of the court actions in London of the State of Djibouti against the businessman Abdurahman Boreh, this article offers an analysis of this situation

David William Pear: Afghanistan War: Forgotten but not over. Instead of Obama ending the Afghanistan War responsibly, he is going to keep it going for another decade. 3 
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: The Federal CVE program remains cause of concern for civil advocacy groups Civil advocacy organizations and Muslim groups have expressed grave concern about the Federal Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program that was a focus of Feb 17-19 White House summit on terrorism. Many groups are concerned that countering extremism programs that only focus on Muslim communities ignore the real threat of extremists in other communities while increasing negative public sentiment toward American Muslims.

Mario Dufour: Smart Meters, The Meshed Network Quebec's main power utility. Hydro-Quebec (H.Q.), presents itself as the mastermind behind its meshed WiFi system of so-called smart meters, for which the state-owned corporation would have have contracted Accenture consulting firm for advice. But the brilliant plot is from the latter. 1 

Rick Staggenborg, MD: *How to break the corporate media blockade To effectively organize in a nation where most people get their information from a media heavily influenced by the intelligence apparatus of the state, we have to get the facts out in traditional as well as alternative media. This article is an example of how to cram the most important facts about the dangers of American empire into 700 words. Don't forget that members of Congress read these too. It also educates them. 7 
Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: White House hosts anti-terrorism summit The White House held a three-day anti-terrorism summit dubbed as "Countering Violent Extremism Summit," from Tuesday to Thursday (Feb. 17-19). Addressing the summit on Wednesday, President Barack Obama said the United States is not at war with Islam. He told the summit that he wants to discredit the belief that Americans and Westerners in general are at odds with Muslims. 1 
Robert Weiner: Congress' Social Security 'reform' means cuts Social Security's invested cash surplus has been borrowed by the government to finance the deficit, pay for tax breaks for the rich, and fund other programs. Former Vice President Al Gore was right years ago: a "lockbox" is needed to separate Social Security funds from the Treasury to protect seniors' money. 1 

Erik Ose: Why The Chapel Hill Shooting Was An Islamophobic Hate Crime The execution-style murders of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, N.C. came at a time of rising anti-Muslim tensions nationwide. This crime has struck a powerful chord in the hearts of Muslim-Americans and everyone else who cares about Islamophobia. There is much to suggest these three young, promising community members weren't murdered solely over a parking space. This heinous act looks more like a hate crime. 2 

Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: When terrorism is not terrorism The seven-million strong American Muslim community was shocked and terrified by the execution-style murder of three Muslim students at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill on Tuesday. 5 

Jim Miles: Review - The Rise of Islamic State - Patrick Cockburn Patrick Cockburn's experience and insights into the Islamic State are clearly presented in this short, clearly written work. The Islamic State is not a sudden appearance in the geopolitical plays of the Middle East, but has a long history extending from the U.S., Saudi, Pakistani ISI creation of the mujahideen. 1 

Arlen Grossman: A Radical Plan to Curb Terrorist Attacks in the West Why not use the manpower and money we are wasting to fight wars in the Muslim world and instead go in there and rebuild and help them. It would change everything, and the risk of terrorist attacks would be drastically reduced. 9 

Greg Maybury: Once Upon a Paranoid Time (In America): Part One - We're All Conspiracy Theorists Now For too long the domain of the 'time-rich' whack job, in an age of paranoia and suspicion, along with that of government & institutional secrecy, it's perhaps time to 'rebuild the brand' of the much-maligned "conspiracy theory". In this first part of a 3 parter, Greg Maybury pulls the blinds, dons his Comalco hat and embarks on what might be a quixotic quest. But he argues, paranoid times call for desperate measures. 8 

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