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John Whitehead: The Christmas Hope: A To-Do List for a Better World Each year, I wish for the same things--an end to war, poverty, hunger, violence and disease--and each year, I find the world relatively unchanged. I've seen enough of the world in my 68 years to know that wishing is not enough. We need to be doing.
Franklin Lamb: Claims that Aleppo's Synagogues have been destroyed are false In February of 2011, coincidentally the month before of the beginning of the current Syrian crisis, President Assad signed an executive order to repair the Al-Raqi Synagogue in the old Jewish quarter of Damascus by the end of the month as the renovation of 10 other synagogues in Syria's major cities continued.

Gaston Akkabar: Djibouti, an ambitious young Republic in the Horn of Africa This article focuses on strategic views about the Republic of Djibouti.

Patrick Walker: Pitchforks against Plutocracy: CONSCIOUSLY Waging the Class War to Win Here it is, folks: my FULL rationale for building a peaceful but aggressive "Pitchforks against Plutocracy" movement--a COMPREHENSIVE quest to win the class war, whose uniqueness lies in pursuing REALISTIC "brainiac" electoral strategies (and protest and civil disobedience at need). A group smart and flexible enough to draw inspiration from BOTH anti-Christian democrat Thomas Paine AND genius Christian democrat Blaise Pascal. 7 

Mike Rivage-Seul: (Sunday Homily) Black Lives, Muslim Lives Matter: Obama's as Guilty as Wilson & Pantaleo President Obama, Eric Holder, and their minions are as guilty as Daren Wilson and Daniel Panteleo. All of them kill with impunity. They answer to no one. They refuse to investigate much less prosecute extra-judicial executions. 2 
Dr. Cheryl Pappas: Come Home for the Holidays This is my holiday challenge for all of us: To hold onto our minds and take ownership and responsibility of who we are and how we independently think and feel. 1 

Terry Patten: The Marriage of Science & Spirit: Negotiating the Great Pre-Nup, Part 1 Among our most prescient, original thinkers, there's a dawning awareness that the coming together of rationality with spirituality, the "marriage of science and spirit" is the big event happening now in terms of cultural evolution--an event on the scale of the Reformation or the Enlightenment, and there is no deep agreement about the precise terms on which this inevitable marriage will be consummated. 4 

Erik Ose: Rick Santorum Wishes Obama Was More Like Jesse Helms Last week, probable 2016 Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum gave the country a glimpse of what a Santorum presidency might look like. Santorum lamented the "breakup of any kind of cooperation" in government, and said "this president is very much to blame for this," because Obama hasn't been enough of a gentleman. Unlike the late Republican Senator from North Carolina and hate-mongering demagogue Jesse Helms. 2 
Reza Varjavand: Is Fear of Islam Irrational? Ask the Victims of Extremism The recent appearance of Reza Aslan on CNN and his flare-up during an interview has created a public backlash concerning the treatment of women and violent actions in Islamic countries. He overreacted to the CNN interviewers' claim that women in Islamic countries are mistreated by calling their claim "stupid." 1 

Mike Rivage-Seul: (Sunday Homily) The Parable of the Talents: Pope Francis Buries His Pope Francis is like the servant in today's parable who buried his talent in the ground refusing to invest it in a corrupt system that invariably widens the gap between the rich and the poor. That's why the pope is our world's most effective moral leader. 13 

Naresh Arya: *Who Cries When The Innocents Die? Soul Searching - A must for the electronic and print media 1 

Kevin Tully: Don't Let the Least of Us Destroy the Best of Us -- The Danger of the Rise of Dodofascism Dodofascists are small minded, intellectually lazy people who don't understand that their stances (facile, jingoistic Nationalism, Militarism, denial of the Separation of Church and State, Bigotry and Xenophobia, etc.) will ultimately lead to the destruction of the thing they are claiming to protect. The Dodo is an extinct flightless bird. There is a metaphor here somewhere. 9 

Mike Rivage-Seul: Islam & Women: Muhammad, Pedophilia, Gold-Digging, Cars & Burkas (Pt. 4 of 4 on Islam as Liberation Theology) Muhammad was a champion of women far ahead of his time. In general, women recognized him as a prophet on their side. 7 

Rick Staggenborg, MD: *Zionism and Racism It is impossible to address the cycle of violence between Israel and Palestine without putting aside any racist assumptions, conscious or unconscious. This article discusses this explosive topic in an attempt to promote a rational dialogue that respects the humanity of both sides. 6 

Mike Rivage-Seul: Islam, Violence & Double Standards (Pt.3 of 4 on Islam as Liberation Theology) The West wants no part of people who defend themselves against western depredations. Meanwhile western Christianists claim not only the right of self-defense but even the prerogative of "preemptive strikes." 11 

Maurice Nobert: Existence 101 About the essential equivalency of religious belief. In the words of Janis Joplin "It's all the same sh*t, man" 5 

Mike Rivage-Seul: Muhammad as Liberationist Prophet (Pt. 2 of 4 on Islam as Liberation Theology) The second in a series of four on Islam as liberation theology. This posting recognizes Muhammad as champion of the poor and oppressed. 2 

Dustin DiPerna: Bridging the Chasm: Sam Harris, Ben Affleck, and a Needed Dose of Integral Theory There was recently an exchange between Ben Affleck and Sam Harris on Bill Maher's Real Time television show that has stirred up a lot of dust. The passion revolved around some of the comments that Harris made about the religion of Islam and Affleck rising to Islam's defense. This article give an analysis of the situation using Integral Theory. 3 

Jim Kavanagh: Gaza Calling: It's the Colonialism, Stupid! The carnage in Gaza this summer reveals the continuity of the crimes of Israeli colonialism. The fundamental problem is not how many civilians were killed, but the ongoing colonialism-in-progress that necessarily produces these casualties. 2 

Mike Rivage-Seul: Islam as Liberation Theology: Muhammad as a Prophet for Our Times (Part 1 of 4) "Islamists" are part of world-wide movement of poor people who use their religious traditions as a force for liberation from external neo-colonial control. 13 

Ross Brummet: Abandoning Reason: Islamophobia and the Right Wing Atheist An article criticizing the recent prevalence of Islamophobia among modern right-wing atheists. 34 

Joseph Zernik: Hannibal protocol, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, and the Jewish state Events of the latest round of violence in Gaza would likely lead an outsider to conclude that the segment of the Jewish-Israeli public, which was self-characterized in the past as "Religious-National", is today closer to "Nationalist", or even "Totalitarian" in its values and practices, and increasingly divorced from "Jewish". That of course is not the view of those involved, who consider themselves soldiers of the Lord.

Jim Kavanagh: Israel's "Human Shield" Hypocrisy: The Early Days The "main narrative model that [still] dominates American thinking" about Israel has gone off the rails. It's the imaginary heroic Zionism that Edward Said and others identified with the novel and movie "Exodus" which was "enormously influential in stimulating Zionism and support for Israel in the United States." 8 

Abdus-Sattar Ghazali: American Muslims 13 years after 9/11 The seven-million strong Muslim American community remain under pressure, 13 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Alarmingly, mainstream American opinion of Muslims is getting worse. According to the July survey of Arab American Institute (AAI) there has been a continued erosion in the favorable ratings Americans have of both Arabs and Muslims.
Farid Khavari: My father was executed by Islamic radicals America has been focused on Islamic radicals in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Virtually ignoring thousands of innocent people massacred by ISIS, ISIL, whatever they are called this week, America and the West have been galvanized by the executions of two American journalists. If we need a preview of what will happen if ISIS/ISIL prevails, just look at Iran in 1979-1980. 7 

Dennis Trainor, Jr.: Parenting Without God When asked if the world would be better off without God, Dan Arel, the author of Parenting Without God does not pull punches. "The world would be better off without the idea of God,' Arel clarifies "the world is already without God." Even at a time when the popularity of chows like Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos, Arel's aggressive brand of atheism will not win many friends. In fact, a recent Pew Research survey showed that 3 

Larry Snider: Is it Chicken Little Time in America? Looking at the challenges awaiting America in taking on ISIS. 1 

Brian Lynch: Evolution of Modern Christianity Belief that the Christian Bible is inerrant is absurd. Both the Bible and the Christian experience is evolutionary and fundamentalists who oppose that notion are slated for extinction. 14 

Jim Kavanagh: America, ISIS, and Syria: We have to bomb the jihadis in order to save them ISIS is the product of years of American military intervention in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. American military intervention will not solve the jihad problem. It will make it worse. American and its major allies in the region know this, and are OK with it. They prefer ISIS and jihadism to stable, coherent states that can resist their hegemony. 2 
Franklin Lamb: UPDATE: Did Israel Offer ISIS $10 Million to Free Steven Sotloff? Over the last 48 hours Mr. Sotloff's 'fixer' has reportedly disappeared from public view, and is no doubt himself being hunted and marked for death as Israeli and perhaps American agents track him. 1 

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