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Farid Khavari: My father was executed by Islamic radicals America has been focused on Islamic radicals in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Virtually ignoring thousands of innocent people massacred by ISIS, ISIL, whatever they are called this week, America and the West have been galvanized by the executions of two American journalists. If we need a preview of what will happen if ISIS/ISIL prevails, just look at Iran in 1979-1980.

Dennis Trainor, Jr.: Parenting Without God When asked if the world would be better off without God, Dan Arel, the author of Parenting Without God does not pull punches. "The world would be better off without the idea of God,' Arel clarifies "the world is already without God." Even at a time when the popularity of chows like Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos, Arel's aggressive brand of atheism will not win many friends. In fact, a recent Pew Research survey showed that 3 

Larry Snider: Is it Chicken Little Time in America? Looking at the challenges awaiting America in taking on ISIS. 1 

Brian Lynch: Evolution of Modern Christianity Belief that the Christian Bible is inerrant is absurd. Both the Bible and the Christian experience is evolutionary and fundamentalists who oppose that notion are slated for extinction. 14 

Jim Kavanagh: America, ISIS, and Syria: We have to bomb the jihadis in order to save them ISIS is the product of years of American military intervention in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. American military intervention will not solve the jihad problem. It will make it worse. American and its major allies in the region know this, and are OK with it. They prefer ISIS and jihadism to stable, coherent states that can resist their hegemony. 2 
Franklin Lamb: UPDATE: Did Israel Offer ISIS $10 Million to Free Steven Sotloff? Over the last 48 hours Mr. Sotloff's 'fixer' has reportedly disappeared from public view, and is no doubt himself being hunted and marked for death as Israeli and perhaps American agents track him. 1 

Reza Varjavand: The Value of Big Gods: Are They Here to Stay? As societies grow larger, anonymity becomes a problem that undermines cooperation and compliance with social norms. Thus, the monitoring of individuals becomes complicated, thus, the need for a supernatural policing arises and consequently, so does the need for big gods. In advanced countries, the secular democratic institutions have eliminated the need for organized religion. As he puts it, these prosperous nations "climbed
David Chester: Sudan--Child Slavery In this remarkable speech Simon Deng, an ex-child/slave from Sudan explains that what has been going on in the genocidal situation of this part of North Africa is a far truer expression of what Arab terrorists seek to achieve, than the small scale of the hostities and loss of life that is getting all the world's attention in Gaza. 1 
Reza Varjavand: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth If we need to do good deeds, if there is a purpose to life, and a wisdom at play in how things turn out in our life, why do these things have to be imposed from the above with a predestined blueprint of where we are heading? 6 

Maurice Nobert: Thou Shalt Groom Thy Neighbor as Thyself Like art, music, farming, city building and scientific inquiry, any ubiquitous, large scale, organized human behavior that persists for millennia, such as religious belief/ritual, is highly likely to have been selected for its adaptive value to the populations demonstrating that behavior. This article argues that the "reason or religion argument" is wrong-headed and counter productive 2 

Gary Brumback: The Militarization of American Education When America's kids go to school it's almost like sending them to a military or spy academy. Grade school: Learn the elementals of warring and spying Middle school: Learn some more. High School: Become more skilled in warring and spying Higher Education: Get and MS (Master Spy) and PhD (Doctor of Drones) 5 

Dennis Trainor, Jr.: We Are Gaza. Look Into Our Eyes. White mobs in the streets, chanting death to peace, leave the defenseless Palestinians deceased, burn the olive trees, drain the pipes of hope and wash away the resistance in the streets, cut the electric lines, poison in the food supply, divide the dirt from the earth to the sky, go to sleep Miley Cyrus has a new song, the newest Iphone will sing you songs all day long, the lullaby that takes a lifetime too long, just

Hamma Mirwaisi: Is Barzani Responsible for Mass Murder and Rape of Yazidi Kurdish? According to ISIS' interpretation of Islamic laws, the killing of non-Muslim men and the abduction of their women to be used as sex slaves is allowed. Well aware of those laws, President Barzani went ahead and ordered his military forces to withdraw without a single shot in defence of the population or even attempting to rescue them from the violent fighters threatening to take their lives or abuse them. 9 

Dennis Trainor, Jr.: Why I Support The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero Texas Texas Governor Rick Perry is on the record with his objective to "make abortion a thing of the past." Looking at the evidence, it is hard not to come to any other conclusion than the war on women is being won by a radical and regressively religious agenda. Six states in the nation have only a single abortion clinic left. By September 1st of this year, Texas is likely to have only six abortion clinics operating.

Thomas Riggins: Lenin on the State and Revolution-- Comments by Engels A review of Chapter IV of State and Revolution on Engels' comments on the nature of the state. 6 

Donn Marten: Sports Icon Tony Dungy Outs Himself as Anti-Gay Bigot Despite ongoing and encouraging progress there is a deeply entrenched, institutionalized and widespread streak of hatred and intolerance towards gay people that continues to rear it's ugly head. This is especially predominant with the adherents to the mutated American version of Christianity which mixes Jesus with Orwell. It is most evident when a revered national figure lets their true feelings slip in an unguarded moment. 10 
Prakash Kona: "Eyeless" in Gaza I wrote this article, with a change in few words, some years ago when Israel had done something similar to what it is doing today to Gaza. Strangely I realized that nothing fundamentally changed. This is only to emphasize the pathetic condition of the Palestinians under colonial occupation. "The Palestinians must defy the Israelis and live their freedom not as a possibility but as a reality." 1 
Reza Varjavand: Do We Need Another So-Called Holy War: Religion vs. Science Just as there is no reason to accept scientific phenomenon based on mere faith, there is also no reason to believe that religious stories are scientific fact. We should not emasculate proven scientific theories simply because they are at odds with religious theology, nor should we aggrandize religious establishments simply because they have power, the financial backing of some organizations, or have a large adherent base. 1 

Glen Sherman: Supreme Double Standard The latest Supreme Court decision related to the ACA completely missed the point and is a blow to religious freedom and personal liberty. 1 

Donn Marten: The Flavor of the Summer is Fear as Media Hypes Scary Muslims As America is rapidly dragged back into the Middle East morass of violence and death with Obama sending more troops to Iraq to fight the mysterious ISIS and their new caliphate it is time to acknowledge the truth that nothing is ever going to change thanks to 9/11 established the enduring power of fear. The media is ablaze with tales of terror as the scary Muslims return with a vengeance just in time for election season. 7 

Jim Kavanagh: "Without America this cannot happen." Jewish Grandmother Shows the Way A must-see interview for every American--especially liberal Americans, who can be all wrought up about whether and how to criticize Israel. It's way past time cut to the chase: "It is colonialism." If Tzvia can say it, without fear, so can we. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, or Wiccan, no apology needed. Just stand with Tzvia.

Dennis Trainor, Jr.: In Iraq, The U.S. is The Problem, not the Solution The oil rich country of Iraq is facing a possible collapse. Again. Sunni militants, largely shut out of the new government installed by the U.S. after our illegally invasion and occupation are overtaking large parts of Iraq in a quickly developing story. U.S. foreign policy seems to lack the imagination to do anything but intervene militarily. How that intervention takes shape, whether it be in aid, advising,

Mike Ghouse: A response to Sean Hannity's Fox News Panel on Radical Islam Can you call Pamela Geller a murderer, and Bill Blasio a rapist? Because New Yorkers murdered over 1500 people, and raped over 3000 women last year? It would be dumb, wouldn't it? Blaming Islam or Muslims for the acts of the few is equally dumb. Blaming Islam does no good. You cannot beat, kill, hang, slaughter, shoot or bury religion - it amounts to barking at the wrong tree, it does not produce any result. 9 
Eric Malone: Got a Match? I Think My Gas Tank Is Empty... Eric Malone reviews our recent history in Iraq in light of the horrifying events of the past few weeks and President Obama's decision to deploy "military advisers" in-country. 5 

Dennis Trainor, Jr.: The ISIS War in Iraq Has Roots Much Deeper Than Sectarian Violence | Mnar Muhawesh Interview Joining Dennis on the show today to make sense of all this is Mnar Muhawesh. She is the founder, CEO and editor in chief of Mint Press News, and also a regular speaker on responsible journalism, sexism, neoconservativism within the media and journalism start-ups. Episode breakdown| As the world watches Iraq quickly descending into a failed state status under the brutal onslaught from fighters in the Islamic State of Iraq 1 

Mathew Maavak: US Quandary: Iran offers help to combat Al Qaeda Yesterday, Iran offered to work alongside perennial foe Washington, but only if the latter takes the lead in repelling Sunni Arab militants. The preconditions may leave the US in a geopolitical quandary.
Franklin Lamb: Syrian Students Restore Our Global Cultural Heritage Will Syria become like Iraq or Somalia ? Or worse ? This is what me and all my friends worry about and we feel powerless to stop or even influence what is happening out there. Like all Syrians we are exhausted from these years of war. We are so tired and just want it all to end. Are we mistaken ? What do you think ? 1 

Nicola Nasser: Pope's unbalanced neutrality in Holy Land By laying a wreath of white and yellow flowers, the colours of the Vatican, on the Herzl's grave, the pope broke another historic precedent. It was an unbalanced act, 110 years after Pope Pius X met Herzl and rejected the idea of a Jewish state. 1 

J. Edward Tremlett: Dinesh D'Felon It looks like Dinesh D'Souza has just destroyed his career as a conservative scold. Or is this all part of the plan...? Let's engage in some irresponsible speculation to try and find the truth! 9 

Richard Aberdeen: Where is the Great American Dream? Today two wage-earners often need to work two and more jobs in order to afford what most working Americans not long ago took for granted. The gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow, and the American middle class is fast disappearing. Is this due to the cost of foreign wars, taxing the wealthy less and less, deregulation of Wall Street, open bribery of our so-called 'representatives', or all of this and more? 12 

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