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J.P. Whipple: Being Poor - From the War on Poverty to the War on the Poor. The System of unWelfare inside view of poverty. How the government and business have teamed to together to prey on the economically disadvantaged. I am poor. I can see the cracks grow under my feet. I know they might swallow me anytime. That is how I live. That is how a lot of us live. I wonder how long we will continue to abandon the impoverished to the predators & parasites rather than deal with them responsibly and with some shred of humanity 26 

Alan Kennedy: How Colleges are Hurting Students by Exploiting Adjunct Professors This Op-Ed addresses the issue of the exploitation of adjunct college professors by focusing on how the educational experience is undermined for students when adjuncts become too overstretched by their financial challenges to effectively manage classes and their academic careers. 1 
John Peebles: Debt, the Lifeblood of a Zombie Economy Economic priorities revolve around buying and selling of debt, a process of financialization that's leading to a vast derivatives bubble. Statistics are bent to serve the interests of the financial elite. The Real Economy chokes as political priorities shift away from preserving the Middle Class.

Ted Newcomen: Dust off the pitchforks - Home Foreclosure racket continues The lamestream media has totally failed to explain how the government's buy up of the finance industry's swamp of toxic debt actually works at a local level. Read on and discover how billions of your taxes are still bailing out the banksters, all thanks to our corrupt political mafia. 3 
John De Herrera: Legal Fiction Auto Pilot Upcoming live debate, next Monday. 1 
Farid Khavari: This time it's the libraries. What will be it be next time? Miami-Dade County needs new economic policy. The situation with Miami-Dade County's libraries is just one more example of politicians trying to solve budget problems the wrong way. The correct solution is to finance the short-term deficit, while implementing economic policies that will strengthen and grow Miami-Dade's economy and eliminate deficits forever.

Patrick Walker: Thom Hartmann's Insane Political Strategy: Whitewashing Cancerous Democrats Today's Russians frequently say Marx was right in everything he said about capitalism, and wrong in everything he said about communism. Thom Hartmann's recent popular OpEdNews article is similar: penetratingly insightful in everything it says about Republicans, but MISLEADINGLY IRRESPONSIBLE in everything it OMITS to say about Democrats. I here seek to correct his DANGEROUS imbalance. 81 
Hannah Purtymun: Rising Tuition Costs in a Struggling Economy This is an social commentary for my Senior Project. Rising tuition rates for public colleges and universities are causing an increase in the income-inequality gap and also preventing college-aged students from getting the education they strive for. 1 

Patrice Greanville: Whitewashing the Ugly Face of Capitalism The real ugly face of capitalism—and its offshoot, imperialism—are carefully hidden behind an elaborate and pervasive curtain of lies and falsifications. This essay provides a simple map to avoid most of the lies in this minefield of deception. 9 

Rick Staggenborg, MD: We cannot salvage a growth-based economy Anyone concerned by how we are going to recover from the devastation wrought by unrestrained greed on Wall Street needs to start by realizing that there can be no return to prosperity under the old economic rules. They are designed to accumulate wealth at the top at the expense of the worker. In a world of finite resources, we have to create an economy that works for everyone while repsecting the finite limits of growth. 64 

Peter Palms: *The Fed transfers bank losses to taxpayers by inflation; 3rd in series Repayment scams. Sending jobs overseas. Second reason to abolish the Federal reserve. Far from being a protector of the public, it is a cartel operating against the public's interest. 2 

Peter Palms: *$700 Billion Bank Bailout (or was it $5 Trillion); 4th in series On December 30, 2008, the bank's board dutifully approved the merger. Two weeks later, the Treasury delivered to Bank of America an additional $20 billion plus a $118-billion guarantee to pick up further losses from Merrill's assets. All of that was placed on the backs of the American people as a tax in the form of inflation. 1 
Peter Palms: *The Fed is a Cartel Operating against the public Interest 2nd in series How the potential losses on bad loans are transferred to government guarantees for which the money is created through the Federal reserve, out of nothing, resulting in confiscation of wealth through inflation. 3 

Peter Palms: *Government Perpetuation Report and Controlling Citizens from Rebelling, 3rd of series A government report of recommended policies for self-perpetuation of its control of the government and ways to control its citizens and prevent them from rebelling, irrespective of questions of morality or right or wrong or concepts of freedom or human rights. Ideology was not an issue, nor patriotism nor religious precepts. Its sole concern was how to perpetuate the existing government. 2 

Farid Khavari: A $10.10 or higher minimum wage will boost Florida’s economy, create more jobs and reduce government social costs. Independent Florida governor candidate, economist Farid Khavari says conservatives should embrace higher minimum wages even more fervently than liberals do. Holding down wages has vastly increased government’s costs of corporate welfare. 1 

Rodger Malcolm Mitchell: *The end of private banking: Why the federal government should own all banks Deals with the many faults of private banking and how they all could be solved if all banks were federally owned. 21 

Peter Palms: Council on Foreign Relations: De Facto Government of the United States The membership organization for members of government, whose members are the de facto government of this country. 3 

Henry Pelifian: Superpower Status Supersedes Domestic Tranquility Elected politicians from the two sole political parties are enamored with America’s superpower status and keeping the moniker of sole superpower at any and all costs is the name of their game. 1 
Robert Bullard: New Report Tracks Environmental Justice Movement Over Past 50 Years On Tuesday February 11 groups from around the country will commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the historic Environmental Justice Executive Order 12898 signed by President Bill Clinton. As part of the 20-year anniversary, a team of researchers from Texas Southern University released “Environmental Justice Timeline and Milestones, 1964-2014,” a report that tracks the movement over the past five decades.

Lisa Arnold: Post-Holiday-Debrief in a "Recovering" Economy During 2013's holiday "season of giving," I watched as our nation's leaders tried to turn the United ("Give me your tired, your poor,") States into something out of a Dickens novel. How would their gifts of fiscal responsibility and respect for the rule of law be distributed and received? I imagined how someone directly affected by their recent "leadership," might have experienced the holidays. 3 

Eric Zuesse: Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" of Crooks The scam. 21 

John Scanlon: Great Recessions II - coming soon to an economy near you. We are again in a bubble economy created by our plutocrats for their extraordinary profits. The Fed in its primary function of facilitating and managing instability has helped create this bubble with a 2.5 trillion money creation account. Our total nonfinancial debt has increased beyond our capacity to repay. And, bubbles burst. Congress should once again review and amend the Fed's systems and delegated authority. 7 

Patrick Walker: *Liz Warren's Litmus Test: Support the Climate Protection Act I mean, in an upcoming article, to sketch out a full-blown strategy for a climate-action Tea Party. But first, I had a suggested first action for that climate Tea Party TOO IMPORTANT not to share immediately: let's make support for the Sanders-Boxer Climate Protection Act a climate-action litmus test for Liz Warren (and for ALL Democrats). And for Eric Zuesse, who dared depict COSPONSOR Bernie Sanders as "all talk" on climate. 12 

Arlen Grossman: The American Injustice System Does America have a justice system or an injustice system? In many cases, including these seven examples, there appears to be a significant shortage of fairness in our justice system. 38 

Allan Goldstein: The Case for Market Socialism When an economy fails to serve the people it's a failed economy. The markets have driven global capitalism into a ditch. To fix it, we need some new ideas. Here's one. 4 

Maynard McKillen: The Uber-Capitalists: Obstructing Economic Recovery? More satire for those eager to see the Robber Barons get their just desserts. 2 

Gabriel Harry: It's time to start talking about the economic solution We know the problems, dangers, and unsustainability of our current economic system, but what would an alternative system look like? If we were to create a global economy based on modern scientific, technical, and sociological knowledge, how would it differ from the current free-market dog-eat-dog game we all have to play? 8 

Wendy Burnett: "Sorry" Doesn't Pay the Rent: The Murder of the American Middle Class The murder of the middle class is continuing, and it has to stop. Murder is a strong word, but in this case it's also an accurate one. The middle class isn't dying by accident, it's dying because of the greed of American corporations. 37 
Kamala B. Sarup: Economy to Invest and Spend The question then becomes whether we are more productive or save and invest more to obtain increases in productivity. 1 

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