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Joan Brunwasser: Free Press Researcher Gerry Bello on Ohio 2012 Technology is not socially neutral. The idea that newer is better is not always true. The concept I'd like to introduce is appropriate technology. Or, more correctly, socially appropriate use of technology. I also have a degree in Computer Security, so I'm pretty far from being a luddite. Computers, and the way that they are employed, as with any other technology can improve our lives or oppress us. 4 

Election Lawyers See Bleak Future For Voting Rights Act Several prominent election lawyers on a panel here Friday predicted that the Supreme Court would ultimately strike down a part of the Voting Rights Act that requires states with a history of racial discrimination to have their election laws precleared by federal authorities. Just one, Michael Carvin of Jones Day, thought that was a good thing. "Nobody could reasonably argue that the situation in the South or anywhere else to...

Daniel Patrick Welch: US Election Results in Chaos as Four-Year-Old Redraws Electoral Map Four-year-old redraws election map, inadvertently causing chaos in US presidential election results [satire] 1 

Joan Brunwasser: Harvey Wasserman on Romney's Voting Machines Counting YOUR Vote and More It's always a challenge. But there is no alternative to making these advances if we are to have a decent life. So let's just accept that we can win and go ahead and do what it takes within a non-violent framework. One important thing is to have fun doing this work, and to embrace the timelessness of our agenda. As A.J. Muste once said about social activism, "the pay's no good, but the work is steady." 13 
Bob Fitrakis: Why Romney has already won this electronic election, unless... Electronically, this election is over. Mitt Romney has won. The big loser is not Barack Obama, or the corporate Democratic Party. It is democracy itself. Unless YOU act now, and are prepared to fight this out for years to come, whatever remains of American democracy is done. No nation that suffers the theft of three out of four consecutive national elections can harbor the illusion that it is run by the will of its people. 7 
Bob Fitrakis: Emergency Forum: "Will the 2012 Election Be Stolen?" This November, voters in Ohio and other swing states will vote on machines owned by friends and business associates of the Romney family.Former GOP operative and current Alabama corruption fighter Jill Simpson will join election reform/protection activists at an emergency forum to discuss the possibility of continued voter disenfranchisement and fraud in the upcoming Presidential election @a forum in NYC on Monday, October 22.

Joan Brunwasser: Harvey Wasserman on New Book: "Will the GOP Steal America's 2012 Election" The reality is that through the Electoral College, which narrows the number of votes the GOP needs to steal; the suppression of voter turnout, i.e. the new electronic Jim Crow; the theft of the vote count with e-voting machines; and control of the governorships in most of the key swing states, the Republicans have something close to a lock on this election. 8 

Joan Brunwasser: Progressive Journalist Steven Rosenfeld on Infiltrating GOP Voter Vigilante Project What their movement's public intellectuals are doing is misguiding and miseducating their ranks to interpret everything that can and does go wrong as a Democratic-led political conspiracy.We can hope that after the election that they will realize that what's wrong with America's voting system has a lot more to do with human error, poor training, lousy equipment, volunteer poll workers, underfunding, lack of modernization...
Holmes: Hacking the vote Many questions hang over the 2012 election. What will the unemployment rate be, and will it hurt Barack Obama’s prospects? How will Mitt Romney hold up in one-on-one debates? How will both candidates bridge the enthusiasm gaps in their parties’ bases? Who’ll control Congress? Will Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren carry the day in Massachusetts? Here’s one Democrats are asking: Will new state actions requiring photo IDs...
Suzana Megles: 2012 Senate Votes Tally for the Animals I am grateful that the Humane Society Legislative Fund sent us the results of the Senate's 2012 midterm votes re animal issues. I wish that I could say that they voted wisely and compassionately. However, you be the judge.
Mike Volpe: *New "Tell-All" Book About ACORN Hits The Stands... Just In Time For The General Election A brand new "tell-all" book about ACORN just hits the newsstand. Michael McCray's ACORN 8: Race, Power and Politics is a thriller, political analysis, historical document, and screenplay idea all rolled into one. This book review written by Mike Volpe and published in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference "SCLC" Magazine gives an informative first look at this controversial book. 3 
Joan Wile: Voters -- Danger Ahead! a poem about the Republican presidential candidates

Joan Brunwasser: Election Integrity's Victoria Collier Speaks Up What Jim and Ken's monumental efforts really exposed- the devastating final analysis- is how easy it is to corrupt our entire system with just a few well-placed criminals stationed as sentinels against justice at every level of our system.This is one of the greatest conspiracy stories of our time, and still very hard for most Americans to stomach. But we've got to keep telling the truth. It's more important now than ever. 11 

Joan Brunwasser: Don Siegelman: Abramoff's New Book and What It Reveals About Me and My Case Documents that would prove government misconduct have been withheld from us by the government, the prosecutors and now the DoJ since 2001. If Abramoff would open up and tell what really happened in Alabama it would help because Eric Holder could not ignore it. The coverage would be too great.I am expendable unless light is shined so brightly Eric Holder will have to take notice. 7 

Joan Brunwasser: Harvey Wasserman On Ohio's Upcoming Labor Rights Referendum Our lives and those of our children depend on restoring whatever semblance of democracy this nation has ever had. It has always been compromised, of course. But we now have the means and ability to win a truly transparent electoral system. The corporate elite is resisting with all it has, because if we prevail, their days our numbered.If we don't, OURS are.So we have a clear platform, we know the problem, now let's solve it! 2 

Joan Brunwasser: John Ennis and his documentary, "Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes" It explores Citizens United,the barriers to newcomer candidates, and ways to reclaim our campaigns from the highest bidder. It's an essay film about what I learned from traveling throughout Ohio, the bellwether state for America's political mindset. It was condensed data and first-hand evidence detailing massive effort to suppress voters and subvert elections. The credibility was important as was its nonpartisan tone.
The Web: Dispatch from the front lines of the Wisconsin DMV I'd bet a huge number of those folks had a lot of other,better,and perhaps wage-earning things to do with their time as did the loved ones in their care.How many others-with unyielding schedules, dependents to care for,lack of knowledge,or simple frustration-didn't even make it into line that day? How many,if refused as we were,would have left and stayed away?Efficiency.Access.Civility. Rights.Something that shouldn't seem

Joan Brunwasser: A Closer Look at the Ongoing Wisconsin Recount I got interested in the WI Supreme Court recount because I was appalled that the Waukesha County Clerk could fail to report an entire city's vote total-over 14,000 votes!-and just say oops and not have anyone look into it.If you or I failed that colossally at our job,we would be fired.I want to know what happened.People are angry over this.We have a right to oversee the voting system and make sure it is fair and functional. 10 

Joan Brunwasser: Bob Fitrakis on Ohio Republicans' New Jim Crow Voter ID law that Disenfranchises 900,000 Voters I'd like to see more direct confrontations between the legislators who are passing these bills and voting rights advocates. The tactics used in the civil rights movement in the early 60s - nonviolent sit-ins, demonstrations, protests -need to be re-embraced. As in WI,I think people need to occupy the Statehouse in Columbus and not leave until the issue is publicly debated, not just by the legislature, but by the people too. 2 
Vijayaraghavan Padmanabhan: The Independent voter need no longer be a Floating voter An alternative to the concept of political parties has already emerged. Those who feel that nothing much can be done whoever comes to power, now have reason for feeling optimistic. 3 

Joan Brunwasser: Election Defense Alliance's Jonathan Simon with the Timely Lowdown on Our Elections Our mission:bringing back publicly observable vote counting and ending the computerized era's wholesale vulnerability to election theft-is nonpartisan.Yet the realities we keep bumping up against:that the numbers always shift in the same rightward direction and the partisan pedigree of the equipment vendors-are what they are. Denial seems to be as high among Democrats and the progressive media as among Republicans and the MSM. 3 
Sue Wilson: Why Did Donna Brazile Use the F-word in Oprah's Magazine? Hint: Rush Limbaugh To the uninitiated, bringing Fairness to the public airwaves radio and TV - is a no-brainer. But to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and an army of 550,000 amassed to keep the nation's radio airwaves under "Conservative" control, this could be a call to arms. Is it possible that the Democratic establishment is finally ready for a fight to take control of their message?

Joan Brunwasser: Rick Hasen and The Election Law Blog The Election Law Blog is a website that contains links to news stories and commentaries about major US election law issues,from campaign finance to redistricting to election administration, as well as my own views on these issues.I thought that some of the material I sent out to my listserv might have a wider audience,and it turns out that it has.To my great surprise,my blog should be hitting its 1,000,000th visit this month.
Paul Rogat Loeb: 'Soul Of A Citizen' Excerpt: Taking Money Out Of Politics: A Grassroots Effort For Clean Elections Nothing makes us feel more powerless than the corruption of our democracy by money.It undermines progress on every issue we face.If America is ever to deal with our critical problems, we'll need to sever the links between wealth and politics,more challenging after the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned a hundred years of precedent.Here is the Main Clean Elections model,how Alison Smith helped it pass,step by step. 1 
Joan Brunwasser: BlackBoxVoting's Bev Harris Tackles the Holt Bill, Part Two Democracy was conceived of BECAUSE our founders understood that power corrupts,that the people must at all times remain vigilant towards those who serve us as public servants.If we become inattentive,they warned,our governors will become wolves.It's particularly insidious to call this the "Voter Confidence Act" since bestowing confidence & trust in our public officials is exactly the OPPOSITE of the approach of our founders. 1 
Joan Brunwasser: BlackBoxVoting's Bev Harris Tackles the Holt Bill If you are subjected to a system which is ultimately controlled by concealed processes you are not really free,because you cannot displace your governors unless a handful of insiders wish to allow it. Such processes violate your human rights.Not just civil rights.Not just voting rights.Your right to freedom is a highest level right,and as stated in our Declaration of Independence,"an inalienable right, endowed by our creator." 5 

Joan Brunwasser: New Study Asks "Was Prop 8 Straight?" The implication is that our elections are at great risk. If we cannot know our votes are being counted as cast, if our votes are counted by private companies with clear, self-avowed political intentions, if we know the equipment counting our votes is easily corruptible, if we are aware that the candidates truly elected may not be the declared winners, how can we think we have much of a democracy left? 3 
Joan Brunwasser: Part Two: BlackBoxVoting's Bev Harris Walks Us Through the DOJ Anti-Trust Probe of ES&S It is essential for the DOJ to unravel true ownership behind ES&S,because if they don't,how will they know that the next entity is not just the same guys hiding behind a different screen?And how would we know that a divestiture wasn't just the same game,different name?So ES&S will probably be required to divest itself of its Diebold election purchase,but the devil will be in the details.We'll have to be exceptionally vigilant 3 

Joan Brunwasser: BlackBoxVoting's Bev Harris Walks Us Through the DOJ Anti-Trust Probe of ES&S The genius of a truly democratic system lies in dispersed power and public controls over public elections. When you consolidate power to a single entity, you create a system that is perhaps tidy, but very unstable. Dictatorships are tidy. Democratic systems are messy, but the dispersal of power makes them stable. Centralized control destabilizes our democratic system of government. 3 
Garland Favorito: Update on Georgia e-vote lawsuit Last week three separate complaints from three different citizens were filed against the office of the Inspector General for Secretary of State (SOS), Karen Handel. The complaints contend that the office improperly conducted investigations involving electronic voting machine controversies thus suppressing the controversies as a result of flawed investigations. 1 

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