Life Arts

"Betterness" as a Moral qualitative standard
Daniel Penisten: Standard of Betterness - Part 2 2 2 Comment Count
An image for a "Standard of Strandards".
Daniel Penisten: A Standard For Standards 3 3 Comment Count
Bernie Sanders smiles as a bird lands on his podium
Gary Lindorff: One day, in the asylum 10 10 Comment Count
Car bears down on girl distracted by her cell phone.
Shawn Hamilton: Danger In Cell Phone La La Land 19 19 Comment Count
Fakeer Ishavardas: The Buddha Experience! 4 4 Comment Count
Kamala Budhathoki Sarup: Consciousness literature
Gary Lindorff: Under a thunderhead
Heather Hans: To Peace or Not to Peace? 1 1 Comment Count
I am coming.
Gary Lindorff: Your conscience 2 2 Comment Count
Best friends.
Suzana Megles: Special People Among Us 2 2 Comment Count
Gary Lindorff: Going into change

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