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Ethan Indigo Smith: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Dreamslayer Is the Rudolph archetype the most powerful there is?

BK Faunce: Paul Ryan - Liar, Fraud, Catholic Ryan calls himself a Catholic ... But the whole point of the book - and of Ryan's career for that matter - is to champion far right, ruling elite-favored policies by dressing them up in the robes Jesus wore. Making penury look like tough love and hoarding charity. 4 

Carter Stroud: The Bigger Picture The article identifies the great divide in human relations. There are those who join others to cooperate in the survival of all and there are others who exploit the labor of others [and the earth]. The tendency to choose one or the other is so grounded in history that one suspects it could be genetically coded. It is the ground for most conflicts. 1 

Gary Corseri: Mourning John F. Kennedy and a Half-Century of Degraded Arts and Culture Kennedy looked beyond the "dust of centuries" to ponder America's "contribution to the human spirit." What other American president or elected (sanctioned!) political leader has conjoined the past titans of public life... with those who strode beside them to sculpt, paint and script the Age? More than our "Commander-in Chief," he ascribed to himself the greater role of Teacher-in-Chief. 25 

What Did America's Founders Say About Religion? Televangelist leaders of the American "Religious Right" have been trying to re-write history, striving to convince Americans that America's Founders did not intend to build a "wall of separation between church and state." The truth is that the Founders deliberately did not say anything about Jesus or Christianity or any other particular religion in official documents like the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Consti... 4 

Ethan Indigo Smith: Demoncats and Republicons -- Independence from the Left/Right Paradigm What do the left and right wing have in commmon? 1 

Gary Corseri: The "Peace Process" Dies Again There is no "peace process."/ There is peace and the absence of peace--/ The gnawing hunger for it,/ The desperation of the vanquished. 4 
Shirley Braverman: Converting Christians to Liberal Values by Quoting the Bible Most oped readers will not be surprised to learn that most Christians have not read the Bible in its entirety. When you do an entire new concept of the Strict Father, God emerges. 5 
E B Bortz: breakout is like spring poem

Kevin Tully: The Filth Eater I attempted to write play years ago entitled "The Filth Eater." The protagonist was a seducer of women -- leading them happily into various circumstances and occasions of sin...The play was allegorical, however I was not fully aware of this until recently. I thought I was simply creating an interesting character based on the Aztec (Mexica) goddess Tlazolteotl. 6 

Richard Spisak: De-Regulatin Bill's a comin to Town To Arms To Arms, Bill Clinton and the Corporatistas are coming to town, to soften the ground for Shillary. 1 

Ethan Indigo Smith: Meditation and Intuition in the Fourth Age of Deception (the Kali Yuga) The oldest and perhaps greatest measurement of time is the Hindu understanding of the four Yugas. It is based on a four part cycle akin to the seasonal solstice-and-equinox nature of orbit here on Earth and across the universe. And we are in the time of lies. And solutions.

Marcia G. Yerman: Safe Climate Caucus Pumps Up Advocacy and Action The Safe Climate Caucus, led by Rep. Henry Waxman, is going outside the beltway for traction on climate change.

Yehudah Kalman: Two Artists Take Their Passion For The Poor To The Streets Washington, DC, November 19, 2012 -- After volunteering with different groups providing services for the homeless, Cory Clark and Dani Finger decided to investigate first hand poverty and homelessness in America and what those struggling for their survival endure and why no one seems to have the answers to the poverty problem. 2 
Suzana Megles: Thank You, Dennis I think Dennis Kucinish has first name recognition -hence I used it in my title. I wish that I had cornered him in the license bureau when I saw him recently, but I guess I didn't think of it then. Now, I wish that I had asked him about his future plans. Always an interesting and enterprising man, I wish I had.

Gary Corseri: Prologue 3: Conversations on the Arts, Politics and History Between a Russian and an American These pieces are like fugues: themes develop in the give and take between two artists, making the best use of the Internet, communicating across continents, trans-culturally. The focus is on politics and the arts--integrating these vital aspects of human life--as they were in the 60s and 70s, but are rarely seen as informing one another now! It's a new kind of "literary criticism"--not one person pontificating, but dialogue. 1 
Suzana Megles: The Obama Administration is Thwarting State Laws for the Animals and Fish I don't know if you voted for Obama a second time. Sadly, I did, and am finding it was a mistake. Maybe even Romney would have been more compassionate. 2 

Rebel, Rebel: "The Company You Keep" and "The East" Review of Robert Redford's new film "The Company You Keep", now out on DVD, and "The East," a similarly-themed indy thriller from this year's Sundance Film Festival.
Gary Corseri: "Prologues: Conversations on the Arts, Politics, and Science Between a Russian and an American" I have had trouble for several decades accepting the idea that politics and the Arts are separable! Why shouldn't the Arts be informed by interesting, provocative thought in the sciences, technologies, religion, spirituality, etc? Is this not a hodge-podge universe with all kinds of interwoven themes that artists--and other thinkers--are trying to interpret to bring the Whole--at least our little part of it--together? -GC 2 
Please Sign Petition to Stop Proposed Cuts in Social Security Mr. President, please do not cut Social Security! Mr. President, the chained CPI is a cut to Social Security benefits that would hurt seniors--it's an idea not befitting a Democratic president. If you want to reform Social Security, make the wealthy pay their fair share by lifting the cap on income subject to Social Security taxes. Sign the Petition!
Gary Corseri: Poets Talk A continuation of a dialogue begun last December. The premise is simple: Politics, economics, social concerns, religion, spirituality and morality--all are embraced by our cultural perspectives. The authors offer a revivified neo-Socratic dialogue, for the age of the Internet, to prune and hone thoughts, while reaching for a greater understanding. 1 

Kevin Anthony Stoda: On the Muslim Question: ? ! ? ! Dr. Joseph Preville interviews author Anne Norton on irrational fears that Europeans and Americans have been showing towards Muslims.

David R Yale: House Speaker to Sue Google for Defamation of Character According to Leeked Documents Obtained by New York Writer Very funny satire on the House Speaker's self-proclaimed proper pronunciation of his name. Go to Google Translate (English) and try it out for yourself! 5 

Cynthia Piano: A Spiritual Salute To Spring The spiritual Creators/Warriors Gather and Rise with the Coming of a Fresh Live Spring. 6 

Joan Brunwasser: Roger Shuler Muses on Justice Department's Odd Priorities How is this for irony? The Democratic Party, since passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, has consistently stuck its neck out to stand up for justice issues. In the process, it has paid a huge electoral price, just as Lyndon Johnson predicted. But now we have our first black president turning his back on the very justice issues that have given his party its moral authority. 12 
James Armstrong II: Movie Review: Stand Up Guys This article is a movie review of the film "Stand Up Guys." I decided to write this review because I read the East Bay Express's review and felt the writer did not give this movie enough respect.

Robert S. Becker: 5 Backfiring, Karl Rove Social Wedges Doom GOP 'Rebranding' Yearning for that golden age when the Dubya Dunciad reigned, the right sanctifies Rove's schemes of glory: "if we can only tweak his winning social wedges, national glory is ours again." Thus conservatism embraces its minority status, doubling down on delusions of lost grandeur. 9 

Joan Brunwasser: The Bureau of Prisons, The Flood and Your Tax Dollars At Work All cloak and dagger and darkness of night. They don't go to such lengths for any prisoner charged with even violent offences, but they sure did it for Gary. Because what is most important to BOPers is protecting - not the public, but protecting the BOP (its employees and agents) from the public and prosecutors learning about their corruption. The First Amendment is BOP Enemy Number 1. 4 

Burl Hall: Beyond Conditioning: Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Evolution of the Human Species Humans are at a critical juncture in history. Deep ecologist Daniel Quinn states that we humans have not evolved in the past 6,000+ years. The Shift Network has been instrumental in introducing the potential of human evolution at this juncture in human history. This potential is in line with the astrology forecast by the Aztecs. Will this come true or not? Perhaps that will be up to us, if we can get past ourselves. 7 

We will screw ya A song about the fiscal cliff by Anne Smith, with guitar and singing by Don Smith.

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