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Eric Zuesse: How Bloomberg 'News' Lies understanding how propaganda is done 26 
Eric Zuesse: Russia Says Ukrainian Nazis Pay Blackwater for Training Tass says that the Bush-Obama nazis are now training Ukraine's nazis. 3 
Eric Zuesse: Obama Says He Is Improving the World National Public Radio helps him propagandize against Russia, again. 6 

Eric Zuesse: Putin Decides to Donate 50,000 Tons of Russia's Coal Daily to Ukraine for Heat Putin is not playing Obama's kind of chess. 42 
Eric Zuesse: NPR Propagandizes Against Putin, for Regime-Change in Russia How about a dose of propaganda with your daily meal? Try NPR! 17 

Eric Zuesse: Yanukovych Proposes Solution to Ukraine's Civil War; It Fits Obama's Plan. Yanukovych seems to curry Obama's favor, a hopeless aim. 7 
Eric Zuesse: Another MH17 Cover-Up: Hiding a Key Autopsy Where's the autopsy-report? 20 
Eric Zuesse: Bloomberg News Blames Putin for Russia's Economic Problems how propaganda is done 3 
Eric Zuesse: Nazism Is Back These videos explain what's happening. 17 

Is President Obama's Position on "Net Neutrality", an Important Step against Crony Capitalism/Classism in America? The principle known as "net neutrality" -- and it says that an entrepreneur's fledgling company should have the same chance to succeed as established corporations, and that access to a high school student's blog shouldn't be unfairly slowed down to make way for advertisers with more money. Ensuring a free and open Internet is the only way we can preserve the Internet's power to connect our world. That's why the President ha...
Eric Zuesse: The View that Putin's Advisor Has on Obama's Ukrainian War a cover-up by the press 3 
Rick Lanahan: *The Conservative Era (The Era where the people and the earth lost their rights) The Conservative Era (The Era where the people and the earth lost their rights) 2 

Eric Zuesse: Western News-Suppression about the Downing of MH-17 Malaysian Jet The "Buk" 'explanation' isn't just false; it is ridiculously false. Haisenko's explanation fits all the facts in the case, even as more becomes publicly revealed about the incident. 24 

Eric Zuesse: List of the World's Richest Countries; America's Special Role in It how personal wealth and national power intersect 6 

Eric Zuesse: VIDEOS: Ethnic Cleansing as a Political Tactic, Trashing Ukrainians the end of America as it has been known, the new nazi America 5 

UK Emergency data law: URGENT After a European Court of Justice ruling denied the UK government the opportunity to introduce a Data Retention and Investigative Powers bill, the Prime Minister has convened a secret Cabinet meeting to pass the bill regardless as "fast-track" legislation. The bill is directed at telecommunications companies, demanding that their customers' data be held for 12 months. Law enforcement will hence have access to whatever "metadat...

Eric Zuesse: How Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Congressional Republicans, Created Child-Refugee Flood The reality that America's "news" media won't publish 58 
Eric Zuesse: Why America Hates and Despises Victims Deep question, deep answer. 7 
Eric Zuesse: "Ukraine's Gangster State" a ten-minute video summarizing Obama's mega-crime regarding Ukraine, perhaps America's biggest-ever international crime
Eric Zuesse: Obama Capitulates in Ukraine War: a promising development 3 
Eric Zuesse: America Seems to Be Losing Ukraine's War: Obama's cooked goose. 18 

Eric Zuesse: Pew Poll: America Is Becoming a Nation of Political Enemies The "body politic" is unraveling. 13 
Eric Zuesse: President Obama's Brilliant Strategy for Nuclear-Blitzing Russia Why aren't "news" people discussing Obama's brilliant strategy? Are they too stupid to recognize it? Or are they too afraid of being fired if they raise the issue? 6 

Eric Zuesse: What Our Tax Dollars Are Buying for the Residents of Southeastern Ukraine These videos show what our tax dollars are buying for the residents of southeastern Ukraine. 2 
Eric Zuesse: Ukrainian Government Border-Guards Abandon Post at Russian Border The Ukrainian government has finally given up on one essential military objective in its campaign to remain a single country: control of all border-posts on its side of its border with Russia. 20 
Eric Zuesse: The New York Review of Books as Propagandist on Ukraine's Civil War Americans should view the U.S. press with almost as much distrust as Soviet citizens viewed theirs, because it's nearly as rotten as that; and we should have learned, from "Saddam's WMD," that this is so. 4 
PressTV - Obama's US exceptionalism explained Obama's US exceptionalism, we might have hoped, is more along the traditional lines of the US being a political example to other democracies and reformers across the world. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. By claiming that US exceptionalism entitles the US to carry out unilateral military actions, as he did in his recent speech, Obama is spouting the very same destructive Neoconservative ideology that many of ...

Eric Zuesse: Western Media Blackout on the Reality in Ukraine What the U.S and British press prevent being published -- or at least understood. 8 

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