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UK Emergency data law: URGENT After a European Court of Justice ruling denied the UK government the opportunity to introduce a Data Retention and Investigative Powers bill, the Prime Minister has convened a secret Cabinet meeting to pass the bill regardless as "fast-track" legislation. The bill is directed at telecommunications companies, demanding that their customers' data be held for 12 months. Law enforcement will hence have access to whatever "metadat...

Eric Zuesse: How Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Congressional Republicans, Created Child-Refugee Flood The reality that America's "news" media won't publish 58 
Eric Zuesse: Why America Hates and Despises Victims Deep question, deep answer. 7 
Eric Zuesse: "Ukraine's Gangster State" a ten-minute video summarizing Obama's mega-crime regarding Ukraine, perhaps America's biggest-ever international crime
Eric Zuesse: Obama Capitulates in Ukraine War: a promising development 3 
Eric Zuesse: America Seems to Be Losing Ukraine's War: Obama's cooked goose. 18 

Eric Zuesse: Pew Poll: America Is Becoming a Nation of Political Enemies The "body politic" is unraveling. 13 
Eric Zuesse: President Obama's Brilliant Strategy for Nuclear-Blitzing Russia Why aren't "news" people discussing Obama's brilliant strategy? Are they too stupid to recognize it? Or are they too afraid of being fired if they raise the issue? 6 

Eric Zuesse: What Our Tax Dollars Are Buying for the Residents of Southeastern Ukraine These videos show what our tax dollars are buying for the residents of southeastern Ukraine. 2 
Eric Zuesse: Ukrainian Government Border-Guards Abandon Post at Russian Border The Ukrainian government has finally given up on one essential military objective in its campaign to remain a single country: control of all border-posts on its side of its border with Russia. 20 
Eric Zuesse: The New York Review of Books as Propagandist on Ukraine's Civil War Americans should view the U.S. press with almost as much distrust as Soviet citizens viewed theirs, because it's nearly as rotten as that; and we should have learned, from "Saddam's WMD," that this is so. 4 

PressTV - Obama's US exceptionalism explained Obama's US exceptionalism, we might have hoped, is more along the traditional lines of the US being a political example to other democracies and reformers across the world. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. By claiming that US exceptionalism entitles the US to carry out unilateral military actions, as he did in his recent speech, Obama is spouting the very same destructive Neoconservative ideology that many of ...

Eric Zuesse: Western Media Blackout on the Reality in Ukraine What the U.S and British press prevent being published -- or at least understood. 8 
Eric Zuesse: Mastermind of Odessa Massacre Embarrasses Ukraine's Jews Our enforcer in Ukraine becomes an embarrassment to Ukraine's Jews. 2 
Eric Zuesse: Our People Massacre Civilians in Odessa, and Politico Blames Putin The din of lying makes zombies of us and causes Americans to think they live in a different sort of country. 48 

Eric Zuesse: Comparing Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party Whereas the Tea Party is an aristocratic front, Occupy Wall Street had no aristocratic backers, so got squished. 5 

Eric Zuesse: U.S. Corruption: A Summary of Recent Reports Five days' reports about the kleptocracy. 58 

Eric Zuesse: Obama's First-Amendment Defense of Political Liars Obama tells the Supreme Court that political lies are "speech to which the First Amendment ‘has its fullest and most urgent application.’" 15 

Eric Zuesse: Obama Lied About Obamacare, Now Wants Political Lying to Be Legal. Obamacare fails to come close to meeting candidate Obama's promises: Mr. Obama never even tried to fulfill on them; he was opposed to them. Obama now openly supports legalizing lying during political campaigns. 120 
Eric Zuesse: President Obama Will Decide Whether to Accept Iraq's Legalizing Rape of Children Iraq: We broke it; we own it; we're obliged to fix it -- but this time, for the benefit of the Iraqis, not of U.S. oligarchs. 4 

Eric Zuesse: Retiring Obama Administration Prosecutor Says the SEC Is Corrupt; Prior Reports Indicate Administration's Corruption The testimony and investigations show Obama to be astoundingly corrupt. 85 
Franklin Lamb: President Assad and Ayatollah Khomeini are keeping their word. Will President Obama keep his? If the White House truly wants to normalize relations with Iran and with Syria as it claims, it needs to do a lot better. A good start would be by calling off OFACs attack dogs who service other than the American people. Also it should honor its oft touted "Humanitarian sanctions against Iran and Syria that exempts medicines and medical equipment".
Eric Zuesse: Economy Worse Under Obama than Under Bush That's how much of a Republican he really is.

Eric Zuesse: Keystone XL Document Dump Reveals Obama Unconcerned About Global Warming, State Department Riddled with Oil Lobbyists Corrupt. President Obama at first declined to approve the pipeline for political reasons that had nothing to do with whether or not the project would significantly increase global warming. That seems not to have mattered to him. All three of the State Department's draft Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) focus on other matters than the proposed Pipeline's impact on global warming. 14 

Eric Zuesse: The Koch Brothers-Keystone XL Filthy Oil Connection Deceit has reigned. 20 

Eric Zuesse: Harry Reid Effectively Kills Obama's TPP and TTIP International Trade Deals On Wednesday 29 January 2014, the leader of congressional Democrats, Harry Reid -- the U.S. Senate Majority Leader -- came out publicly saying, "I'm against fast track." 46 

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