Kevin Gosztola: Pack the Courtroom Get your friends and neighbors in Chicago to attend Monday's court date – let's pack the courtroom! The battle over this motion is the whole case. It could determine whether a 6th anniversary protest of Iraq and Afghanistan occurs or not, and so I can't stress enough the importance of having a large crowd show up at the next one or two court dates. The next court date will be 2 PM, Monday, February 9th. 1 
ERobin: Million Doors for Peace in Beatiful Bucks County! Help get the anti-war message out to our neighbors in Levittown, PA. Come to the Million Doors for Peace event at 8:45am at the UCC Levittown: 8525 New Falls Road, 19054 and spend a few hours going door to door to let people know that they CAN end the war in Iraq. Call Robin at 267.240.9819 for more info.
Cheryl Biren: Forum on Reframing the Iraq War Discussion A Forum on Reframing the Iraq War Discussion. Focus on economic, social, ethical and legislative aspects of the war with area speakers and responses by elected officials and Congressional candidates. Panel discussion with Q&A from audience. Refreshments will follow. Free and open to the public.
Garda Ghista: "Building a New World" Conference The deep longing for positive, lasting change is the bedrock upon which this conference is based. How do we fix our country and our world? And how can we form one mass movement to address the crisis?

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