William Finnerty: "CIA puts on hold all spying operations in Western Europe"

An RT article, with the above title (published on September 19, 2014), clearly suggests that United States Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan and his colleagues have put their spying operations on Western European countries on hold for a while.


Scott Baker: Sex and Politics Radio Interview on Georgism, Public Banking and Public Funds

In March of 2014, Sex and Politics welcomed Scott Baker to talk about housing, rent and government finances. Scott Baker is a Senior Editor/Economics Editor and Writer at Opednews, and a blogger for Huffington Post. He is President of Common Ground-NYC and NY State Coordinator for the Public Banking Institute We discussed austerity budgets, hedge funds, and CAFR's. CAFR stands for Comprehensive Annual Financial Report--it's...

Kevin Tully: Too Much Trouble in the World

The world is cacophonous. The dissonance is deafening.

Lance Ciepiela: *Crime of Aggression - George W Bush Class Action Lawsuit

Saleh v. Bush is a 2013 class action lawsuit filed against members of the George W Bush administration for their alleged involvement in premeditating and carrying out the Iraq War.

Kevin Anthony Stoda: There are some Omanis who are hardworking--I just met one Too often, we generalize about Arabs, Gulf Arabs, Muslims and others. I share this anecdote in order to make clear that living in other countries enables Americans to distinguish between image and realities--or between generalities and particulars. I encourage others working abroad to share about the places they live and work.

J. Edward Tremlett: Dinesh D'isgraced (and D'oomed?)

Once again, we see that the best thing to do while awaiting sentencing is to keep your big mouth shut. Unfortunately for him, no one told Dinesh D'Souza this piece of advice. Will it cost him 16 months of his life?

Scott Baker: My interview by Jim Hogue, host of House on Pooh Corner, on Georgism, CAFRs, Sovereign Money, Public Banking

Monetary Reformer, Public Banking Advocate, Vermont patriot, and terrific Ethan Allen impersonator Jim Hogue had me on his radio show for the third time August 25, 2014. We talked for over an hour about a wide variety of things, mostly monetary reform related, but also Land Tax related. As you know, the NY Metro chapter of Common Ground voted to support monetary reform along Henry George's theories a few years ago, as well ...

Burl Hall: Cooperative Business Models and Resilliance

Are cooperatives a viable alternatives to corporations? Are they a process of doing business that can get us out from under the thumb of what amounts to sociopathic behavior?

Kevin Anthony Stoda: Learn about our Omani Students & Changes in Oman through their writings

What do you know about Oman? It is considered one of the fastest developing countries in the world over the past 40 years. One way we teachers learn is through the narrations of our own students here in Oman.

William Finnerty: "Rule of the Criminal Banking Cartel" VERSUS "Rule of Law" ...

"The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY."

Mark A. Goldman: Stop Complaining: You're wasting my time In fact, every additional complaint and description of fraud, death, destruction, and stupidity only communicates to those in power that we have no idea what to do about it and are not, in fact, concerned enough to do anything about it. 5 

J. Edward Tremlett: Vladimir's Army

They say truth can always be danced to, And I'm sure Elvis Costello would agree. Seeing as how it's the 80's all over again, what with a new Cold War brewing, I figured I'd dust off an 45 for just you. "Oliver's Army" anyone?


Don Smith: Snarkies

Many political cartoons have a little guy on the bottom corner making snarky comments. I propose calling the little cartoon commenters "snarkies." I added a snarky to the bottom left of my image about Bill Gates, in response to Elizabeth Hanson's observation that Gates' donations to education often supported a corporate takeover of public education.

BK Faunce: Apologize, Senator Boxer A letter to California Senator Barbara Boxer regarding her 5 August appearance on C-Span, in which she effectively silenced first-hand accounts of the suffering of Palestinians in the occupied territories.
William Finnerty: Major Fracking Setback in Ireland ...

"Everyone shall have the possibility of being advised, defended, and represented ..."

Burl Hall: An Interview Regarding My Upcoming Book, "Sophia's Web"

This diary speaks to an interview of this writer by his wife regarding the upcoming book, "Sophia's Web: Healing Our Divided Nature."


J. Edward Tremlett: Ben-GONE-zi: House Committee Finds NO Administration Wrongdoing

Ever get the idea you backed the wrong horse? After sinking two years' worth of effort into using the Benghazi Attacks to skewer the Obama Administration, the results are in. And they aren't going to be good for Darrel Issa.

Stephen Unger: How Pharmaceutical Products Differ From Tennis Balls When it comes to tennis balls, sellers do best by producing a good product and selling it at a fair price. Unfortunately, in a far more important area, pharmaceutical companies can, and do, maximize their profits by operating in ways that harm their customers in many ways. 3 

Richmond Shreve: Generation Opportunity- Smell the Money

Generation Opportunity website reeks of big money.


Kevin Tully: Tell the Mother

A poem about war.

Michael David Morrissey: The Council of Dissidents Follow-up to my suggestion for a talk between Paul Roberts and Noam Chomsky. 3 
Farid Khavari: Floridians should vote for Amendment 2, even if they don't need or want medical marijuana. Compare Florida governor candidates' positions on Medical Marijuana. You will be surprised. Passing Amendment 2 does not guarantee that Floridians will get it, if the wrong governor is elected.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: 'Rock Orators: Rock Icons & the Emerging Iconoclasts'.

Notions of power, candour & liberty are expressed within the musical currency of potent rock oratory. This new classic rock biography explores the essential craft, charisma and intimate narratives imbued in the recording history of some of rock's most starkly gifted 'Rock Orators'. The text offers a biographical homage eclipsing rock deity with an iconoclastic 'contraband' infusion of proletarian talent.

Howard Ramparts: Aliens Found Depicted in 10,000 Year-Old Cave Painting in India

I'm generally not into this extraterrestrial stuff. But this is way weird...

Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein: On My 56th Birthday; Thank You Mommy

Houston County, Alabama corruption and its effects on its citizens.

Rob Kall: My New Reason To Keep Fighting for A Better World

I have a new reason to keep fighting for a better world today, with equal rights for all. Yesterday, I became a grandfather of a little girl.


Kevin Tully: What has NSA Surveillance Built in Partnership with the Law of Unintended Consequences?

"The NSA killed the goose that laid the golden egg."

Jon Gold: Jon Gold On Media Roots Radio

An extensive interview about the lies of 9/11, specifically about Philip Zelikow and the 9/11 Commission.

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