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Police & Black Youth
Forty Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People The US Department of Justice (DOJ) reports 2.2 million people are in our nation's jails and prisons and another 4.5 million people are on probation or parole in the US, totaling 6.8 million people, one of every 35 adults. We are far and away the world leader in putting our own people in jail. Most of the people inside are poor and Black. Here are 40 reasons why "- - and there are more"-. One: It is not just about crime....
President Barack Obama: President Barack Obama
Obama's paramilitary police On Monday, US President Barack Obama travelled to Camden, New Jersey, America's poorest city, to praise it's brutal police department and reaffirm his support for federal programs that have transferred billions of dollars in military hardware to local police departments. Reports of police brutality by Camden cops have nearly doubled since 2011, and last year Camden had substantially more reported brutality complaints than n...
Bernie Sanders
Why a Socialist Running for President Isn't as Ridiculous as You Think Why is a 73-year-old socialist from Vermont running for president when he surely knows he can't win? Sen. Bernie Sanders has decided to take the plunge into forbidding waters for the same reason earlier socialists campaigned for the office: to protest the current order and promote major reforms his rivals either oppose or support only when doing so juices their standings in the polls. Sanders is going to compete in Democrat... 14 
Police Wall
Over 100 People Were Killed by Police in March. Here's a statistic for you: It's been 31 days since the release of the White House Task Force on 21st Century Policing report, but the number of fatal police encounters is already over 100 and counting. That's an average of more than three people killed each day in March by police in America. Too many of this month's victims fit a profile we know all too well -- unarmed men of color, some of whom have psychiatric disabiliti... 1 
Barack O'Bama and Elizabeth Warren
NYTimes Jinxes Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton has already emerged as the "inevitable" Democratic nominee, a title she aspired to, but could never claim, eight years ago. The closest rival she has this time is Elizabeth Warren -- who is no Barack Obama. Ms. Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, is most likely not going to run. Nevertheless, she inspires the passions of many on the left, in large part by crusading against Wall Street and the excesses of t... 7 
AFGE Activist Joins Senate Presser on Shutdown's Impact on Veterans' S
Bernie Sanders Calls Out Media For Not Covering Obama's Trade Deal Adding to the chorus of protest over President Obama's push for a controversial new trade pact with Asia, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sounded off on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and accused mainstream media of not covering what could be one of the biggest trade agreements in history. "The major television networks are not covering the TPP. Incredible as it may sound, this trade agreement--the largest trade agreement in the... 4 
GOP Bamboozle
GOP is bamboozling Americans, Obama says "President Barack Obama's done running for office, but not making fun of Republicans. "In a speech to the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting Friday in Washington, Obama ripped into Hill Republicans -- and Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in particular -- for attempts to 'spin' and 'bamboozle' Americans by claiming to be for the middle class."
GPA02-09_US_SecretService_press_release_2009_Limousine_Page_3_Image.jpg: 320px-GPA0
Secret Service Shuffle The Secret Service's upper management was embarrassingly gutted based upon last month's scathing report. It calls to pause and reinforces the reticent supposition: White House cabinet members may harbor shaken distrust of the agency's ability to protect their lives.... sshhhsshh. I don't blame them. 4 
"Operation Revenge: President Obama is Back in His Campaign Comfort Zone" Obama's turnaround in recent weeks -- he's seized the offensive with a series of controversial executive actions and challenges to leaders in his own party on the budget -- can be attributed to a fundamental change in his political mindset, according to current and former aides. He's gone from thinking of himself as a sitting (lame) duck, they tell me, to a president diving headlong into what amounts to a final campaign -- thi...
American Exceptionalism
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Not "How it Win Friend and Influence People" Abroad and at Home Malcolm Eves, a retired New Zealand financial adviser: "It's unusual for me to agree with everything that a Green Party politician says but in the instance of Paul Bailey's Talking Point on Friday, November 7, he is right on the money. So far as known, this TPP agreement is potentially quite evil. This agreement is being negotiated in secrecy at the insistence of the United States negotiators representing corporate America tha... 2 
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Historians Drop A Truth Bomb On CNN: Obama Has Already Built His Legacy CNN's Candy Crowley tried to spin Obama as an unpopular president coming down the homestretch of his second term, but she was quickly straightened out by a panel of historians who discussed the fact that the president still has plenty of juice left.... 3 
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Republican Hypocrites Launch A Hateful Attack On President Obama's Daughters During the presidential turkey pardon, the 6 and 13-year-old Obama daughters rolled their eyes and crossed their arms in the way that teenage girls do. You know. Parents are so lame. The Republican attack dogs pounced on the kids, because children are only off limits when they aren't the daughters of President Obama. 4 
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John Boehner Rewrites History With An Epic Lie That Blames Obama For Republican Obstruction John Boehner's desperation was showing on ABC's This Week as he repeated the Republican big lie in order to blame President Obama for the fact that House Republicans refuse to do their jobs. Boehner was the only Speaker to be sworn in with the Koch boys in attendance. That should tell you something. Boehner is a Tea Party leader in GOP clothing. 1 
Why has President Obama, Ranked most Liberal Senator in 2007, adopted many of Bush-43’s Worse Policies? The link article, The Failure of US Internet Governance is tip of the ice berg in terms of President Obama, ranked most Liberal senator in 2007 by National Journal, turning on his base to embrace some of the worse right-wing policies of his predecessor Bush-43. The balance of the right-wing policy iceberg, includes: FTA, Free Trade Agreement, after FTA and now, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Free T...

How the US Exports Global Warming - Rolling Stone Article Feb 13,2014 Issue One of the best articles explaining why exporting raw fossil fuels - especially petcoke, coal, and sands oil (tar sands bitumen) makes zero economic, ecological, and climate sense. Dispels the myth of "jobs," explains how these industries are dying and how Peabody and other corporations are desperate to offload this stuff to Asia, risking our survival and our future. Explains how we are getting ripped-off, tax-wise by fossil f...
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Bush 43's Greatest Speech: to which neither he nor Obama have heeded Its most relevant sentence is: "History teaches that underestimating the words of evil and ambitious men is a terrible mistake." and repeats some of their words of evil and ambitions, as follows: First, they are waging a campaign of terror across the world. They're targeting our forces abroad, hoping that the American people will grow tired of casualties and give up the fight. And they're targeting America's financial cente...
Once Washington made the Middle East tremble -- now no one there takes it seriously Watershed. It's the only word for it. Once Lebanon and Syria and Egypt trembled when Washington spoke. Now they laugh. It's not just a question of what happened to the statesmen of the past. No one believed that Cameron was Churchill or that the silly man in the White House was Roosevelt -- although Putin might make a rather good Stalin. It's more a question of credibility; no one in the Middle East takes America seriously any...
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Is It Legal Malpractice to Fail to Get Holder to Promise Not To Torture Your Client? "The idea that the Attorney General of the United States of America would send such a letter to the representative of a foreign government, particularly Russia under the leadership of a former KGB official, was so preposterous that I thought the first news report I read about Attorney General Holder's letter concerning Edward Snowden was satire. The joke, however, was on me." 1 
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All the Infrastructure a Tyrant Would Need - Courtesy of Bush and Obama What we know is that the people in charge will possess the capacity to be tyrants - to use power oppressively and unjustly - to a degree that Americans in 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, or 2000, could have scarcely imagined. To an increasing degree, we are counting on having angels in office and making ourselves vulnerable to devils. 1 
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The "Real Obama" is Bent on Killing Innocent People with Remote-controlled Drones The Obama administration should be leading international efforts to outlaw the widespread use of weaponized unmanned drones, just as gas warfare and nuclear warfare have been outlawed. Sadly, President Barack Obama is rather promoting their use, making the world an even more dangerous place. Such weapons, like nuclear bombs, are bound to spread and what's good for the goose may also be good for the gander. These weapons could ... 1 
Presidents Obama, Kikwete, Kagame and the Democratic Republic of the Congo Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete outraged Rwandan President Paul Kagame and other top Rwandan officials when he said, essentially, that the Rwandan Civil War transplanted to the Democratic Republic of the Congo - for almost 20 years - has to end. It is unlikely that he would have said so if he was not confident that President Obama agrees. 2 
Obama's Former Communications Director's Firm Pimps KXL Pipeline, Tar Sands Double-dipping is a "no go" in the real world of eating chips and salsa with a circle of friends but an everyday reality in the world of lobbyists and PR professionals. Enter double-dipper Anita Dunn, former White House Communications Director for President Barack Obama who now runs the firm SKDKnickerbocker (Squier Knapp Dunn), a firm that "brings unparalleled strategic communications experience to Fortune 500 companies, ... 1 
Obama's Transparency Charade-- The War on Whistleblowers Continues The Obama administration has been carrying out an unprecedented crackdown on whistleblowers, particularly on those who have divulged information that relates to national security. The Espionage Act, enacted during the first World War to punish Americans who aided the enemy, had only been used three times in its history to try government officials accused of leaking classified information -- until the Obama administration. Sinc... 1 
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Obama Caves on Social Security President Obama reportedly is unveiling a budget using the chained CPI inflation measure to cheat elderly Americans out of the benefits they were promised. In two previous posts I've explained the perversity of the current debate about Social Security. The tax-favored private components of America's mixed private-public retirement system -- programs like employer pensions, 401Ks, and IRAs -- are inefficient, volatile, and subj...
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To Drone, or Not to Drone? Decent folk don't need Dick Cheney to describe something as "a good policy" to know it's probably a bad idea. But just in case they missed the point the first time around, the former VP was on television last week to hammer it home for them. In an interview with CBS This Morning, Cheney brushed aside calls for "checks and balances" against the Obama administration's controversial drone program. "I think it's a good progr...
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Free-Trade Kool-Aid Drinking Gets a Pass in "Here's the Deal" This book takes on the partisan issues of tax-cuts versus spending, and admirably examines the proximate causes of our fiscal dilemma but overlooks several root-causes. No mention is made of the free-trade induced cumulative U.S. trade deficit, since the late 1960s, of over $10 Trillion, how it has structurally weakened our economy and its quadruple effect on our fiscal deficit. Also ignored is how virtually all our major tra... 2 
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The Assassination Bureau: the CIA and Zero Dark Thirty Article about the Oscar-nominated movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, "Zero Dark Thirty", and its presentation of the President and CIA's right to go around the world killing people.
Obama's Targeted Killing Policy: Just Trust Me During the 2012 campaign, President Obama and Vice President Biden and many other people, including our editorial page writers, pointed out that Mitt Romney's campaign boiled down to one proposition: Just trust me. The campaign, thankfully, is long over. But the "just trust me" tactic is alive and well: It's how the Obama administration is handling its "targeted killing" policy.
The Collective Turn David Brooks, who is a conservative voice, but not one of the irrational 'pundits' said this of the president's speech: "The best Inaugural Addresses make an argument for something. President Obama's second one, which surely has to rank among the best of the past half-century, makes an argument for a pragmatic and patriotic progressivism.... Obama argued that America has to change its approach if it wants to continue its progr...
Obama's inaugural speech: Rhetoric and reality What does this new 'liberal vision' actually mean? President Barack Obama's second Inaugural Address has been greeted by much of the corporate media and his supporters as a new "liberal vision," in the words of a New York Times headline. But while much of the president's rhetoric was progressive-sounding and strongly delivered, there was little actual content, and most of that was decidedly unprogressive and/or dishonest.

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