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drawing Hillary
Hillary Regnant: Perpetual War Party Prepares to Coronate Its First Queen by Andrew Levine Hillary is no Dick Cheney, but she tries; and the neocons can hardly fault her for not being servile enough to Israel or for not doing her utmost to provoke Russia and China.This is why it is urgent now to mobilize – not just against austerity and the neoliberal nostrums that benefit “the one percent” and that are bringing American workers to ruin, but also for peace.Task Number One therefore is to build a p... 1 1 Comment Count
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - Macleans.c
Canada goes to war - pretending to keep the peace Canada's new friendlier Trudeau government is drawing upon U.S. military memes to rationalize its latest intentions to support the U.S. military empire.  The discounted "right to protect" idea and the idiotic "fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here" meme are put forth as reasons why Canada is becoming 'pro-active'.  In reality, Canada is simply a subordinate partner to U.S./NATO imperial ambitions...
ISIL Clashes with FSA in Daraa, Targets Wedding in Hasaka -- Al ...
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Doubles Down on WW III-- Syria conflict about Iran and Israel Recent Wikileaks releases show there was nothing spontaneous or peaceful about the Syrian uprising. The 5-year unfinished civil war has killed 500,000 Syrians and turned 12 million into refugees. It was hatched by Clinton and her advisors as a double tap sequel to the rape of Libya. To allay Israel's 'security concerns', a meme as notorious as the US 'national security' meme. Clinton's state department armed and imported Liby... 5 5 Comment Count
War Looms: 3 Cogent Articles on the Imminent Danger From The Saker: "The situation is ..more dangerous than during the Cuban missile crisis." (link in comments below) From Mike Shedlock: "If you seek a war with Russia vote for Hillary" (link see below) Crosstalk video: Dangerous Escalation with Ray McGovern.(link see below)  Where is the anti-war movement when it has never been more necessary? Time for us to mobilize.  4 4 Comment Count
B61-11 Flight Test
US prepares for nuclear war... So...the US military is planning for nuclear war. This is a provocation, not a defensive plan. It forecloses peaceful outcomes if it is not cancelled. This is a move by traitorous neocons to make foreign policy. Here’s the beginning of the linked article.A pair of U.S. Air Force B-2 bombers dropped two 700-pound faux nuclear bombs in the middle of the Nevada desert within the past few days. Now the Pentagon wants t... 12 12 Comment Count
Pentagon paid UK PR firm $540mn to create propaganda, fake news and false flags Pentagon paid a UK PR firm to create propaganda and fake news. It is illegal, under US law(s), for the government to create and use propaganda against its own citizens. This is why they hired a foreign firm to do it. Worst part is that many USA citizens don't believe that their government is capable of lying or hurting their own people. 1 1 Comment Count
The Saker
Syria: The Saker Explains it All to You The war against Syria: both sides go to “plan B”-- T his article was written for the Unz review: In view of the total failure the US policy to regime-change Syria and overthrow Assad, the time has now come for the United States to make a fundamental choice: to negotiate or double down....The risk of a US attempt to impose a no-fly zone over Syria will remain very real for the foreseeable future unless, of c... 5 5 Comment Count
nuclear explosion
The threat of world war: The great unmentionable in the 2016 campaign The most important issue in the US presidential election is the one neither of the two main capitalist candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, is talking about: the increasing likelihood that the next US president will order direct military action against Russia, China or North Korea, all countries that possess nuclear weapons.The corporate-controlled American media is complicit in maintaining a blac... 13 13 Comment Count
Obama compares Trump to Saddam Hussein.
Obama Compares Putin to Saddam Hussein As we approach the November presidential election coupled with more people becoming more disenchanted with Hillary, Obama is coming out as a shill for Hillary, possibly because Hillary’s health is really an issue, as she continues to cancel fundraisers and other engagements. Obama is showing a side of himself that will not do him any favors in the memoirs of his eight years as the “bully puppet”. He... 2 2 Comment Count
A discarded syringe next to Saint Mary's Cemetery on Quintard St. in Staten Island, NY. Supervised injection facilities
The U.S. Needs Safe Injection Sites and Prescription Heroin Because Dead People Can't Recover From Drug Addiction No matter how uncomfortable state-sanctioned safe injection sites or prescribed heroin might make us, it doesn’t change the fact that dead people cannot recover from drug addiction. This raises a question of our societal values. Are we a society that values the concept of abstinence more than the sanctity of human life? If so, we forgo the right to call ourselves an advanced nation and a humane society. 2 2 Comment Count
Graft For Everyone!
Pentagon cannot account for $6.5 TRILLION in spending! This cannot be allowed to stand. It is unacceptable. I worked for a Defense contractor from 1966 through 1995. We did R&D and technical support for the US Navy. In all that time I never heard of a single dollar of defense spending that wasn’t rigorously accounted for. We had cost plus fixed fee contracts, and were allowed about 7% fee. The accounting was absolutely perfect down to the penny. This is unbelievabl... 17 17 Comment Count
Putin and Bear
A Thousand Balls of Flame by Dmitry Orlov A whiff of World War III hangs in the air. In the US, Cold War 2.0 is on, and the anti-Russian rhetoric emanating from the Clinton campaign, echoed by the mass media, hearkens back to McCarthyism and the red scare. In response, many people are starting to think that Armageddon might be nigh—an all-out nuclear exchange, followed by nuclear winter and human extinction...The US is spiraling down into financial, economic an... 13 13 Comment Count
T14 Armata
Hillary, Trump and War with Russia by Fred Reed Letting dilettantes, grifters, con men, pasty Neocons, bottle-blonde ruins, and corporations decide on war is insane....A martial principle of great wisdom says that military stupidity comes in three grades: Ordinarily stupid; really, really, really stupid; and fighting Russia. Think Charles XII at Poltava, Napoleon after Borodino, Adolf and Kursk..... A good reason to vote for Trump, a very good reason whateve... 10 10 Comment Count
Jeremy Corbyn
Why Jeremy Corbyn is Right About NATO by Chris Nineham In the round, he wants a foreign policy that aims to ‘achieve a world where we don’t need to go to war’. In what kind of circles is that contentious? Secondly, and obviously connected, he wants to avoid war with Russia....Presumably most sane people would support active steps to avoid war with Russia. Such a war would be more calamitous even than those generated by Britain’s string of foreign policy di... 4 4 Comment Count
"A bad system will beat a good person every time." -- W. Edwards Deming
Why the Most Progressive Platform in DNC's History is Only the Tip-of-Iceberg of Bernie Sanders' 2015-2016 Achievements! W. Edwards Deming, the American management guru most credited with the post-WW II Japanese economic miracle said:” A Bad System Will Beat a Good Person Every Time”   So if a bad system will be beat a good person every time what can you do? You have to focus not on trying harder within the current system but on changing the system so that success is built into the system.   Unfortunately,... 2 2 Comment Count
Live Updates: Colombia, FARC Sign Cease-Fire Accord This is NOT the Final Agreement yet, but a major one. The war between Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP guerrilla is over after over 60 years. The Definitive Cease-Fire Agreement has been signed today (June 23, 2016) in Havana, Cuba by Colombian Psdt Juan Manuel Santos and FARC-EP Commander-In-Chief Timoleon Jimenez in presence of Cuban Psdt Raul Castro, UN Secr Grl Ban Ki-Moon, as well as Psdts of Venezuela, Mexico, Dom... 2 2 Comment Count
Michelle Flournoy--Likely Hillary's Secretary of Defense
Hillary Clinton's Likely Defense Secretary Wants More US Troops Fighting ISIS and Assad Do we need a lobbyist for war in the Dept. of Defense?The woman expected to run the Pentagon under Hillary Clinton said she would direct U.S. troops to push President Bashar al-Assad’s forces out of southern Syria and would send more American boots to fight the Islamic State in the region.   Michele Flournoy, formerly the third-ranking civilian in the Pentagon under President Barack Obama, calle... 3 3 Comment Count
Mark K. Updegrove and Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Junger: "The Vets Aren't Messed Up. We Are." Western society has this narrative that we’re moving steadily toward a kind of societal perfection. And in some ways we are. The improvements are amazing. But there’s this massive unseen cost which is our sense of connectedness to the group, and that connectedness to the group has been at the core of our definition of what it means to be human for 2 million years. And for the first time in history it’s being... 1 1 Comment Count
The cycle is not complete. Will Hanning was convicted today, after "70 years?"?? The people who start the wars are never convicted. Isreali Jews and Zionists are not convicted of crimes worse than Hanning's. The wife of the "supposed" Orlando shooter faces arrest because she did not report him, but George Bush admits he lied about Iraq's WMD (causing a million Iraqi deaths) yet he is not charged??This World is so full of inequity and bullshit!
Is There Hunger in Venezuela? This the new re-edition of the coups like those carried out against Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, Salvador Allende in Chile, Mossadeq in Iran, etc. THE MEDIA ATTACK. The Psdt Nicolas Maduro said that he comes out on the front page of Spanish media everyday, the mayhem against Venezuela in the right-win media in general has no precedents. Here is a look at the truth behind the curtains. 55 55 Comment Count
Barack_Obama_and_Benyamin_Netanyahu.jpg: Obama and Netanyahu  - working together fo
My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide - Book Review/Commentary Reading a work that would obviously be very pro-Israel sets up an anticipatory set of expectations and Michael Oren’s account of his term as Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Ally – My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, certainly met those expectations. In fact it exceeded them, providing an analysis of the relationship that when parsed throughout the work perhaps says something somewhat different than was ...
Paul Krugman Trade and Tribulation
When Economic Argument Fail to Defend Clinton Championed Free Deals, Economist Plays the Foreign Policy Card Paul Krugman vilifies Bernie Sanders as a demagogue for connecting-the-dots between the decline of Detroit and America’s disastrous trade policy; and when economic arguments to defend the Clinton championed free trade deals come up short, Krugman is forced to resort to the foreign policy card and the United States credibility and standing in the world. It’s been a given that many how have served in th...
Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine Today's article, written by Tim Mack of "The Daily Beast", says that the [democratic] socialist Bernie Sanders may not have the taxpayers completely at heart. Mack confirms his suspicions:  "The socialist trumpets his antiwar record. But he doesn't mind expensive war machines—if they’re based in his home state."  2 2 Comment Count
Sanders and Clinton face off
Bernie Sanders' Foreign Policy Judgment Is More Valuable Than Clinton's Experience Instead of criticizing Sanders’ “inexperience,” we should “be questioning why any of the candidates of either party are employing the same old foreign policy advisers—many of whom not only supported the Iraq war but every disastrous military intervention since,” argues Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, at The Guardian.There’s little differenc... 1 1 Comment Count
Bernie Sanders' defending the interests of the U.S. middle class is a long overdue exercise in democracy! Making sure a small group do not rig tax laws excessively in their own favor is called democracy. In most Western countries, Sanders would be middle-of-the-road, not a “democratic socialist.” No sooner than a presidential candidate articulate the desire to “tax” Wall Street properly do the media far beyond the Wall Street Journal sound the alarm on politicians engaging in poisonous forms of &ld...
The Biggest Threat: It's Not ISIS, It's Nuclear War The headlines are filled with the latest alleged threat posed by ISIS – a band of savages thousands of miles away that, at most, has the capacity to inspire the crazies in our midst to acts of relatively small time violence.  Relative, that is, to the real threat of violence, which emanates from our own “defense” policies as formulated in Washington, D.C. – the very real and growing threat of nucl...
Islamic State land
Why There is No Peace on Earth Imperial Washington——–Global MenaceThere is no peace on earth today for reasons mainly rooted in Imperial Washington—— not Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Damascus, Mosul or Raqqah. The former has become a global menace owing to what didn’t happen in 1991.David Stockman says, "In fact, during the past 25 years Imperial Washington has lost all memory that peace was ever possible at the end of ... 17 17 Comment Count
The Donald
Donald Trump leads an insane white cult -- and Pat Buchanan just explained how it works - The GOP front-runner leads a cult of personality centered around white alienation, racial resentment and authoritarianism.  This article explains the psychology behind this bizarre insane situation and may help to assess the likelihood that The Donald might actually win in the general election.
Bashar Al-Assad Swan Song in Damascus Opera House January 6. 2013
Seymour Hersh's Latest Bombshell: U.S. Military Provided Tacit Help to Assad A new report by Pulitzer-winning journalist Seymour Hersh says the Joint Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Bashar al-Assad in an effort to help him defeat jihadist groups. Hersh reports the Joint Chiefs sent intelligence via Russia, Germany and Israel on the understanding it would be transmitted to help Assad push back Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State. Hersh also claims the military even undermined a U.S. effort t... 2 2 Comment Count
Dear America, Your Government is Corrupt
Anti-Corruption Expert, Zephyr Teachout's endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders is based on His Character and Competencies Zephyr Teachout weaves Stephen M.R. Covey's four cores of Trust: integrity, intent, capabilities and track-record in her endorsement of Bernie Sanders.The reasons for her endorsement starts off with voting against the Iraq war, followed by supporting a new Glass Steagall, leading the fight against the XL pipeline, opposing NAFTA/TPP, fighting private prisons and overcriminalization, understanding the vital role that unio...

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