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from the beginning (considering how many of these treasonous individuals sit on committees that have access to the facts) that the President and his cabal were lying. They didn't care. Israel wanted Saddam removed. Now Israel wants us to take on Iran, Syria, and maybe Lebanon. So many Arabs to kill and so little time! That Israel was one of the chief suppliers of bogus intelligence, as well as a major goad, doesn't seem to interest anyone. They get a pass as always. It is this bias that makes Democrats and Republicans virtually identical. As to Dean, he is possibly more of a Likudnik than Sharon, so he will not receive my vote. Lieberman is of course right out. I would vote for Kucinich, but he has as much chance at the nomination as I do. Kerry? Don't think so. Hello Green Party. Wake the f*ck up Democrats. We're not all Israelis. 

 M Johnson Hawaii

Don't forget all the Fundamentalist Christians who are cheering on the war because it fits their armageddon, end of the World, AntiChrist and return of the messiah prophecies. On the other hand, I know a lot of American Jews who are disgusted with the neocon zionists and the never-ending violence in the west bank. I hadn't heard about Israelis providing Bogus intelligence. Can you point me to any articles on this?

maybe bush boy will pick Kathryn Harris.  she got him the election.  2 complete imbeciles.

Pam L.

Thanks for the article, but there is not a single Republican in public office that is fit to serve.  They are all traitors to our country, along with a fairly significant number of Democrats, who supported this monster throughout his illegal, immoral invasions and other heinous deeds.  Not one of them strayed outside of the corporate Bush Crime Family goose-step.  They knew what was going on as much as I did.  I knew before the big speech that the vast majority of Bush's lies had already been debunked, so did they.  Powell's lies before the UN were debunked practically before they were out of his mouth and completely within three days.  Bush is a thug and so are all the Republicans and most of the Dems in Congress.  Except for a brave few, like Kucinich, Waxman, most of the members of the black caucus, McDermott and very few others, they marched in lock-step with the Fuhrer in an active betrayal of our country.  Throw them all out.  The leaders should be tried for treason and when found guilty, make them pay the ultimate penalty.  Then put the complicit media on trial...Faux News, O'Reilly, Hannity, Rush, CNN, MSRNC, all of the conspirators.
Laurie Sampson
Poway, Ca
My guess is that kitty-killer Frist will be pressed into service. I hope the Democrats stop him in his tracks.

Another possible reason that one colleague suggested, is that maybe this organization, Judicial Watch is as shocked about the behavior of the neocons as are the Democrats and the rest of the world. Maybe they are offended by the aspirations toward empire that Cheney and his PNAC neocon cabal buddies have foisted upon the US and the world with such hubris.<<

There is one thing I should have added.  One person on Moveon had a suggestion that we label our politicans as Constitutionalist or Anti-Constitutionalist.  I thought that was a great idea.  Left/Right doesn't work anymore. Maybe you could do something with that idea.

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Vikki Davis It will be a Rockefeller -- specifically Jay Rockefeller. He wants it.

He has the where-with-all to get it, and the only way he can get it, is by being appointed, just like Nelson was before him.


Harvey Kailin

Sorry, Rob, but my guess is that the VP will be none other than "Sick Rick" Santorum.  Or is that "Slick Rick"?  Oh, wait, I got it ... it's "Rick the Prick" Santorum.  Yeah, that's the ticket.
Do you ever find yourself wishing that the Universe will send an asteroid to decimate the Whitewash House while Bushduh is meeting with Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rice, DeLay, etc., etc.?  I know the thought crosses my mind while I lie awake at night, thinking of our soldiers in Iraq, dying for an agenda of deceit.
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? 9/11 ?

Oh, please don't recommend Christie Whitman to replace Cheney.  I live in New Jersey and believe me, she destroyed this state with her tax cut for the rich, her bond issues (not voted for by the public) that her husband made money on and corporate malfeasance.  There were so many sweetheart deals given to her cronies, we are still trying to bail out of it.  I liked your other ideas though.

 Janet McNerney

Laurence Harbor, NJ

Re your request to "Drop me a line with your guess and your reason you think he or she will be the one." I think Gore/Lieberman could replace Bush/Cheney for the reasons below.


When the political "tipping point" occurs (see Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions), we may see a revolutionary paradigm shift occur very quickly. Already,

1) Iraq pre-war lies are being exposed,

2) Iraq post-war deaths are increasing,

3) 9/11 cover-up is unraveling,

4) Bush is trying to get us into a new war (Syria, Iran), and

5) the wild card is N. Korea.


In short, we are heading for Armageddon, and some of Bush's core supporters actually see this as "breathtaking" and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. Bush and Cheney both are inextricably caught in this web of deceit and treason.

Thus, in a matter of months (at most), we will need to SAVE THE COUNTRY (no exaggeration intended). There will then be a bi-partisan effort in Congress (Democrats and moderate Republicans); Bush/Cheney will be "persuaded" to resign, and Gore and Lieberman will become the new President and Vice President, both swearing not to run for office in 2004. The fact that they won the popular vote in 2000 will reassure the US public and our allies that the authority of the world's only remaining superpower remains intact and operative. Similarly, terrorists and rogue nations will see no opportunities.


One possible sequence of events in quick succession (all pre-arranged):

1) Cheney will resign (or be impeached if he resists).

2) Bush will appoint Gore as VP and then promptly (the same day) resign, making Gore President. (If Bush resists this plan, Bush Sr. and Scowcroft will step in to arm-twist)

3) Gore will select Lieberman as VP

4) Key cabinet appointments will be replaced, preferably with experienced retirees who commit to serve out Gore's remaining term (e.g., Bill Perry/DOD, etc.)


Note that the Congress and the Supreme Court will remain unchanged (i.e., under Republican and/or conservative control), thereby providing cover for the Republicans and "checks and balances" on the new Administration.

Gore's initial action after the Cabinet appointments will be to address the UN, requesting that the UN assume responsibility for Iraq reconstruction. US will support UN efforts, working side-by-side with other nations.


As to other actions (these are optional and may better wait until after the 2004 elections install a new government):

1)Rescind the most recent tax cut.

2)Increase funding for Dept of Homeland Security.

Hope this helps.

Dr. John S. Reuyl


Stanford, CA

  subject:: Betting Pool

time to get one going

Chenney will be gone at the latest by May.


McCain, he is acceptable to all... and seen almost as a moderate, in that pool of sharks, he is.

Who will they try to get on board... The Exterminator Tom DeLay, or go stricktly by the law Hastert.

Now will bush pull a Nixon? that is still a fifty fifty, and it truly depends on the House and whether they realize just how much in deep doodoo they are... one side tells me don't, they out themselves that way... another tells me do, we need the wunder kid impeached.

Oh and one final thing, wunderkid said that he did not wish for a repeat of the '91 war, aparently he missed the note about avoiding a repeat of the 1960s and Watergate... I hate sequels....  

I do not know who the new VP will be, or if there will be one, but if I had a choice it would be McCain. I am not fond of repubs. but McCain strikes me as having some honor.


From: Lenny Gray <lenny@aliveness.com>
To: <rob@futurehealth.org>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 10:28:49 -0700
Subject: On who will be vice president

It's basically unimportant.  Cheney isn't the one who actually runs

the puppet G W Bush.  Rather, it's the senior Bush whose hand
goes up through the anus, moving the puppet's lips, doing the
talking and the decision making.  Until that proxy is disempowered,
we'll keep moving more and more toward there not even _being_
any more elections.
- Lenny Gray -
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 06:46:53 -0700
To: rob@opednews.com
From: Phyllis Pircher <ppircher@earthlink.net>
Subject: Demise of Bush

WOW!! What a great way to start Sunday morning!! I just signed up for your newsletter and I will carry your article in my heart all day long. The thought of that little prick being brought down brings joy after all the harm he has done.

Actually I believe he is going a little mad. See his statements about (1) the Africans came to America "because of their steadfast and their religion and their belief in freedom", (2) we went after Saddam because he didn't let the inspectors in, (3) we found the biological weapons trailers (weeks after it was discredited) and (4) God told me to take out ben Laden and I did and God told me to take out Saddam and I did and on and on. The "dry drunk" is coming out.

All of this is happening and no one seems to be paying attention. Anyway, keep up the great work. Hopefully we will win if we persist.

Phyllis Pircher

  Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 06:32:49 +0000
Subject: Cheney's replacement
From: Rik Reynolds <sandwriter@usintouch.com>
To: <rob@opednews.com>
Message-ID: <BB3FE811.F%sandwriter@usintouch.com>

Like Gerald Ford, the heir apparent would have to be a loyal insider who would never otherwise have a chance at high power, even through default succession, so that he will be controllable. Cheney has been the power behind the throne, and George Bush only the court jester allowed to play king. If Cheney steps down it will only because he has another stooge to leave behind as his puppet, not a potentially honest politician like McCain who might followup on evidence of criminal acts. I doubt McCain would accept a chair behind Bush, anyway.

The Republican "men behind the curtain" have a problem - where the buck stops has already been shortstopped once by Tenet. Can another take the fall for George without drawing his incompetence further into the spotlight?

Who could they appoint who would be subservient enough in gratitude yet might have a chance in 2004 if Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again?

Their strongest candidates would not likely play second fiddle in a Titanic dance band - this team is going down, and George is not going to be able to survive if he keeps his place in the lifeboat while his lessers jump into the sea to justify the sacrifice of innocents for lies.

As the steady drip of American blood in Iraq grows louder and the echoes of lies reverberate deeper into America's consciousness and its alarm bell begins to shake off the webs of fear cast over it by those in power, the call for justice will begin to ring out.

Cheney will not take the fall for Bush - his pride is too great, and his sense of mortality too strong to not resent the possibility of going down in history as the one who caused this disaster.

They will probably hold their ground, hoping the war on Korea will take the public's attention off their past failures, and generate enough patriotism to justify not switching whores in the middle of a current so deadly & ferocious that to do so would risk the nation being swept away. Or, as the PNAC noted they "needed another Pearl Harbor," all they need is another 9/11. That has already been arranged, and the fear it will generate will justify cancelling the election.



Rik Reynolds

Joyce, WA


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